American Institute of Architects is Soaring High

February 1, 2018

Since the year 2010, Robert Ivy has been the CEO of American Institute of Architects. He has also been the editor in chief of Architectural Record. Robert Ivy has been in this position since 1996. Robert is quite an industrious individual because he also serves as the vice president and the director of editing the McGraw-hill Construction. His work entails ensuring that publications are of quality for families reading them.

Previously, Robert has worked for Ivy Architects as a principal. He also became a managing partner at Dean/Dale. All these opportunities earned him fourteen years experience. At this time he decided to change his working environment and join the corporate world. This decision was a wise one because he excelled and even received an award in 2009. The following year, Alpha Rho Chi recognized him as the master architect. He had done a remarkable job in imparting knowledge of design to a new generation.

Robert Ivy has not limited himself to his profession only. He is an advocate who represents agendas concerning his profession. He understands that political, social and environmental issues are part of construction, design and architecture. So far, Robert has done a commendable job in managing employees, budget and the overall management duties of AIA.

The American Institute of Architects began in 1857. Thirteen architects came together and decided to start this organization. The objective was to support each other and welcome other architects to join the entity. Today, the organization aims at achieving perfection at what they do practically and scientifically.

The headquarters is in Washington D.C. Every day; the institute strives to advocate, educate and enhance the public image of the architect profession. It also does community redevelopment and public outreach. The architectural profession is not an independent one. It works closely with other industries such as construction and design.

The organization’s duty to be an advocate has managed to represent the national interests of the architects. The leadership and members have influenced government practices that affect policies in the architecture profession. Another area that AIA pays attention is in regulation and legislation. This is also another area where they participate to ensure that these rules and regulation are in favor of the profession.

AIA is quite an inspirational organization to architects. Members will highly benefit from the objectives Ivy has for AIA. He wants architects, contractors, and designers to be technology oriented. This is where the promising future lies. AIA needs to embrace the changes of digitalization.

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