Fagali’uta and Fagali’i airstrip in Samoa

November 28, 2017

Fagali’I or Fagali’i-Uta as is popularly known by the locals is a small village in Upolu in the city of Apia in the island of American Samoa, the people of this village speak both Samoan and English. Fagali’I boast of the Fagali’I airport an airport with only one runway that is abbreviated as (FGI) by the IATA coding system and operated by the Samoan airport authority. The airport is located in proximity to the Royal Samoa Golf Course and only 28 kilometers from the nearby Faleolo airport.

Travelers who use the airport can enjoy five star accommodation in the nearby motels at an average cost of around eighty American dollars or two hundred Samoan tala, car rental services are also available within the vicinity of the airport at pocket-friendly rates. If you happen to experience a medical emergency or need to see a doctor for whatever reason there is a nearby Tupua Tamase Meole Hospital offering both inpatient and outpatient services.

The two major airlines which fly into this airport are Polynesian airlines and the Samoa air. the important thing to note is that there are no money exchange services in this small airport and the nearest money exchange services can be found ten minutes away at the nearest Apia city. Another option for foreign travelers who may need urgent cash to pay for services like car rentals or ferry services is to use their debit cards to withdraw cash from the ATM machine at the airport. It is also important to note that if you are going to use the ferry to connect to the nearby islands the ferry runs on a schedule hence you should plan to be there at least an hour earlier before the scheduled time.

While in Fagali’I whether for work, visit or vacation you can enjoy visiting the Fagali’I Bay, Apia park or play golf at the Fagali’I Royal Golf Course. Robert Louise Stevenson museum is another great place to visit. Know more:https://www.tripadvisor.com.br/HotelsNear-g312868-qFGI-Apia_Upolu.html