An Inside Look At The Quincy Rental Apartments Of New Brunswick, New Jersey

February 27, 2017

Opened for leasing to the general public in early 2016, the rental apartment development known as the Quincy is one of the latest luxury developments to open up in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Here is a quick laydown of the features and amenities available at the Quincy.


You will find the Quincy at 120 Nielson Street between Liberty and New Street. It is located within walking distance to public transportation such as NJ transit bus lines and many restaurants, shops and theaters. The NJ Transit commuter rail station can also be reached by walking or a short car or bus ride. For people getting to work by car, there is easy access to state routes 27 and 18 which link up with major highways.


At the Quincy, there are studio, one bedroom and two bedroom units available for leasing. Highlights of the apartments include gray stone countertops and stainless steel fixtures in the kitchen. Wood flooring is found throughout the unit with tile flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms for easier cleaning. There is a washer and dryer connection available so that you can do your laundry in private. In the restrooms there are designer appliances that incorporate style and functionality.


Community amenities include indoor garage parking for all residents. Residents can also enjoy swimming in a rooftop pool and relaxing in the outdoor rooftop lounge. The fitness center is also located on the rooftop and provides you with a view of the city of New Brunswick while you work out. The Quincy welcomes pets with certain restrictions and has pet friendly amenities.


Pizza Delivery Driver Gets Robbed On Quincy Circle


After receiving and order for a pizza delivery on Quincy Circle in Dayton, New Jersey a pizza delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint. It turned out that he was set up by a group of armed robbers who placed the order to trick the delivery driver into coming to Quincy Circle where they planned to rob him. Police later managed to nab one of the suspects who ironically was already serving time in Middlesex County Jail for similar robbery charges. This pizza robbery incident occurred on November 30th of 2012.


Shooting at New Brunswick Apartments Leaves One Man Injured


The New Brunswick Apartments on Commercial Avenue in New Brunswick, New Jersey had a shooting took place on October 5th of 2015. A lone gunman was seen firing a weapon which left one man injured. He was not seriously injured and was transported to a hospital by care for treatment of wounds.


Fabletics And The Reverse Showroom Strategy

February 21, 2017

Back when Kate Hudson launched her athletic apparel brand Fabletics in 2013, she was, to many, yet another Hollywood actress trying to put her name on a brand. Hudson had become a fitness and wellness guru on Instagram. Millions of followers were eager to see her next cute workout outfit or exercise tip.


She launched Fabletics to capitalize on the “athleisure” trend. This fashion trend refers to wearing workout clothes as everyday wear. The look was starting to take off and Hudson herself was a fan. She aimed to create an online company that sold high-performance workout gear alongside cute and casual dresses and gym bags that have high-fashion style.


When Fabletics was finally launched four years ago, it implemented a unique shopping model. The subscription service model was just catching on and Hudson saw potential. In addition to customers being able to purchase Fabletics items on the website, they can sign up to become VIP members. When you become a VIP member, you receive a full workout outfit in the mail each month for a monthly fee of $49.95. Fabletics picks the outfit out for you based on a questionnaire that you fill out upon signing up. You can opt out at any time.


When Teri Hutcheon, blogger of received her first workout outfit in the mail, she couldn’t believe the value of the VIP membership program. For $49.95, Teri got an entire outfit made with high-quality materials. Many competing athletic apparel companies charge that much for a single pair of leggings or a high-performance sports bra.


Today, Hudson’s company is worth over $250 million. The company earns more than Amazon’s athletic apparel department. To encourage more online sales, Hudson launched several brick-and-mortar Fabletics stores around the country to act as reverse showrooms.


The reverse showroom technique was made famous by Apple. Instead of using the stores to earn additional revenue, stores exist as a vehicle to get more customers to sign up to the VIP membership program. Customers who prefer to try on clothing in person before committing to a monthly fee can do so. About 25 percent of customers who enter a Fabletics store end up becoming VIP members before they walk out.


This unique concept proves that Hudson is a true entrepreneur at heart. Fabletics stores have earned the company more revenue and Hudson is planning to launch several more all over the world during the next five years.

Mark Sparks the Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur

February 20, 2017

Mark Sparks is a well-known entrepreneur from Texas who has made a name for himself in all sorts of different ventures, which many deem not worth investing. His entrepreneurial journey began as early as after finishing high school where he invested his time and effort to several ventures some of which would falter but some blossom to become a path to his success.

Mark is deeply religious and stated that every challenge that he or any other entrepreneur for that matter happens to face is God’s way of reminding them of their responsibility and keep them in check.

He attributes his success as by the Grace of God for he has nowhere near the educational background to justify the things he has done so far, having sold millions of dollars worth of self-made products and companies.

In an effort to reach out to upcoming entrepreneurs, Mark wrote a book entitled ‘They Can’t Eat You.’ The book describes his rise to success and the failures he faced such as some of his start-up companies collapsing costing him millions of dollars.

According to Good Reads, Marc Sparks wrote the book as a means of encouraging the lowly entrepreneurs who have not really succeeded in their ventures by showing them that failure is part of the entrepreneurial process and that success does not just come in a day.

Apart from the book, Mark in conjunction with Marc USA launched a program by the name ‘Marketing Sparks’ that aims at helping upcoming entrepreneurs with the chance to work alongside marketing experts, to hasten their development process.

Entrepreneurs that pass through the program will be hoped to have gained valuable strategies and tactics that will help improve their chances of succeeding in the entrepreneurial arena.

Sparks believes that there is a collaboration and output in a business setting are always maximized when there is a systematic flow in the office. This belief led the entrepreneur to move Timber Creek Capital, LP to a site where he felt this could be easily achieved and that would be conducive for start-up incubation. Every move he makes always has the upcoming entrepreneurs’ best interest at heart.

Even as the entrepreneur strives to help the upcoming entrepreneurs, he also uses his wealth to give back to the community. He is involved in several philanthropies all around Texas. He often donates money to a program in Dallas that drives the youths to get their high school diplomas to give the youngsters a better chance in life.

Apart from money, Sparks volunteers himself at a local homeless shelter – The Samaritan Inn. He goes an extra mile by working with Habitat for Humanity, building houses for the less fortunate. He truly is a gift to Humanity.

Kim Dao Covers The Sakura Spring Festival

February 13, 2017

Recently YouTube star Kim Dao covered The the Sakura Spring Festival in Japan. The event takes place in Kanazawa when the trees are in full bloom. The festival includes many stands featuring Japanese street food treats. Some of the food shown is grilled corn and Kim Dao shows us up close a Mandarin Daifuku. This treat is similar to a Mochi and has a sweet, fruit flavor as well as being really soft. Kim Dao mentions it’s not too sweet and has a great flavor combination.

Moving on, she received a package of Sakura Dango. These small round treats come in a variety of colors, and the ones she has are green, pink, and white. She says these have a delicate taste to them and also aren’t too sweet. She also gets some Sakura ice cream from a stand that has a lot to choose from. The ice cream has some green tea sprinkled on it. Kim Dao also gets some candied fruit that she really enjoys.

The next stop Kim Dao stops at is Koshiyama Kanseido where you can make your own sweets. She makes a number of candies while at this shop and forms them into colorful and intricate designs. She also bought an Ichigo Dora from the shop that’s a Japanese pancake with strawberry and cream inside it that she really likes. Kim Dao also got a Fuku Usagi which includes rabbit and has a strong ginger flavor. With this she is done for the day at the spring festival.

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An Insight into Lori Senecal Career

February 9, 2017

Lori Senecal is the current Global CEO of an advertising company, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, a subsidiary of MDC Partners, Prior to her appointment, she was the acting global executive chairman of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners popularly known as (kbs+) also a sibling to MDC Partners. Ms. Lori will continue to hold her position as the president and CEO of MDC Partner Network. She will be working hand in hand with Andre Coste who is the MDC Partner network chief financial officer and operations officer.

