Aloha Construction is a Family Owned Company and is Run by CEO Dave Farbaky

February 5, 2018

Anyone in the Illinois area probably knows about Aloha Construction. This company is infamous for their hard efforts and contributions in the area. Aloha Construction is a general construction company that provides a handful of specialty services.

They stride towards helping others and have established it as their main focus. Aloha Construction is a family owned company and is run by CEO Dave Farbaky. Dave has implemented high standards into the company. He is very good at what he does and enjoys his job. While his company is known for their work they also provide charitable services though the Dave Farbaky foundation. The foundation works to better the lives of people in ways other than construction services. One event held under the foundation was a free toy giveaway.

The Dave Farbaky foundation purchased and gave away hundreds of toys to kids in low income families. The kids were overjoyed to have received such a contribution. This company is known for their work so we will discuss that briefly as well. They specialize in the areas of roofing, siding, gutter work, and door/window replacement. Each of these areas of work can be challenging to do alone and often require professional assistance. Roofing is one of those jobs that you don’t want to attempt to do alone. Roofing can be dangerous and requires close attention to detail to do right. Although people cannot see your roof it is still important that it gets done to a quality degree. Siding is a similar deal. Siding is different that roofing because people can actually see it.

It is important that your siding is done properly and also that it looks nice. Aloha Construction workers are trained to do this job and will leave you pleasantly surprised. Gutters are the next specialty job that this company offers. Gutters are tough to work with as well. Aloha Construction has a lot of experience and will make sure that water is properly run off your roof. If you need door/window work you can also contact Aloha Construction. They will definitely get the job done right.

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Eric Lefkofsky Analyzes Cancer Treatment

February 3, 2018

Over nineteen million United States citizens are expected to have cancer by the year 2024, that is almost forty percent of the United State’s expected adult population with a diagnosis within their lifetime. Eric Lefkofsky’s wife Liz is one of those who received the diagnosis, in her case it was breast cancer. It was after witnessing the problems in the industry that held her life in the balance that Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus.

Tempus will act as an operating system for cancer care and possibly patient care in general as time goes on. Tempus wants to make cancer care data-driven and e-enabled by changing the way patient information is accessed, what type is included, and how that information is used on a global scale. By implementing the vision of Tempus, potential cures for cancer and other diseases could be just a batch of compiled data away in the near future.

Lefkofsky wants cancer care to be managed on a molecular level, mainly by including an individual’s complete genome as part of their medical data. This information can be used to pair them with the best treatments available in real-time, which will be updated continuously across the globe. With this information, Tempus and Eric Lefkofsky hope to collect the data that could link to cures and more effective treatments.

Eric Lefkofsky graduated in 1991 with high honors from the University of Michigan and received his Juris Doctor two years later from their law school. Despite this, be chose to jump into the tech field and has co-founded several tech related companies including Groupon. While once the CEO of Groupon, Lefkofsky stepped down from this position to chairman to put more time into other projects like Tempus.

Lefkofsky and wife Liz also run the Lefkofsky Foundation which has assisted over fifty organizations across the world financially. One million, five hundred thousand, and two hundred fifty thousand dollars were donated by the Lefkofsky’s to the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, gastric cancer research at Stanford University, and New York’s Weill Cornell Medicine for breast cancer research, respectively. He is also serves as Trustee at Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital.

The American Institute of Architechs – Honor and Integrity!

January 16, 2018

Located Washington D.C. and founded in 1887, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is an organization of professional architects. A group of 13 architects founded the AIA to promote excellence and perfection in the profession through scientific and practical methods. Richard Upjohn was its first president and at the first meeting, they invited 16 other architects to join them. At the time of the founding anyone could claim to be an architect, and in order to protect the profession and their clients, they adapted a constitution and bylaws.

By 1880, 11 chapters were opened across the United States and currently, there are 300 chapters representing professional architects across the country. The current president presiding over more than 90,000 licensed architects is Robert Ivy. The 90,000 members consist of licensed architects, associate members, international members, emeritus members and allied members. Its managed by a board of directors with over 200 employees and it spans the globe with chapters in the United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, and across Europe.

