Rick Smith: Leading Securus Technologies In The Direction Of Success

Securus Technologies is a company that aims to transform the way judicial systems work by providing them with the technology they need to progress their operations. The company offers a number of services to incarceration facilities across the country. The company has previously been involved with providing judicial organizations with the technology they need to run their operations. The services they provide have helped numerous justice systems with matters dealing with investigations and corrections and have helped facilities to monitor inmates and all the communications that take place from within the correctional facility.

In 2008, Securus Technologies underwent a merger and formed a partnership with T-Netix, and appointed Rick Smith as the company’s new CEO. Rick was at the center of this merger, facilitating the collaboration of two of the biggest correction service companies in the country. As head of this new partnership, Rick was entrusted with managing all the operations of the company and had to oversee every fine detail of the functioning of the company.

Rick Smith has had a tremendous amount of experience in the field of technology as evidenced by the previous places he has been employed at and the numerous amounts of projects that he has undertaken all through his career. Rick Smith possesses all the features that are essential to the growth and development of this kind. With his extensive knowledge about technology coupled with his excellent managerial skills, he has been able to lead the company in a direction that has been favorable for its growth, making it what it is today.

Before Rick started working in the field of information technology, he attained a degree in Electrical Engineering and then later went on to achieve a master’s in Mathematics. To supplement his administrative skills, he also obtained an MBA, which has helped him lead the company effectively, as the CEO. In his early years in the industry, Rick worked with some companies in a variety of positions ranging from finance to business development before he landed in the position he is in today. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

As of right now, over two thousand incarceration facilities across the United States are using the technology that Securus provides. Besides the United States, the company’s services are also being employed in institutions across Canada. The company works to help ensure that a safe environment is maintained for people of the community through proper monitoring of inmates. But it isn’t just for the benefit of the people on the outside, but also for the people that are confined to the prisons. Securus technologies have provided the prisons that it has tied up with, with technology that allows the inmates to have monitored yet secure video calls to their family members. This has helped numerous people stay connected with their families while they are on the inside.

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Securus Technologies: The Importance Of A Christmas Video Visit

January 11, 2017

In order to get the most out of the time spent behind bars, people always look for ways to communicate with their loved ones. Thankfully today, there are ways to go about it that are more beneficial than ever. This company has released a video that speaks to this, as it opens with a little boy on Christmas morning beginning a video chat with his father, who is incarcerated. His father tells him to go downstairs so that they can enjoy opening presents together.


The little boy goes downstairs and begins to unwrap his presence one by one, enjoying them to the best of his ability. Is that what design with delight as the little boy is over the moon when it comes to the presidency is receiving and is thankful that his father got them for him.


So with this in mind, if you have a loved one who was behind bars, Securus Technologies is a company that allows you to make the most out of this. There are plenty of prison institutions that have taken advantage of the technology that they offer. All in all, they provide video technology which allows people to communicate with their loved ones as if they are in the same room.


So what are the benefits of this?


There are a number of benefits in this regard, including the fact that families do not have to be as alone on the holidays. Incarceration is tough on everyone involved, this video technology makes it a little bit easier. As opposed to just hearing someone’s voice, you will be able to see the facial expressions and see them in real time throughout the holiday. You can do this by allowing them to open presents with the child on video chat or to simply exchange notes on how that is going. This allows everyone in the room to speak with the inmate without having to worry about passing a phone.


By enjoying these technologies, families feel more together during the holiday season and are better able to bring in the season without having to worry about being in the dark on what is going on with one another. This brings a little bit of warmth to the holiday season despite the fact that they are going through a tough incarceration and will be an excellent service to use throughout a holiday.


Talk Fusion Making Connecting Easier

Bob Reinas, CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion, discusses on ABC News his background, his company, and his hopes for the future. His company gives a more personalized way for individuals and companies to stay in touch. This 9 year old video marketing company went from offering one signature product: video email to an all in one marketing solutions company. He originally came up with the idea while taking a video of a vacation home and couldn’t send it to his mother. The file was too large. There had to be an easier way to send videos. Talk Fusion now offers video email, video chat, video newsletter, and live broadcast among a few.

Talk Fusion customizes their products so they can fit small to large businesses. They just don’t sell the product, they become like business partners. He gives his clients high quality support. They can receive customized graphics to brand their business or marketing and graphic support. For a price as low as 25/month, it is a company that truly serves its clients. They are so confident that their products will bring you success that they offer a 30 day risk free, no obligation free trial. This trial comes with an extensive library to help educate customers on the products. These solutions are globalized, meaning they can be used anywhere at any time on any device. Making this solutions the easy to use to increase business and connect. Reinas also gives back to his community. As a former local deputy, he believes in helping the organizations. He has tasked his employees to give away a free full account to help charities connect.

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Securus Technologies – Keeping Families Together

October 4, 2016

When someone is sent away to prison, the whole family dynamic changes immediately. Their missing presence is noticed right away. It can be hard to stay in touch because the prison facility they now reside in can be hours or even states away. This makes visitation that much harder. This is where Securus Technologies comes in. They are a technology company that specializes in providing the latest technologies to law enforcement and the criminal justice system.


Securus Technologies has been in business since 1986. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas and have made it their mission to provide the latest and greatest technologies to law enforcement and to the criminal justice system. They work with over 3,400 law enforcement and criminal justice agencies as well as over 1.2 million inmates housed in correctional facilities in 48 states. Securus has assembled a large team of inventors, thinkers, engineers and designers to create the best technology and always be on the way to a new and more innovative idea.


Something as simple as helping your child with their homework is made possible with the Securus Video Visitation system that Securus has created. The father has the ability to see the homework that his daughter is working on. He is able to speak with her and help her with any issues she may be having. For a short time, the family is connected and the father is able to be there for his daughter and connect with her on a personal level. He can be involved in a way that he wasn’t able to be before.


The video visitation system has changed the way families can interact with their loved ones who are in correctional facilities. There is no longer a need to drive long distances and plan your visits around posted visiting hours. There is no longer a need to schedule a visit and make sure both sides can make it. All that is needed is a computer with an internet connection and a working webcam. The video system allows both sides to see and speak to each other. This is a new way of reaching out and families are responding well to this technology.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

ClassDojo Changing The Way Teachers, Students and Parents Interact

July 20, 2016

The ClassDojo communication platform is available for several different platforms in order to not hinder it’s use. Wether it is an iOS, Android, Computer or Kindle Fire, the application works across the board. When the application was first launched in 2011 its cofounders focused on building in privacy by design. This was an important aspect of trying to keep the community as safe as possible. ClassDojo was also meant to be free to teachers and educators alike as there are several other applications on the market which are extremely costly to set up and utilize. The cofounders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don were tired of listening to teacher and students alike when they said that the teaching platform has not changed in decades but they way we communicate has made leaps and bounds.

They set off to completely change that and to create a communication platform that allowed the formation of a tight knit community around the teaching environment. Students, parents and teachers are now brought closer together thanks to ClassDojo. This great application can now get parents involved in their child’s learning experience. They can comment on pictures and videos sent out by teachers throughout the day and it is almost like they are right there with them. A classroom is meant to be a positive place and ClassDojo allows them to become that as the management of classrooms is made away with.

The ClassDojo application is entirely teacher led which ensures that the application is not misused but also allow teachers to tailor the application to their specific needs. Wether it be the creation of several activities for the children to do after hours or to send out class notes for the the parents. No matter what the use, ClassDojo platform can cater.

In recent months the staff at ClassDojo has managed to raise a whopping total of $21 million in venture capital. The cofounders said that this will be used to further expand on the amount of ground staff they have avaialable. The more resources they have the more can be put back into the application making it more useful to teachers, students and parents alike. Now teachers do not have to savour the limited time they have with the children. They can communicate with them throughout the day and emphasize the making of good choices.


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