Alfonso De Angoitia Noriega – Facts, Facts, Facts

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega – On Fire
Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is on fire. He literally burns for the truth. That’s why he works so hard to promote it.

As top executive of Grupo Televisa, he knows the facts. He knows the evidence. He carefully reviews all angles.

So remember this name the next time you’re looking for valid news from Mexico:
Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega. I’ll stress it once more: Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega. He is a man of experience and firm convictions.

The Power of the Presses
It’s no secret: Since the very early centuries, the power of the presses ruled the day with its iron fist and its mind of dominance and will. No one can rule like he who has the media at his fingertips. This can either be good or bad as history has shown time and again. In Mexico, it’s no different: Those who command the presses and the media have the final say in all matters. So, it’s important to check oneself though you must search and scrutinize diligently if you are to find the truth.

Many media companies in Mexico, however, do lie. Some don’t even bother to hide that very fact but allow for the ignorance of many its uninformed and uncaring citizens to kick in. That’s why it’s important to stay informed and current on all world news, especially that of the country you live in according to For many Mexicans, this is no option as prices, immigration, drug trafficking and several other factors continue to pose many threats. Now more than ever, it’s time to stay informed and to make a difference.

In Mexico, top media companies have both lied and spoken the truth under the same breath, so the power of discernment is likewise a valid tool. On the other hand, Grupo Televisa is a wonderful company. It strays from lies and deceptions and promotes the facts. Other companies like it do exist though it all starts with one individual: One person may make a big difference, and together, we can change the world.

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A Leader Must Have Drive And Determination

Adam Milstein is an entrepreneur who understands what it is like to start from the ground up. He is a native of Israel. Adam was introduced to business by his father who was a real estate developer. Adam earned an undergraduate degree in Israel and set his sights on the United States for further education.

He studied at the University of Southern California and obtained a Master’s in Business Administration. Adam Milstein hoped the degree would lead him to a corporate job. However, he quickly realized that the companies recruiting him did not understand his vision or history. He decided to venture out on his own and become a real estate broker.

It took time for Adam Milstein to plant his flag in the real estate business. He would learn that it takes time to make money in such a competitive industry. His patience proved to be a great virtue and he stood the test of time in real estate.

Adam Milstein is now a managing partner at Hagar Pacific Properties. He gets great joy out of philanthropy. He and his wife Mila started the Adam and Mila Milstein Family Foundation as a method to educate and reach out. Philanthropy has become the center of Adam’s work day. He believes that being involved in community makes all of his business success worth the effort. The foundation has various interest. Adam and his wife apply the same work ethic to the foundation as Adam does his business. There are no days off and always room for improvement. Success takes time. Adam believes in being involved with every aspect of a project. Strong leaders do not rely on other people to solve their problems. Adam Milstein has been an effective entrepreneur by making sure that his influence is felt in every aspect of the team that he is leading. Adam loves to work and has never had a bad job. A strong work ethic is based on persistence and consistency. It is important to follow up on every possible lead in business. Each risk that is taken provides an opportunity to learn for future maneuvers.

How George Soros is Helping to Shape America

George Soros is a billionaire investor who has made his claim to fame not only his immense fortune, but his willingness to focus on fighting for causes that he believes to be just. Soros is a Hungarian born investor who currently resides in New York City. Soros is renowned not just for his philanthropic work but also for his work as a staunch progressive and advocate for political change through democratic means. Soros was last a huge player in the political game in 2004 when he worked alongside Al Gore but since then he has mostly been outside of the spotlight, focusing on change through his Open Society Foundations. However, the 2016 Presidential Election saw a seismic shift in the political landscape and as a result George Soros decided to return. Read his profile at Forbes.

To put it bluntly, George Soros thinks that Republican President Donald Trump is one of the worst things to happen to American politics ever. Soros flatly called out Trump’s fear mongering as “doing the work of ISIS” and he continues to advocate against Trump’s core platform policies which are anti everything that Soros ever fought for during his life. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that George Soros decided to jump back into the game in order to back progressive politicians like Hillary Clinton.

