Fashion Model and Icon Naomi Campbell

October 26, 2016

With her striking good looks, Naomi Campbell is one of the famous supermodels of the 80s and 90s. Naomi Campbell, Iman, Grace Jones are credited with paving the way for supermodels with darker skin tone. The supermodel, talk show host and makeup company owner Tyra Banks has cited them as her inspiration. Since then she has become a fashion icon and still is active in the fashion industry.

Naomi Campbell’s most iconic looks were mainly present on the runway. She walked the runway for the designers Oscar de la Renta, Versace, Chanel, Isaac Mizrahi, Balmain and more.

One of her iconic Vogue covers has an up close of Naomi’s face with her hair a deep wine red. Her lips match her hair and her eyes are done up in a sultry siren way. She has on an impressive, thick jeweled choker style necklace and a leather or faux leather black top.

Naomi Campbell made the Chanel suit like white crop top, with a black Chanel skirt with a body chain and Chanel box bag popular.

One of her popular Vogue photo shoots done by Peter Lindbergh showed Naomi Campbell dressed in a spotted trench coat, her beautiful raven hair in a bouffant, as she walks Dalmatian dogs.

Today Naomi still regularly appears in print modeling work. She has even branched off into acting. She has been on the popular Empire show and the American Horror Story series. She also has also became a television show producer. She is the executive producer of the popular modeling talent search show The Face. She has made many different Naomi Campbell fragrances.

The Successful Journey of Kenneth Goodgame towards Becoming the SVP/CMO at True Value Corporation

October 26, 2016

Kenneth Goodgame is the Senior Vice President and the Chief Merchandising Officer at True Value Corporation. He clearly understands the changing global markets thus becoming one of the greatest operations management leaders. He has knowledge in wholesale and retail sales, strategic planning, brand identification, packaging, profits, and loss management. Goodgame has over 20 years of experience in the development of CPG programs and the retail launch. He also uses creative and innovative ways to create new product pipelines as well as improving the existing brands.

Kenneth Goodgame pursued a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Marketing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He began his career at Black & Decker as the Senior Merchandising Manager in 1980 where he worked for nine years. In 1994, Goodgame joined The Home Depot and held various positions with his last one being the Senior Global Product Merchant. He left the company in 2002 and served as the President of Newell Rubbermaid. He has held top positions in other companies including IRWIN Power Tool Accessories & Shurline Painting Products, Techtronic Industries, and BernzOmatic (Newell Rubbermaid division).

Before joining True Value, Kenneth Goodgame was the General Merchandising Manager at Ace Hardware in 2010-2013. At the company, he was responsible for strategic planning, executing wholesale & retail programs, managing over 78,000 SKUs, and overseeing full P&L for over $ 3.2 billion. He made significant achievements in the company including a 4.5% increase in the top-line sales annually and a tremendous growth in the annual new store openings by 300% that amount to $150 million revenue.

As the SVP/ CMO at True Value, he has set up a high-performance team that has contributed to an increase in the company’s quarterly earnings. His expertise in profit & loss management has seen him manage over $2.2 billion in global supplies at True Value. Additionally, he has launched a 250 SKU EDLP program aimed at reducing the prices for most of the SKUs. He also oversaw the creation of the “New at True Value” 4 SKU end cap program that has the following of more than 2800 stores. Goodgame uses his leadership skills and vast knowledge in the global markets to realize the company’s goals and objectives.

Helping Family Violence Victims in Texas- James Dondero

October 26, 2016

Family Place Dallas, has been awarded a $ 1 million challenge grant for its legacy campaign in the next six months. The announcement of the grant award was made by James Dondero the President and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management LLP. The announcement was made during the Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon that took place at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas Texas.

The Family Place Dallas is a leading organization that has the mandate of supporting victims of family violence, and are planning to raise $2.8 million for the Legacy campaign. The grant was administered through Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. which is the philanthropic arm of Highland Capital Management LLP. Highland Capital Management has promised that it will match 50% of any funds raised for the campaign to $1 million from now to 4th April 2017. The organization has raised $200000 towards the Legacy Campaign since it made its first announcement in 4th October. Their goal is to raise $16.5 million to assist victims of family violence, and Highland Capital is dedicated to realizing the campaign succeeds.

