The Future of Privacy

The internet is an ocean of potential opportunity that many business minded individuals looking to generate vast amounts of wealth turn to for success and progress. Unfortunately, the opportunity to positively grow also comes with the potential to catastrophically fail. Reputation on the internet can easily ruin someone financially, meaning that the simplest of mistakes can result in complete monetary ruin for those caught in its web. This concept has developed a need for a virtual niche of companies whose sole purpose is to act as reputation safeguards to those who hire them. Darius Fisher and Status Labs is one such company, and offer their services to clients who may need this valuable and rather unique set of professional skill.

Darius Fisher identifies himself as a digital crises expert, someone who does all that he can to help his clients erase internet based mistakes so that they can continue on with their lives without the worry of career changing repercussions. Status Labs does just as its name suggests; it alters the status of those that it is paid to help, meaning that dirty laundry is swept under the proverbial rug so that others can not use it against them in the future.

Fisher, for lack of another comparison, is very much like Olivia Pope on the popular televised series “Scandal”. The character of Pope is a fixer, someone who is paid to make negative impacts vanish so that people can move forward unabated. Fisher does the same thing, offering his services mainly to public figures, politicians and executives. Fisher is not adverse to helping people from a diverse listing of backgrounds and professions and his work is high quality and skillful.

In a world that is continuing to turn digital it is necessary to find more complicated ways to provide privacy. Darius Fisher and his company, Status Labs offers advanced technological services to individuals who know that accidents can happen but they should not be defined by them. Such a company and its services maintain a mature setting that does not delve too deep into the realm of the private.


Doug Levitt Is A Many Of Many Talents

July 22, 2016

Journalist, singer and songwriter Doug Levitt has traveled all over the world and broken bread with a lot of people. But his time documenting the “Greyhound Diaries” was probably the most important work of his career.

Over his ten year 100,000 mile travels, Levitt profiles hundreds of Greyhound bus travelers — His subjects are just ordinary Americans, mostly down and out looking for a hand up. The stories are fascinating, heartbreaking, funny, sad and raw. The riders bare their souls to Levitt, who, without judgement takes in every word.

The Greyhound Diaries, like the WPA documentaries of the Depression-era 30s, captures the strife, hopelessness and optimism of the subjects. Regardless of geographic location, the travelers all have one thing in common: optimism.

Doug Levitt was born in the Washington D.C. area to a politician and a psychiatrist. The gifted student graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School then went on to attend Cornell University and the London School of Economics.

Levitt became a correspondent for NBC News, ABC, CNN and others. He reported from a number of war torn areas such as Bosnia, China and Iran. A born music lover, Levitt decided it was time for a career change. He began to concentrate on his music and put journalism on the back burner.

After moving to Nashville, he hooked up with a few good producers and began recording his own music.

Levitt is a generous philanthropist and always working to help the needy. He is involved in a number of local veterans activities and donates a great deal of time to Walter Reid Army Hospital. He has also worked at a number of food kitchens.

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Reviewing the Role of SEC Whistleblower Attorneys to Enhancing Ethical Reporting

July 22, 2016

The SEC Whistleblower program, which came into action courtesy of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Protection Act, is working with whistle-blowers from different parts of the world to enhance ethical practices in places of work and the business world at large. The program provides employment protection and incentives to those who volunteer to share information about possible violations of the federal securities regulations.

To enhance this legislation, law firms like Labaton Sucharow joined hands to establish an exclusively focused team that will work on protecting SEC Whistleblowers. Labaton is a leading firm in the U.S. market and its influence in pushing for the SEC Whistleblower program has advanced the agenda by coming up with drafts to the proposed legislation and finally implementing the rules.

Anonymous reporting
Before the introduction of the SEC Whistleblower program, many people would shy away from reporting any violations because there were not sufficient measures to guarantee protection. With the 2010 Dodd-Frank amendment, this is no longer a problem since the program has included anonymous reporting. Once the information is shared with the SEC Whistleblower program coordinators, due diligence follows to confirm the eligibility of the information and to gather sufficient facts before those who violate the laws are brought forward to face the law.

Employment protection
Blowing the whistle on your employer may be difficult, both personally and professionally. It works against the principles of loyalty and security as well as being a team player. Initially, many people would remain silent for the fear they would lose their jobs upon reporting violations against their employers. The enactment of the Dodd-Frank reform and protection Act transfers power to the employees who blow the whistle.