Soros returned to the Presidential Campaign trail in 2016 in order to support Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as well as the rest of the down ticket progressive options. Soros would put in nearly $25 million via donation to a host of different PACs in order to try and offset the billionaire Koch Brothers that have made supporting Republicans a core part of their business policy. Soros donated heavily to Clinton’s personal PAC, giving a record breaking $7 million for the specific PAC. Michael Vachon, Soros’ own political adviser, pointed out that Soros had to return due to the nature of the stakes that this election had raised.

Being a billionaire investor willing to fight for progressive causes has turned George Soros almost into the perfect target for the conservative, right wing smear machine. Soros was a vocal advocate against George W. Bush and his incensed rhetoric against Donald Trump’s hate-speech has only fanned the flames of dislike between Soros and the right wing political group in the United States. Still, Soros refuses to back down and he continues to be one of the most supportive fighters for progress in the world today. Visit this site to know more at

What makes George Soros so special, and different from most billionaires, is the fact that he is completely self-made. Soros fled Nazi persecution in Hungary in order to work his way through the London School of Economics. From there Soros would sail to America where he would start, and succeed, with the Soros Hedge Fund.

Rick Smith: Leading Securus Technologies In The Direction Of Success

Securus Technologies is a company that aims to transform the way judicial systems work by providing them with the technology they need to progress their operations. The company offers a number of services to incarceration facilities across the country. The company has previously been involved with providing judicial organizations with the technology they need to run their operations. The services they provide have helped numerous justice systems with matters dealing with investigations and corrections and have helped facilities to monitor inmates and all the communications that take place from within the correctional facility.

In 2008, Securus Technologies underwent a merger and formed a partnership with T-Netix, and appointed Rick Smith as the company’s new CEO. Rick was at the center of this merger, facilitating the collaboration of two of the biggest correction service companies in the country. As head of this new partnership, Rick was entrusted with managing all the operations of the company and had to oversee every fine detail of the functioning of the company.

Rick Smith has had a tremendous amount of experience in the field of technology as evidenced by the previous places he has been employed at and the numerous amounts of projects that he has undertaken all through his career. Rick Smith possesses all the features that are essential to the growth and development of this kind. With his extensive knowledge about technology coupled with his excellent managerial skills, he has been able to lead the company in a direction that has been favorable for its growth, making it what it is today.

Before Rick started working in the field of information technology, he attained a degree in Electrical Engineering and then later went on to achieve a master’s in Mathematics. To supplement his administrative skills, he also obtained an MBA, which has helped him lead the company effectively, as the CEO. In his early years in the industry, Rick worked with some companies in a variety of positions ranging from finance to business development before he landed in the position he is in today. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

As of right now, over two thousand incarceration facilities across the United States are using the technology that Securus provides. Besides the United States, the company’s services are also being employed in institutions across Canada. The company works to help ensure that a safe environment is maintained for people of the community through proper monitoring of inmates. But it isn’t just for the benefit of the people on the outside, but also for the people that are confined to the prisons. Securus technologies have provided the prisons that it has tied up with, with technology that allows the inmates to have monitored yet secure video calls to their family members. This has helped numerous people stay connected with their families while they are on the inside.

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Construcap – Leading Constructor In Brazil

March 20, 2017

Construcap is a part of the Brazilian real estate industry that works both in the private and public market. The company works with buildings, infrastructure, and energy. The way that the company operates is based on the Integrated Management System on The company offers services such as construction and pre-construction, electromechanical assembly, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), Design & Build, Heavy Construction and structured projects. The company of Construcap has offices open in most of the states in Brazil. And has built and constructed on numerous sights.