The Family Place Dallas Is one of the largest organization that has been in the forefront in support of victims of family violence in the State of Texas. It is responsible for eradicating family violence through involvement and practical anticipation, extensive society education, advocacy and assisting the violence victims. The family Place was founded in 1978, and since then it has provided counselling to more than 225000 clients, has provided shelter to more than 20000 batterers who include children, women and men as well as offering help via phone to over 550000 people.

The Family Place programs are provided in English and Spanish and give prevention education to teens who fall victim to bullying and dating violence. The Legacy Campaign will support the construction and the operation of the new Central Dallas Counseling Center for family violence victims named in honor of Anny Moody. The center will have 13 emergency shelter bedrooms, a medical and dental clinic, private and public counseling rooms, a centralized call center, and a multipurpose training space.

James Dondero is the Co-founder and the President of Highland Capital Management LLP. Mr James has an experience of over 30 years in the credit and equity markets where he has been specializing in the high-yield and distressing investing.

James is a man of influence and has been serving as the Chairman of the Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank as well as CCS Medical. James also severs as a board member of American banknote and MGM Studios. He began his career in 1984 as an Analyst in the Morgan Guaranty Training Program. Dondero graduated with highest honors from the University of Virginia, and he is a Certified Accountant Management.


An Overview of DIVERSANT and Principal Executive John Goullet

October 26, 2016

DIVERSANT refers to a Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) that is fully certified. It is a prevalent IT staffing firm owned by African Americans in the United States. It offers diverse services that include IT staffing and other diverse products like direct employment, IT staff expansion and pioneering diversity solutions. DIVERSANT is an IT staffing agency with a difference due to its services and products being based on original, transformation ideas and best methodologies that are aimed at meeting the needs of the communities, associates and clients. It employs a consultative approach and engages clients like real business partners. It helps its clients solve their critical issues rather than being merely commodity suppliers.

DIVERSANT believes in diversity leading to great opportunities for partners and consultants ensuring clients get more inventive solutions. There are a number of guiding principles that enable the agency to provide high levels of satisfaction and service to its partners, consultants and customers. The agency favors a team-driven approach that provides business solutions that leverage the experience and expertise of the team for the best outcomes. DIVERSANT focuses on satisfying its customers fully by ensuring all its solutions and services fully accommodate their needs.

About John Goullet

John Goullet is the current Principal Executive of DIVERSANT LLC. He is an entrepreneur and is credited for his input in the development of various big successful ventures in IT. He started off his career journey in IT Consultancy before making the switch to the IT staffing industry back in 1994. He had a good understanding of the market trends that were emerging then and this led to him founding Info Technologies. This was an IT staffing company that had its focus on offering Fortune 500 companies in the nation with workable solutions.

In a span of five years, the company had grown to $30 M making it to be listed as number eight by Inc. Magazine on the list of the 500 privately-held firms that were fast growing. In 2010, John’s Info Technologies merged with Gene’s DIVERSANT Inc. to bring about DIVERSANT LLC. As the Principal, Mr. Goullet is able to develop new ways to meet the challenges people face in the volatile IT marketplace which is his passion.

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Evolution Of Smooth Is Working Their Way To The Top

October 26, 2016

For many years if people wanted to purchase a lip balm they would usually reach for the Chapstick. Chapstick has a few flavors but has become obsolete now the EOS or Evolution Of Smooth has begun to pop up at just about every store in the country. EOS lip balm has seemed to take over. It can be seen at just about every checkout and beauty aisle out there. It has been about seven years ago since the brand started showing up all over. The creators of the company recently did an interview with Fast Company and explained their business strategy for the first time since they appeared on the market. They are the second best selling lip balm in the country behind Burt’s Bees. They are ahead of Blistex and Chapstick right now who have been on the market for many decades Your text to link….

Not only has EOS rocketed to the top but they have also been able to propel market sales to a new all-time high according to Kline Research. Studies show that they sell over one million pieces weekly and are anticipated to grow significantly over the next couple of years. Sales are expected to be over two billion by 2020. It was erroneously thought that lip balm was a unisex industry but over time studies showed that women were overwhelmingly the biggest buyers of lip balm and that they used it for their everyday routine.

When developing Evolution Of Smooth ( a great deal of thought was put into the overall look and feel of the product. They wanted to be sure that the product would not be just a fad but rather a lasting product that would appeal to people over the long haul. They managed to create a product that consumers love and that really worked. They also created many fantastic flavors and a unique package concept that everyone immediately notices. It was a recipe for success. These products are available on and Ulta online.