The law states clearly that employees may not, indirectly or directly, demote, suspend, discharge, harass, threaten or discriminate against workers who blow the whistle and provide information to SEC Whistleblowers. In the event the employer engages in retaliatory actions, the employee reserves the right to sue the employer in accordance with the SEC Whistleblower regulations. With this law in place, more people are finding it easier to report violations, something that is gradually streamlining the industry.

Monetary rewards to whistle-blowers
The SEC Whistleblower program also rewards whistle-blowers who report violations in time. These rewards are issued depending on different factors like the time one takes before reporting. Those who offer timely and factual information are likely to receive as much as 10 – 30 percent of the total sanction amount meted on rogue employers.

The Successful Career Of Kenneth Goodgame

July 22, 2016

Goodgame is a successful operations management expert. As an operations management leader, Goodgame specializes in designing million and billion dollar OEM excellence. In order to achieve excellence in OEM, he uses merchandising and marketing approaches, prudent business strategies and rationalized financial oversight

As an operations management professional, Goodgame zeroes in on delivering employee engagement, quality assurance, key performance indicators and corporate alignment. Goodgame capitalizes on his ability to enhance growth through leadership, analyzing of costs, augmenting productivity and composed negotiations. Goodgame’s broad experience in operations management, places him at an elevated position to comprehend market shifts, avert costly mistakes and crucial stalls that others regularly miss.

In the recent past, between 2013 and 2015, Kenneth Goodgame worked at True Value Hardware Corporation in Chicago. Here, he served as the senior vice president and head of merchandising. Prior to this position, Goodgame worked at Ace Hardware Corporation located in Oak Brook between 2010 and 2013. At the company, he was in charge of all merchandising operations.

Between 2008 and 2010, Goodgame worked as a senior executive of Techtronic Industries North America based in Anderson. In this corporation, Goodgame served as the president of Baja Motorsports. In addition, he was the president of direct tools factory outlets. In these positions, Goodgame managed to open 30 stores around the country within 2 years. Each of the store averaged $ 1 million in sales.

For five years, between 2002 and 2007, Goodgame was a senior employee of Newell Rubbermaid based in Huntersville. At Newell, Goodgame was the senior vice president in charge of marketing, sales and channeling of Irwin PTA & Shur-Line Painting products. Before assuming the position of the senior vice president at Newell, Goodgame had served as the president and general manager in charge of Bernzomatic between 2004 and 2006 in the same corporation. When he was recruited at Newell in 2002, Goodgame served as the president and general manager responsible for Rubbermaid Cleaning up until 2004.

Goodgame career started at the Home Depot based in Atlanta in 1994. Between 1995 and 1999, Goodgame was the merchant of Hardlines D28 product. After gaining immense experience, he was promoted to the position of director in charge of proprietary brands where he served between 1999 and 2001. Later, between 2001 and 2002, he served as the senior global product merchant at the corporation before exiting in 2002 to join Newell Rubbermaid.

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Talk Fusion Launches Donation Program for Their Independent Associates

July 22, 2016

Leading communication provider of video products, Talk Fusion joins millions of people and non-profits together through their video technology. The company recently launched a contribution program designed for its independent associates to donate to global non-profit organizations. Each Talk Fusion associate will donate one free account to his or her charity. The account is set up in the charity’s name with a custom monthly plan, which includes accessibility to video email, sign-up forms, video chat, video marketing, and video newsletters. Bob Reina, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Talk Fusion is very much involved in philanthropy and encourages their independent associates to participate, as well.

Talk Fusion and Mr. Reina has spent nearly nine years helping people around the world improve their lives. The company is committed to building bright futures in communities lacking resources. Bob Reina sees giving back to the community a duty and encourages his Talk Fusion staff to do the same. In more than 140 international countries, independent associates are donating Talk Fusion video technology accounts to their favorite charitable organizations. Mr. Reina donates annually millions of dollars to his favorite non-profits, Indonesian Orphanage and the Tampa Bay Humane Society.

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007 and strategically lead the company to become the 8th largest online video content provider in the world. The Talk Fusion video chat product ranked number one in Indonesia and ranked number five in Japan. The 30-day free trial launched in April gives global customers the chance to test any of the products before making commitments to pay for services. The trial program is for individuals, corporations, small businesses, and non-profit charitable organizations.