Construcap has founded over seventy years ago in 1944. It was first known as Construtora Pereira de Souza. The founders were two engineers Henrique Pegado and Caio Luiz Pereira de Souza. In 1955 the company had a change in ownership and was reestablished as Constracup Engineering by a handful of engineers – John Ulic Burke Jr., Júlio Capobianco, José Ribeiro do Valle, José Mandacaru Guerra, and Iório Adami. In 1972 Construtora Pereira de Sousa merged with two other companies – Cia and Construcap Engenharia e Comércio SA. From the merge of the three companies on was created an umbrella company under the name of Construcap CCPS Engenharia e Comico SA.

Construcap is one of Brazil’s most successful construction companies. Built on the foundation to always strive to develop further both in terms of their work processes and the employees at the company, it has managed to successfully execute sustainable projects working together with their clients, while also maintaining noteworthy respect for the environment during their construction jobs on In fact, the company has been included in many magazine leaderboards – both for Brazilian companies and for companies worldwide. The magazine O Empreiteiro featured Construcap in its first edition of the leaderboard Industrial Construction Ranking. The leaderboard is based on constructions done between the years of 2013 and 2015. Constracup was placed in the seventh position. In 2015, the company was ranked in another magazine called ISTO 2015 at The chart was called THE BEST OF MONEY and Constracup ranked on the first place in Financial Sustainability category, and it also took the third place as Best Company in the sector and in Human Resources.

OSI Group – A Panoramic View

March 17, 2017

OSI Group is a common household name in the US, but, it has started making headways into the global scene too. This group signifies a never ending need for change and an affinity towards uprooting your competition with the best quality that you may provide. This is the very motto that the group has lived by and adheres to which is what keeps the employees of the company on a war like path to continue to turn the fortunes of the business.

OSI group has purchased Flagship Europe. This is an attempt to make headways in the European market, a strategy that the group had been pondering over for a very long time. This deal is to give the group a wider appeal, aiding it in catering to the European markets at a more rapid pace, unlike the scene before this purchase, wherein the group had to exports its products to European countries, this would bring about a reduction in transportation costs and times.

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OSI Group has been actively looking for people that share the same kind of desire to serve the demographic as they themselves. There has always been an opening at the group for like minded people who want to bring about a change in the way the population consumes food. The employees at the group show high levels of professionalism, ascertaining that their customers are well serviced and are being treated in a respectful manner. This has been the USP of the group since the 100 years of its inception. Quality over quantity!

Comparative Law – How Sujit Choudhry Is Helping Shape The Contemporary World?

January 8, 2017

In recent years, comparative law has gained immense importance because it is helping policymakers understand the transition process shaping our world. The formation of European Union and the exit of Britain is a perfect example of turmoil. While the transition may seem easier, many countries that are either joining a bloc or exiting from a Union need to change their laws. In fact, the ongoing tensions among multi-cultural societies is another concern for policymakers who are increasingly looking towards laws that can address such complicated issues.

Luckily, the comparative law has also gained in importance. The law is the study of differences and similarities of laws between two nations. As the globalization increases, comparative law is also defining laws between two or more than two nations.

Overall, comparative law offers a deeper knowledge and understanding of the legal system in effect. Likewise, it helps policymakers perfect an existing legal system. As suggested, the modern comparative law is also contributing to the unification of legal system.

Despite the fact that comparative law may differ from the mainstream fields of general jurisprudence, it helps policymakers improve existing laws. For instance, comparative law helps international organizations to understand the legal system of each country allowing United Nations to implement effective treaties. Similarly, the law also helps multinational companies to deal with situations in conflict prone regions. This is specifically evident in the era of oil & gas mining where these companies operate in multi-ethnic areas that are often riddled with conflict. By understanding comparative law, both the government and the company can address complex issues that can lead to anarchy.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a prominent international expert who is well-known for his expertise in the comparative law. As an influential expert, he has actively helped different countries develop their constitution building processes. These countries include regions, which are in the transition process, such as Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Ukraine.

Sujit Choudhry is the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law, who has written extensively on the topic. He has links to prominent law schools including Harvard, Oxford, and Toronto. In fact, Sujit is a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster and a consultant to U.N. and the World Bank.

Eric Lefkofsky Wants to Combat Cancer

January 7, 2017

Cancer is one of the world’s scariest words in the entire language. A possible diagnosis of cancer is one that many people find very terrifying. Many people on the planet will confront a cancer diagnosis at some point in their life. Fortunately, today’s doctors and scientists are working harder than ever before to help combat this illness and make life better for all those who might face it at some point in their lives. Researchers today are being helped by those who have an equal vision and share their goal of providing better treatments and even a cure for cancer for all of humanity. This is the driving force that helps motivate one person in this world who knows that we must do all we can to face this problem and offer people hope and real results.

The Innovative Work Of Tempus

One person who wants to provide real tools in the fight against cancer is Eric Lefkofsky. He is someone who has made a lot of money by using his business skills. As a result, he has accumulated a large fortune that he wants to help use to help make the world a better place. To that end, Lefkofsky has been involved in multiple kinds of giving. Perhaps his greatest efforts today remain focused on the field of cancer. Cancer has dogged humanity for many thousands of years. Today, it will strike over half of those who reach old age. It is partially for this reason among many others that he has started a new venture he has called Tempus. Tempus is an innovative new company of his that is all about offering new strategies to provide the kind of treatment that cancer patients need today.

Offering Personalized Care

Lefkofsky is the Co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Tempus. In this role, he aims to push cancer treatments to new heights in order to offer them treatments that will help provide a remission or even a cure for their disease. He works hard at this new venture knowing that he can really make a difference in this world. His aim is to do all he can to help create cancer treatments that will help fund new ideas of all kinds and make patient’s lives much easier. He wants to see the field of cancer treatment move forward into the future where cures are present at every single turn.

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Cotemar Vessel Services

December 31, 2016

Cotemar is a Mexican based company that provides services that are related to the development of offshore oil field with the use of specialized vessels. The company offers essential services such as the maintenance and overhauling of platforms and other process centers in the offshore facilities, semi-submersible platforms activities and diving facilities for a survey.

Cotemar also provides the provision of work decks, especially for the construction of the pre-manufactured equipment, basic accommodation and catering services like food preparation, ironing, laundry and cleaning of common areas.

Cotemar is also known for offering its clients recreational facilities such as gymnasiums, cinemas, basketball courts, equipped television rooms and many others. The organization has special facilities that provide customers with high-quality services that are out of this world. Cotemar has extraordinary vessels that are operated using specialized computers that are connected to a satellite. The machines use the latest technology, and their primary responsibility is to ensure that the vessels are in their right position all the time.

The vessels in Cotemar play a crucial role, and this means that they must be equipped using quality saturation diving system that does not disappoint the customers. The system is also designed to allow for the adequate inspection programs and any other activity in the line of rehabilitation.

The vessels are designed for several activities. Some of them are custom made to offer lightweight material and personnel transportation. These kinds of vessels have a significant number of clients, and their greatest responsibility is to ensure that the customer does not have a chance to complain.

Cotemar is also one of the few institutions that offer refrigerated cargo vessels to consumers in the country. This kind of vessels are designed to transport materials and products that need refrigeration all the time. Customers can be assured of quality products that have not spoilt because of the quality provided by these vessels. There are some standard regulations for these vessels, and the management of the company ensure that the rules are followed to the later. This is also the primary reason the institution has been able to do so well in the competitive market.

Some individual vessels from Cotemar are designed to provide accommodation and catering services. The services in these vessels are out of this world, and the guests who use them get the best laundry solutions, recreational facilities, food, and spacious rooms and many other facilities that make the guests feel at home.

New App is Certain to Make Services Easier for Davos Real Estate Group Clientele

December 22, 2016

Davos Real Estate Group has successfully launched its latest new technological achievement, with regard to its new mobile App titled: “Davos CAP Calculator.” The launch of the new App, came by way of a statement, released to its customer-base. The purpose of the App is to properly project the ROI of real estate which Davos Real Estate Group clients are most interested in pursuing.


