The Need to Know on Wealth Solutions and Richard Blair

November 20, 2016

When looking for a place that is great for managing assets it can be hard to find a trustworthy company that has years of experience in the business of doing just that. According to Wealth Minder, that is why people are so shocked when they come across Richard Blair Wealth Solutions. This firm has been helping clients by protecting, managing and growing assets for many years.

Clients who have come to know the Wealth Solutions business in and out have found that the founder Richard Blair is a very respectful partner who is great at advising when it comes to what to do with assets and many other useful things. Other than being great when it comes to handing out much needed advice Blair also has many different types of certifications under his belt like CES, RICP, CAS and CFS. All of these put together make Blair a very good business man.

Based within Austin, Texas this firm is one of the most popular firms to have ever become an Investment advisory firm. Wealth Solutions has a very unique system that they use with every client. The system can be summed up into three easy categories.

  1. It will ensures an easy way for the client to put their financials out onto the table and helps the client in identifying what they should be doing and what their strengths, risk tolerance and growth opportunities are. If Wealth Solutions is able to understand what it is exactly that their client wants and what they are willing to do then it will be so much easier to form a great partnership.
  1. The development of a strategy that is long-term and will meet the requirements of a client is very important. One of the jobs of the founder Richard Blair is to reallocate and also to manage all of the client’s assets making sure that nothing will happen that is not specifically at the request of the client. He will make sure that the maximum amount of effort gets put into making the client’s portfolio does the most that it can during the times that the market is suitable and also at the same time will make sure that the portfolio stays very well protected from major impacts during the marketing periods that are on the negative side.
  1. Insurance is another one of the major parts of the system. Clients are able to pick from many different types including long-term care, annuities and also life insurance. This way every client feels that they are as safe as they possibly can be from anything bad happening.

Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions

Blair actually started off his career within the financial services industry by watching his grandmother and mother work. They were both teacher and gave him the hope that he needed to start his own way down the same path. Blair began Wealth Solutions in 1994 and the firm has grown into one of the best firms in the marketing world.