The AIA monitors federal, state, and local policy decisions concerning design and structure and in public service the AIA offers community-based programs to local governments to improve designs, protect infrastructure, and promote affordable housing. To its members, the American Institute of Architects offers it experience on design, contracts, urban development, and education. While students are not permitted in the AIA proper, they have a separate arm of the AIA called the American Institute of Architects – Students (AIAS). The AIAS has been adopted by most chapters of the AIA and they offer special programs and educational assistance for the students. The AIAS is non-profit and independent.

The AIA recognizes outstanding achievement in architecture with awards and honor programs, and one of its most prestigious honors is the title ‘Fellow of the American Institute of Architects’. This award is given to those architects who have gained national recognition in architectural excellence. Only 2% of the membership bear this honor.

The association’s CEO Robert Ivy the owns the honor of wearing the title Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. Mr. Ivy holds a Masters in architecture from Tulane University. He is the editor-in-chief of the Architectural Record and vice president and editorial director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. Mr. Ivy served on the panel that selected the architect to design the Eisenhower Memorial and served as a principal critic at Dina&Ivy for many national architectural publications.

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Malcolm CaSelle: President of WAX

January 9, 2018

Malcolm CasSelle is a well-known entrepreneur who currently holds the title of president of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). He is also the CIO (Chief Information Officer) of OPSkins. OPSkins is a marketplace that is used for buying and selling things from online video games.
Casselle got his start and found his passion while receiving his education at some of the most prestigious Universities in the United States. From MIT, Massachusettes Institute of Technology, Caselle received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He then went on to receive his master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.
Malcolm CaSelle has been involved with many other companies throughout his career. Early on, CaSelle co-founded NetNoir, which was a media production website that was one of the firsts to focus on Afrocentric culture. He also was a senior vice president at Pacific Century Cyberworks which was based in Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong, he also served as the director of Capital Union Investments. While working at this establishment, he helped manage investments in web companies. At one point he was also a top executive at Tencent, which was joint with Groupon. Tencent was a Chinese instant messaging and gaming company. He has also been the CEO of Xfire, a network for video game players, and MediaPass, an online site that allows digital purchases. He also co-founded and worked as the CEO of Timeline Labs, which was a social media tracking company. There are a few other corporations that he was involved in. Of all these accomplishments, CaSelle was well-known for his involvement with SeaChange International, MediaPass, Xfire, Tencent, and PCCW.
The current company, WAX, that CasSelle is greatly involved in is a company that allows the exchange of virtual goods and it also allows users to own and operate their own Marketplace. What is unique about their company is that there are no financial risks being made, and this is appealing to a lot of users. It was not CaSelle alone that led this company to the success and popularity it has reached today. The leading team of WAX consisted of William Quigley, CEO, John Brechisci, Junior, Lead Designer, and Jonathan Yantis, COO.

Fagali’uta and Fagali’i airstrip in Samoa

November 28, 2017

Fagali’I or Fagali’i-Uta as is popularly known by the locals is a small village in Upolu in the city of Apia in the island of American Samoa, the people of this village speak both Samoan and English. Fagali’I boast of the Fagali’I airport an airport with only one runway that is abbreviated as (FGI) by the IATA coding system and operated by the Samoan airport authority. The airport is located in proximity to the Royal Samoa Golf Course and only 28 kilometers from the nearby Faleolo airport.

Travelers who use the airport can enjoy five star accommodation in the nearby motels at an average cost of around eighty American dollars or two hundred Samoan tala, car rental services are also available within the vicinity of the airport at pocket-friendly rates. If you happen to experience a medical emergency or need to see a doctor for whatever reason there is a nearby Tupua Tamase Meole Hospital offering both inpatient and outpatient services.

The two major airlines which fly into this airport are Polynesian airlines and the Samoa air. the important thing to note is that there are no money exchange services in this small airport and the nearest money exchange services can be found ten minutes away at the nearest Apia city. Another option for foreign travelers who may need urgent cash to pay for services like car rentals or ferry services is to use their debit cards to withdraw cash from the ATM machine at the airport. It is also important to note that if you are going to use the ferry to connect to the nearby islands the ferry runs on a schedule hence you should plan to be there at least an hour earlier before the scheduled time.

While in Fagali’I whether for work, visit or vacation you can enjoy visiting the Fagali’I Bay, Apia park or play golf at the Fagali’I Royal Golf Course. Robert Louise Stevenson museum is another great place to visit. Know more: