How She Grew Stronger Hair with Wen By Chaz

May 2, 2016

Nobody wants to live with thin, brittle hair. It not only looks awful, it’s plain old unhealthy to have thin hair. Thanks to Chaz Dean it’s no longer something you have to live with. This Bustle reporter was able to heal her hair all on her own using Wen by Chaz Dean ( in just a matter of a week. Lush, beautiful hair isn’t just for the stars anymore. Chaz Dean gives you the gorgeous locks you’ve always wanted.
Wen is a sort of cleansing conditioner for your hair. It does many things at once in order to give you healthier hair. Dry hair becomes moist, thin hair becomes thick, and your hair, in general grows faster. Other products on the market will almost certainly fail to do even half of what this amazing conditioner can. It’s one of the greatest bargains on the market.

The talk about Wen by Chaz is more than kind words. is filled with wonderful testimonials showing just how powerful Wen by Chaz is. Just take the story of Emily McClure and see the changes she managed to see in just a week. The power of Wen by Chaz can be witnessed in the pictures of her hair. Over the course of the week, her hair gets stronger with each day. The transformation is simply awe-inspiring.

Chaz Dean knows something about hair. He’s made a name for himself in Hollywood as the stylists celebrities go to when they need to look good for the red carpet. He’s now making a name for himself in the world of hair care with his line of conditioners. The stories are out there and they speak for his success. Wen by Chaz is a must have.


Breaking All the Rules

Don’t wear a brown belt with black shoes. No, acid wash jeans are not okay. Yes, neon pants with a pastel top will look insane. When it comes to fashion, there is a set of unspoken (and some spoken) rules that we are supposed to live by. But when it comes to makeup, we throw some of these silly policies out the window thanks to Lime Crime’s front woman Doe Deere.

Though she may not quite be a household name, Doe Deere has definitely made a place for herself in the cosmetics world. Creating her own line of lip and eye products, Doe has been an entrepreneur to watch and learn from. She sites her brand Lime Crime as being a symbol to break the rules, color outside of the lines, and most of all have fun, and never take yourself too seriously. She takes her advice to heart, creating looks that don’t bend to what society deems appropriate makeup.

One of Ms. Deere’s favorite rules to break is a bold lip paired with a bold eye, and that is easy to see when taking a gander at her photos on social media sites. The girl is all about going big or going home! Another rule Doe says is simple not for her: mixing too many colors. Practically a walking rainbow, she does not shy away from a bold blue and lavender top with some lime green hot pants, and she does pull it off. Also wearing open toed shoes with socks, the Lime Crime founder wears whatever she wants unapologetically.

Named one of the female entrepreneurs on the rise, Doe’s unique sense of style and empowerment sets a great example for young women to be themselves. Obviously this young lady has the right idea, as her business is booming. A force to be reckoned with, Doe will surely be captivating us all for years to come, as her line continues to grow.

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