Aloha Construction is a Family Owned Company and is Run by CEO Dave Farbaky

February 5, 2018

Anyone in the Illinois area probably knows about Aloha Construction. This company is infamous for their hard efforts and contributions in the area. Aloha Construction is a general construction company that provides a handful of specialty services.

They stride towards helping others and have established it as their main focus. Aloha Construction is a family owned company and is run by CEO Dave Farbaky. Dave has implemented high standards into the company. He is very good at what he does and enjoys his job. While his company is known for their work they also provide charitable services though the Dave Farbaky foundation. The foundation works to better the lives of people in ways other than construction services. One event held under the foundation was a free toy giveaway.

The Dave Farbaky foundation purchased and gave away hundreds of toys to kids in low income families. The kids were overjoyed to have received such a contribution. This company is known for their work so we will discuss that briefly as well. They specialize in the areas of roofing, siding, gutter work, and door/window replacement. Each of these areas of work can be challenging to do alone and often require professional assistance. Roofing is one of those jobs that you don’t want to attempt to do alone. Roofing can be dangerous and requires close attention to detail to do right. Although people cannot see your roof it is still important that it gets done to a quality degree. Siding is a similar deal. Siding is different that roofing because people can actually see it.

It is important that your siding is done properly and also that it looks nice. Aloha Construction workers are trained to do this job and will leave you pleasantly surprised. Gutters are the next specialty job that this company offers. Gutters are tough to work with as well. Aloha Construction has a lot of experience and will make sure that water is properly run off your roof. If you need door/window work you can also contact Aloha Construction. They will definitely get the job done right.

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