Talk Fusion latest program for its independent associates to donate free accounts to charities is the perfect way to get everyone with the company involved in giving back to communities. According to Your Mark On The World Center, Bob Reina’s mission is to help those organizations communicate with people in ways that was unavailable before the invention of Talk Fusion technology products. The free charity accounts includes access to all video products, branding, customization.

Dentist Avi Weisfogel Is A Man of Many Interests

July 22, 2016

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist based out of New Jersey. Weisfogel is adept at taking on difficult dental cases. Weisfogel has received most of his patients through referrals from other dentists. Weisfogel has an interest in education and is constantly looking for different ways and techniques to make his procedures better. Weisfogel is committed to his family. Avi Weisfogel is interested in helping children worldwide who are struggling with dental and health issues. Weisfogel feels that all children deserve to be treated to the best health and dental care possible. Weisfogel supports Operation Smile, an organization that provides care to children who have facial issues. To show support, Weisfogel started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the organization. Weisfogel wants to raise money to help support the organization’s medical missions that occur in different countries. The money will also help the organization pay for supplies and equipment.

Weisfogel is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters, a unique new program. This program will help you confront sleep disturbed breathing that can cause diabetes, stoke, and cardiovascular disease. The program helps create a positive setting for everyone involved, including Primary care and secondary care physicians, dentists, and patients. Dental Sleep Masters has a model that assures patient compliance will reach new levels. Dental Sleep Masters also strives to provide new opportunities for the medical community. Dental Sleep Masters has partnered with dentists around the country. The program is a combination of a high level business model and an innovative education. Dental Sleep Masters is committed to helping cure sleep disorders.

Weisfogel is also a talented musician. He has used unique beats and motivation to pursue a career in the hip hop industry. Recently, Weisfogel’s Soundcloud music account has gained a lot of attention and a fan following. Weisfogel looks forward to making more music in the future.

Eric Pulier: America’s True Unsung Hero

July 22, 2016

Thinking of great people who’ve done honorable things in society, names such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, George Washington Carver, and etc. are always at the forefront. Has anyone ever heard much about Eric Pulier? Probably not, but he is one of America’s brightest minds and has an extensive resume to back it up.

With so many titles and accreditations it’s hard to narrow down just exactly what this guy is or does for a living, but Eric Pulier is truly an all-around revolutionary in American Culture. Let’s dive deeper into who this extraordinary person truly is. This Teaneck New Jersey native started a database computer company while in high school, but began programming computers in the 4th grade. After high school Eric attended Harvard University and obtained a (BA). Pulier also took classes at MIT and after graduation, this brilliant mind moved to Los Angeles to start his career.

Pulier was big in the technology field, but he remained humble and was determined to help people of less fortune. He used technology endeavors that solved issues in economically disadvantaged areas, helped physically impaired children, and was honored for his tech innovations in Africa. Let’s look at a few titles of his success:
Digital Evolution (Founder)
U.S. Inetractive (Chairman)
Media Platform (Director)

During Bill Clinton’s second Presidential Inauguration, Pulier ran the “Bridge To The 21st Century” campaign and was featured on numerous news channels. He also arranged and showcased a live feed from the space shuttle, which was unprecedented at the time. The books; The Enterprise Industrial Complex and Understanding Enterprise SOA were written by Pulier and received critically acclaimed. This guy was all across the board investing in Venture Capital Funds and Charites like:
Trident Capital
Monitor Ventures

As you can see, Pulier was an author, technologist, philanthropist, columnist, and founded over 15 companies, but more-so a true American Icon.

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The Evergreen John Goullet

July 22, 2016

John Goullet is the go-to guy in IT Solutions and Staffing. John’s star began to rise
when he ventured into the competitive information technology sector.
His main agenda at the time was to nurture his talents and become a
consultant. He did all that and much more.

It took Mr. Goullet little time to learn the ropes and discover the demands of the
growing sector. Throughout the IT landscape, firms craved polished
talents such as John Goullet. When such skills became rare, they
still went for college graduates with IT skill. This scenario
presented a market gap that Mr. Goullet sought to bridge. Info
Technologies was born as an IT staffing consultant with John Goullet
as its founder and Chief Executive. Thus began the growth of a
reputable firm that would provide IT solutions for Fortune 500

Goullet was right all along. His business grew and stature. By the turn of the
new millennium, Info Technologies clocked at $30 M in asset value.
Not long after that, the firm featured in several rankings including
the 500 fastest-growing, US-based and privately held companies. Such
recognition means Info Technologies was always in the spotlight with
players in the IT sector monitoring its every move.