Silver and Gold Coins; how the Cook Islands chose to mark the Brexit vote

October 18, 2016

On June 23rd, the UK decided to leave the European Union. Even though there had been indicators that the country was growing restless about issues such as the refugee crisis in Europe, not many people really thought the country would vote to leave. Following the announcement of the referendum results, a series of economic repercussions hit the EU stock exchange, and their echo reverberated all over the world. Well, the Cook Islands chose to make the now infamous Brexit memorable through a sale of three collector coins. This program is under the supervision of Coin Invest Trust, a private company that is based in Lichtenstein.

The program is made up of .999 fine gold five dollar coin, .999 silver dollar and a .999 $20 dollar coin. All these have been embossed with a map that outlines the United Kingdom together with the flag and a frame of the continental Europe to symbolize the EU. The coins gained so much popularity with the public that by the fifth of august, the silver coin had been completely sold out. The $5 gold coin is said to be having a mintage limit of 10,000 pieces while the $25 coin has a mintage limit of 2, 016 pieces.

It is emerging that there is no distributor based in the US taking part in this sale. The owners of the coins will therefore have to look for their own secondary markets.

Why Brexit gold coin has become popular
The events that followed the Brexit vote shocked markets from Europe to the Far East and even in America and Oceania. It came as a reminder to many investors that paper money will always be an unreliable way to invest and save money. This is because when events that shake up the political landscape occur, the value of the currency is greatly affected. This inflation means that you will have a lot of money that cannot buy as much as it did before.

People that invest in gold do it because the precious metal does not seem to appreciate or depreciate depending on the political events. This is perhaps the main reason why investors in the UK and the EU in general have started stockpiling in gold and keeping it in safes inside their homes. It is estimated that the Brexit will not be completed until 2018, however, there are a lot of uncertainties about the implications that the move will have for the economic landscape of the country and the continent in general. Forecasts have been made showing that in the coming years, gold will really appreciate in value, which makes the buyers even more keen on securing a few more bars. The implications of this mass purchase remain to be seen.

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Squaw Valley Has One Of The Most Famous Lifts In The World According To CEO Andy Wirth

October 12, 2016

The 1960 Winter Olympic Games left a lasting impression on Squaw Valley. Driving into Olympic Valley sets the mood for thousands of skiers that come to the Lake Tahoe area to ski every year. The tram that carried Olympic icons like Julia Mancuso and Jonny Moseley is still in operation, and the KT-22 chair is still one of the most famous lifts on the planet. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort has gone through several changes over the last fifty years. Squaw Valley Ski Resort is now called the Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows Ski Resort.

There are more than 6,000 acres of snow covered chutes, bowls, and trails, and one man is in charge of making sure the updated version of this iconic Olympic ski resort keeps getting better. That man is Andy Wirth, the CEO of the Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows Ski Resort. Wirth is a business executive that is passionate about the ski and the hospitality industry. Wirth is also passionate about making the Lake Tahoe area one of the top ski destinations in the world.

Andy Wirth has an impressive resume. He graduated from Colorado State, and he was a backcountry park ranger in two national parks. Wirth spent 20 years as a marketing and sales representative for the Steamboat Springs Ski Resort. In 2010, Wirth was offered the top position at Squaw Valley. The Cushing family needed someone to oversee a major renovation project. Squaw Valley needed to be updated, and Wirth’s reputation as a successful business executive and marketing expert convinced the owners of Squaw Valley that he was the person they needed to bring a fresh look and new features to the dated ski resort.

Mr. Wirth has done an excellent job rebuilding the Squaw Valley Ski Resort’s reputation. Wirth has also been one of Lake Tahoe’s premier citizens. With is the current Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. Andy is also involved in several nonprofit organizations in the Truckee community. He is an Ironman competitor as well as an avid skier and runner. Andy is a dedicated family man, and he has a long list of friends and business associates that are inspired by him.

Talk Fusion Making Connecting Easier

Bob Reinas, CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion, discusses on ABC News his background, his company, and his hopes for the future. His company gives a more personalized way for individuals and companies to stay in touch. This 9 year old video marketing company went from offering one signature product: video email to an all in one marketing solutions company. He originally came up with the idea while taking a video of a vacation home and couldn’t send it to his mother. The file was too large. There had to be an easier way to send videos. Talk Fusion now offers video email, video chat, video newsletter, and live broadcast among a few.

