The Future of Privacy

The internet is an ocean of potential opportunity that many business minded individuals looking to generate vast amounts of wealth turn to for success and progress. Unfortunately, the opportunity to positively grow also comes with the potential to catastrophically fail. Reputation on the internet can easily ruin someone financially, meaning that the simplest of mistakes can result in complete monetary ruin for those caught in its web. This concept has developed a need for a virtual niche of companies whose sole purpose is to act as reputation safeguards to those who hire them. Darius Fisher and Status Labs is one such company, and offer their services to clients who may need this valuable and rather unique set of professional skill.

Darius Fisher identifies himself as a digital crises expert, someone who does all that he can to help his clients erase internet based mistakes so that they can continue on with their lives without the worry of career changing repercussions. Status Labs does just as its name suggests; it alters the status of those that it is paid to help, meaning that dirty laundry is swept under the proverbial rug so that others can not use it against them in the future.

Fisher, for lack of another comparison, is very much like Olivia Pope on the popular televised series “Scandal”. The character of Pope is a fixer, someone who is paid to make negative impacts vanish so that people can move forward unabated. Fisher does the same thing, offering his services mainly to public figures, politicians and executives. Fisher is not adverse to helping people from a diverse listing of backgrounds and professions and his work is high quality and skillful.

In a world that is continuing to turn digital it is necessary to find more complicated ways to provide privacy. Darius Fisher and his company, Status Labs offers advanced technological services to individuals who know that accidents can happen but they should not be defined by them. Such a company and its services maintain a mature setting that does not delve too deep into the realm of the private.