The Davos Real Estate Group (REG) is an entity and part of the Davos Financial Group. The financial organization is a global entity and is a leader within the market of Latin America. The financial organization has been in existence for well over twenty years. It provides its client-base with highly comprehensive financial advice. The business makes it a point to focus, in way of formulating a strategy, with regard to investment opportunities, that meets with the requirements, and expectations of its client. It combines high-quality products, within an infrastructure of regulation. Its client base expects service of the highest quality—and in order to meet this type of customer demand, the Davos Real Estate Group makes it a point to provide that base with expert and licensed individuals, in order to assure that each client receives the best in service. Further information is attainable at the following site:


Gerard Gonzalez, Executive Director of the organization, has been working, diligently, in partnership, with the company Tecknolution, for the last six-months. The work involved design and development of a practical tool, allowing a customer to project the gain on his or her investment property—that is, once expenditures—tied to the property–were appropriately met.


The Davos REG App has been created, using the latest technological platforms. The App is available for the Android and the iPhone. The App is the start, of a series of Apps, which will assist Davos REG clients, in identifying properties, by way of their respective mobile devices. The information, provided by way of the App, includes R.E. historical data, which can be forwarded to an agent at Davos. The forwarding capability is made possible by way of the App’s chat feature.


David Osio, CEO, mentioned that the direction of Davos REG is currently aligned with the company’s business focus. This is to say, the development of a mobile App, allowing agents to financially assist their clients in realizing their investment R.E. goals had been in the works for some time: so the accomplishment of its development is well-received, by agents, and customers, alike. The preceding achievement is what started the company, on the road, of developing the App.


Gerard Gonzalez, added, that the App—that has been developed by the organization, is a very innovative tool. He mentioned that the new technological innovation, allows the company’s investors, to attain much more clarity, when involved in the decision-making process of buying real estate. By means of the Davos CAP Calculator, Gonzalez stated that clients are able to easily project the price of rent, on properties. The information will make it possible for its client to determine what his or her rental income will be on a specific property—within a specific market.


One of the benefits, of the new company Apps, comes in the way of a “Mortgage Calculator.” This type of useful tool makes it possible for the Davos’ client to easily estimate their respective mortgage. The estimate is based on estimates provided by the funder or bank, for a certain time—period, and at a particular rate of interest.


The Davos Real Estate Group—has taken on a different direction, recently. While it has been working on the development of the Davos CAP Calculator App—the company has been involved in formulating various new strategic alliances, with real estate agents, on a global basis. The expansion, planned by the company, makes it possible for Davos Real Estate Group to provide services, to interested persons, in Europe. The starting point of the proposed global initiative is Spain.


Gonzalez, states that the company is, as of late, working on many projects. The projects are designed in order that the company may assure that it fulfills its obligation, in providing its customer-base, with first-rate service.


Davos REG has successfully increased its agent base, by more than sixty-percent. The preceding increase means that there has been an impressive seventy-five percent increase, in sales, during the first half of the year 2016.


Notes About David Osio:


Mr. Osio has been involved with Davos Financial Group, as CEO and Founder, from November 1993 to the present time. His goal is to properly lead the company by providing a strategy, in order that the company is positively assured of a position within the Domestic and Global marketplaces. He achieves the preceding strategy by assuring that the proper company culture is achieved. Additionally, David oversees the management of the company. His hands-on leading approach assures that the company receives its optimum level of operational and financial performance. In so doing, quality services, relative to David’s customer-base, are achieved. Each customer is pleased with the company’s products and quality of service.


Prior, to his tenure with the Davos Financial Group, David served as the Vice President of Commercial Banking at Banco Latino International. This post lasted for four years, and David held it from 1989 to 1993. At Banco Latino International, David assumed responsibility of the direction and supervision of the private and corporate banking areas. His objective, within the post, was to assure definition was achieved, pertinent to the marketing of bank products. He achieved successful results by way of properly implementing market strategies; and in coordinating procedures, and operational processes, with regard to customer attainment, and the retention of those customers.

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