After fifteen years in the business, John Goullet still felt his company could realize
more growth and market dominance. Info Technologies then merged with Diversant Inc. in 2010, marking a new era for Diversant LLC. The larger outfit allowed John to assume greater responsibilities as he became it’s Principal and Chairman. It also presented much-welcomed challenges in satisfying global demands of the ever changing IT sector.

Diversant LLC enjoys all the economies of scale associated with mergers. It adopted all
the strengths of its dissolved partners thus broadened its IT
solutions. Today, Diversant LLC is considered the largest IT
solutions company owned by an African-American in the United States.
Fortune 500 companies benefit from the talented and highly trained IT
experts at Diversant. These experts can be hired on contract,
permanent basis and they always work under the supervision of John
Goullet and his peers.

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Highland Capital Management brings in former nonprofit CEO Linda Owen

July 22, 2016

James Dondero, president of Highland Capital Management, L.P., recently announced a new partnership with longtime Dallas community leader Linda Owen to manage Highland’s growing philanthropic efforts in the Dallas area. Owen is an experienced civic administrator who served as the CEO of the Dallas-Fort Worth commercial real estate association, The Real Estate Council, and its associated nonprofit, and later oversaw the construction of Klyde Warren Park as the president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. James Dondero expects her incoming expertise to enable Highland’s charity work to have the maximum positive impact upon the community.

Owen will act as the charitable giving manager of Highland Capital, whose total annual donations are over $3 million, and increasing. The firm is an investment adviser, known for specializing in alternative credit strategies since its inception in 1993; however, under the leadership of Dondero and co-founder Mark Okada, it has also been a major contributor to a diverse set of philanthropic causes. This has been facilitated by a long-tenured connection with The Dallas Foundation, an intermediary nonprofit that connects willing donors with worthy causes throughout North Texas. The Foundation oversees a standing charity fund maintained by donations from Highland, as it will continue to do in connection with Owen.

Until this point Dondero has actively managed the company’s philanthropy through the Dallas Foundation; however, the recent growth of Highland’s charitable giving program has prompted him to bring in Owen as a full-time manager of the effort, as he explained in a statement: “As we’ve expanded our philanthropic activities, we recognized the need for a dedicated professional to ensure our contributions make the greatest impact.” Citing Owen’s “proven track record” of coordinating effectively between businesses and nonprofits, Dondero expressed confidence in her ability to manage the firm’s continued efforts on behalf of the Dallas community.

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ClassDojo Changing The Way Teachers, Students and Parents Interact

July 20, 2016

The ClassDojo communication platform is available for several different platforms in order to not hinder it’s use. Wether it is an iOS, Android, Computer or Kindle Fire, the application works across the board. When the application was first launched in 2011 its cofounders focused on building in privacy by design. This was an important aspect of trying to keep the community as safe as possible. ClassDojo was also meant to be free to teachers and educators alike as there are several other applications on the market which are extremely costly to set up and utilize. The cofounders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don were tired of listening to teacher and students alike when they said that the teaching platform has not changed in decades but they way we communicate has made leaps and bounds.

They set off to completely change that and to create a communication platform that allowed the formation of a tight knit community around the teaching environment. Students, parents and teachers are now brought closer together thanks to ClassDojo. This great application can now get parents involved in their child’s learning experience. They can comment on pictures and videos sent out by teachers throughout the day and it is almost like they are right there with them. A classroom is meant to be a positive place and ClassDojo allows them to become that as the management of classrooms is made away with.

The ClassDojo application is entirely teacher led which ensures that the application is not misused but also allow teachers to tailor the application to their specific needs. Wether it be the creation of several activities for the children to do after hours or to send out class notes for the the parents. No matter what the use, ClassDojo platform can cater.

In recent months the staff at ClassDojo has managed to raise a whopping total of $21 million in venture capital. The cofounders said that this will be used to further expand on the amount of ground staff they have avaialable. The more resources they have the more can be put back into the application making it more useful to teachers, students and parents alike. Now teachers do not have to savour the limited time they have with the children. They can communicate with them throughout the day and emphasize the making of good choices.


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