In her new appointment, Ms. Lori Senecal will play vital roles of overseeing CP + B growth plan, working closely with MDC partner agencies in a consultative manner to facilitate growth, and coordinating all the activities of their eight offices globally.

Senecal has a long history of working for advertising agencies. Before joining kbs+ in 2009, she was working with Mc Cann Erickson, a global advertising company with offices in more than 100 countries. During her time at Mc Cann, she served as the global chief innovation officer and together with other employees co-founded Tag Ideation, a young adult specialty unit. After the tag ideation, she was promoted to serve as the president of McCann Erickson New York branch.

After joining kbs+, she continued to demonstrate her expertise in the advertising field. Most notably, she helped in the rebuilding and growth of kbs. Under her leadership, Ms. Senecal expanded kbs+ agency from 250 domestic clients to over 800 clients worldwide. The policies she came up with while working at KBS agency attracted prestigious clients. Today, kbs agency boosts working with various prestigious companies like American Express, BMW, Simmons Bedding Company, Vanguard, Victoria Secret Pink, HomeGoods, TE Connectivity, Harman, Boar’s Head, William Grant and Sons among others. Still under her watch, KBS+ agency gained recognition by Crain as one of the best place to work for in New York. In addition, kbs+ agency has featured for three consecutive years on Ad Age’s list of outstanding agencies.

As a result of her dedication and commitment in her line of duty, she was honored at the AWNY Game Changer Award with a Quantum Leap Award in 2013. According to Huffington Post, she was named as one of the Women to Watch in 2014 by Ad Age. Senecal served as the chairperson for Jury Isaac Awards and she founded Isaac+ Award which honors student’s invention.

Ms. Lori Senecal is a true leader. Her outstanding performance can be attributed to her desire for greatness. When given a chance we are assured of success and we expect the same in her new appointment.

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PodcastOne Chairman Announces Launch of Newest Jericho Network Program

February 2, 2017

The executive chairman and founder of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, recently announced the launch of the newest Jericho Network Program, “Beyond the Darkness.” This podcast is the newest show on the podcast network of WWE star Chris Jericho, which is under the PodcastOne umbrella. The goal of this new podcast is to feature enlightening and entertaining conversations with the most renowned researchers and experiencers, challenging everything that you know and think about demons, mysteries, ghouls, angels, ghosts, aliens, monster encounters, and miracles. Radio producer Tim Dennis and author Dave Schrader will host it and ensure new episodes are released every Monday.


Norman Pattiz said that Chris has ensured he stand out as one of the jewels of the PodcastOne network. When he started it, Pattiz and his team knew it would evolve beyond wrestling. He added that Chris has already delivered comedians and currently take the world into the paranormal with “Beyond the Darkness.”


Chris on his part said he was a little stoked to announce the addition of this new podcast to the Jericho Network. And he added that Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis would be in-charge of the program and that is great news since they have brought with them a massive fan base that trust and believe in not only them but also their subject matter.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is the founder of Westwood One, which, under his able leadership, was one of largest and most influential radio network and provider of news, traffic programming, talk, sports, and entertainment in America’s broadcasting industry. Westwood One owned, managed, or distributed the Mutual Broadcasting System, the Super Bowl, NCAA Basketball, CBS News, NBC radio networks, and CNN radio. Most recently, he created PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales.


President Clinton appointed Pattiz in 2000 and President Bush reappointed him in 2002 to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the Unites States of America. This body oversees all nonmilitary broadcasting services including The Voice of America, Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe, and Middle East Broadcasting. Pattiz was responsible for conceiving Americas Arabic language radio and television services that serve more than 20 countries of the Middle East as well as Farsi language broadcasting that reaches a weekly audience of over 40 million listeners. Other than his broadcasting background, Pattiz serves as a regent of the University of California and the chairman of the Lawrence Livermore as well as Los Alamos National Security Laboratories.


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