Talk Fusion customizes their products so they can fit small to large businesses. They just don’t sell the product, they become like business partners. He gives his clients high quality support. They can receive customized graphics to brand their business or marketing and graphic support. For a price as low as 25/month, it is a company that truly serves its clients. They are so confident that their products will bring you success that they offer a 30 day risk free, no obligation free trial. This trial comes with an extensive library to help educate customers on the products. These solutions are globalized, meaning they can be used anywhere at any time on any device. Making this solutions the easy to use to increase business and connect. Reinas also gives back to his community. As a former local deputy, he believes in helping the organizations. He has tasked his employees to give away a free full account to help charities connect.

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Kenneth Goodgame Talks About Effective Price Point Gaps

October 12, 2016

In an article published on his a site, Kenneth Goodgame talks about the price point gaps and how they affect people’s purchasing habits. According to him, sellers usually find themselves settling for a product with a lower price than they intended to buy because of inability to make the value proposition work for them. He stresses that store managers who stock a lot of items with a wide variety of costs at once tend to lose the opportunity to make more money because of their ignorance about price point gap, which has been influential in marketing.

About Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at True Value. Goodgame holds a significant position in the company that includes managing full P&L amounting to $2.2 billion in global purchasing. He is also in charge of hiring a management team that focuses on framing price categories and heat mapping.

Kenneth Goodgame has worked in several firms as a marketing expert who focuses on delivering a balance in corporate alignment. He has vast experience as a business professional who knows how to traverse the marketing landscape. He began his management career in Home Depot before going to other companies as a leader in various positions. He is one of the few businessmen in the country who have worked and left a legacy in more than 20 companies.

Unlike other business leaders, Kenneth views business in a different perspective. He understands that there is a need for people to do business in line with the emerging trends. As a result, he has a strong affinity and a hawk’s eye to current market trends. He knows how to identify a potential market niche and capitalize on it. He is a valuable asset in each company that can afford him. He is also a role model to many aspiring business leaders in the country.

Kenneth believes in sharing knowledge towards enhancing leadership. He has a website through which he interacts with the public and shares useful business ideas. He graduated from the University of Tennessee with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Statistics.

John Goullet’s Tenure at DIVERSANT LLC

October 12, 2016

About Diversant LLC

Diversant LLC is the leading US-based IT staffing and solutions firm owned by African-American. Furthermore, Diversant LLC is fully certified as Minority-owned Business Enterprise. The firm specializes in providing exceptional initiatives designed to promote diversity in the supply chain and workplace unavailable elsewhere. Much of Diversant’s success is attributed to its commitment to promoting interpersonal relationship with clients. Thus, the firm interacts with its customers and considers them as partners, especially during the decision-making process. Moreover, interpersonal relationship with clients has enabled Diversant LLC to understand the corporate environment as well as specific needs of a customer.

Gene C. Waddy, a renowned entrepreneur, owns and serves as Diversant’s President. Gene grew up in New Jersey where he attended Fairleigh Dickinson University to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Gene gained immense knowledge and expertise in the field of IT while working as the National Practice Director for Infrastructure Services at Spherion Technology. While at Spherion Technology, Gene would manage IT staffing and solutions for clients globally. Diversant LLC reflects Gene’s adverse experience and personality through its commitment to helping clients find solutions to diverse, complex challenges in the ever-evolving IT marketplace.

About John Goullet

John Goullet is a well-established entrepreneur with extensive expertise in the IT sector. His career began as an IT consultant, then as an IT staffing executive before founding Info Technologies, his first IT firm in the year 1994. With sufficient knowledge and ability to observe oncoming market trends, John founded Info Technologies to provide solutions to Fortune 500 companies worldwide. During Goullet’s tenure, Info Technologies earned several accolades having ranked 8th among the fastest-growing enterprises in the US.

In the year 2010, Gene C. Waddy led the merger between Diversant Inc. and John Goullet’s Info Technologies to form Diversant LLC. As Diversant’s Principal, Goullet is passionate about developing new, innovative mechanisms to avert complex challenges facing the IT industry.

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