Malcolm CaSelle: President of WAX

January 9, 2018

Malcolm CasSelle is a well-known entrepreneur who currently holds the title of president of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). He is also the CIO (Chief Information Officer) of OPSkins. OPSkins is a marketplace that is used for buying and selling things from online video games.
Casselle got his start and found his passion while receiving his education at some of the most prestigious Universities in the United States. From MIT, Massachusettes Institute of Technology, Caselle received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He then went on to receive his master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.
Malcolm CaSelle has been involved with many other companies throughout his career. Early on, CaSelle co-founded NetNoir, which was a media production website that was one of the firsts to focus on Afrocentric culture. He also was a senior vice president at Pacific Century Cyberworks which was based in Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong, he also served as the director of Capital Union Investments. While working at this establishment, he helped manage investments in web companies. At one point he was also a top executive at Tencent, which was joint with Groupon. Tencent was a Chinese instant messaging and gaming company. He has also been the CEO of Xfire, a network for video game players, and MediaPass, an online site that allows digital purchases. He also co-founded and worked as the CEO of Timeline Labs, which was a social media tracking company. There are a few other corporations that he was involved in. Of all these accomplishments, CaSelle was well-known for his involvement with SeaChange International, MediaPass, Xfire, Tencent, and PCCW.
The current company, WAX, that CasSelle is greatly involved in is a company that allows the exchange of virtual goods and it also allows users to own and operate their own Marketplace. What is unique about their company is that there are no financial risks being made, and this is appealing to a lot of users. It was not CaSelle alone that led this company to the success and popularity it has reached today. The leading team of WAX consisted of William Quigley, CEO, John Brechisci, Junior, Lead Designer, and Jonathan Yantis, COO.

The Future of Privacy

The internet is an ocean of potential opportunity that many business minded individuals looking to generate vast amounts of wealth turn to for success and progress. Unfortunately, the opportunity to positively grow also comes with the potential to catastrophically fail. Reputation on the internet can easily ruin someone financially, meaning that the simplest of mistakes can result in complete monetary ruin for those caught in its web. This concept has developed a need for a virtual niche of companies whose sole purpose is to act as reputation safeguards to those who hire them. Darius Fisher and Status Labs is one such company, and offer their services to clients who may need this valuable and rather unique set of professional skill.

Darius Fisher identifies himself as a digital crises expert, someone who does all that he can to help his clients erase internet based mistakes so that they can continue on with their lives without the worry of career changing repercussions. Status Labs does just as its name suggests; it alters the status of those that it is paid to help, meaning that dirty laundry is swept under the proverbial rug so that others can not use it against them in the future.

Fisher, for lack of another comparison, is very much like Olivia Pope on the popular televised series “Scandal”. The character of Pope is a fixer, someone who is paid to make negative impacts vanish so that people can move forward unabated. Fisher does the same thing, offering his services mainly to public figures, politicians and executives. Fisher is not adverse to helping people from a diverse listing of backgrounds and professions and his work is high quality and skillful.

In a world that is continuing to turn digital it is necessary to find more complicated ways to provide privacy. Darius Fisher and his company, Status Labs offers advanced technological services to individuals who know that accidents can happen but they should not be defined by them. Such a company and its services maintain a mature setting that does not delve too deep into the realm of the private.


White Shark Media Perfects The Art Of The Free Evaluation

As far as the digital marketing industry is concerned, White Shark Media is a firm known to work very hard to make sure its clients experience results. In one year alone, the company managed $36 million in ad spending on behalf of those clients.

The monetary amount alone shows the marketing specialists working for the company are top-notch professionals. No company would reach the point in which it could handle such a massive dollar figure unless the company was successfully managing clients’ accounts.

Likely, White Shark Media and AdWords campaigns have drawn the curiosity of numerous business owners. Some may not be sure if AdWords campaigns are the way to go. Others might not be 100% sure if they are a right fit for White Shark Media. All questions and concerns can now be emphatically answered thanks to a free AdWords evaluation the firm is offering.

The evaluation is to be conducted through the online meeting service Join.Me. During the meeting, a representative from the company will engage the potential client. Yes, the evaluation is going be a live event featuring a marketing specialist from the firm.

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This way, the two parties can have a nice interaction. Such an interaction would not be possible with a canned, dull, one-way video presentation.

Whether the person taking part in the meeting has extensive experience with AdWords or the individual is completely and totally new, the evaluation has something of value.

Those who are wondering if improvements can be made on their campaign could take in the presentation and end up pleasantly surprised. White Shark Media knows a lot about making improvements to campaigns.

The company is all about improvements. A recent blog post chronicled the company’s willingness to make improvements after logging various customer complaints.

The current incarnation of White Shark Media Review has improved customer service, communications, and operations in a multitude of ways. Most definitely, this is a firm that listens to concerns.

The company makes it a point to listen to those who may never worked with Google or Bing AdWords before. Anyone knew to this type of advertising undoubtedly has a lot of questions to ask. The marketing specialist will ponder on all those questions and respond in an appropriate manner.

The free evaluation can be tailored for a total newbie. The entire meeting serves as a fantastic informational event. So, why not take advantage of this no-risk evaluation?

Reputation Management Firms Can Help Keep Personal Information Private as Well as Clean Up Reputations

Having a significant online presence can result in mayhem if haters get ahold of personal information. No one knows this better than Sally Kohn with the Daily Beast who wrote the article, “I Got Doxxed So You don’t Have To,” after her information was leaked. Kohn wanted everyone to know what they should do to prevent the same thing from happening, or what to do if it does happen to them.
In her interview with Status Labs president and co-founder, Darius Fisher, Kohn goes over some things to do to prevent a personal information leak. Fisher explained the first thing to do is remove information from all databases such as Spokeo and PeopleSmart, which sell personal information to anyone. Also registering any website domain names privately will help. Fisher is adamant about people knowing what information is on the web about them. Googling yourself will help you figure out what information is topping the web. Since people rarely navigate away from the first page of Google search results, anything on that page can be detrimental. Checking social media privacy settings is also important.
Not liking what you see? A reputation management firm such as Status Labs can help clean up any negative information. The company is based out of Austin, Texas, and has helped hundreds of clients to date. Started in 2012, the company has grown exponentially as their services continue to be needed. The firm now has offices in New York City and Sao Paulo, Brazil. High profile people and businesses rely on Status Labs’ expert staff to help them clean up their reputations.
Darius Fisher has lead the company through some difficult times and helped it become the premier reputation management company it is today. With clients from all over the world, Status Labs is continuing to grow under the leadership of Fisher. He has been featured in PRWeek’s Innovation 50 as well as in other publications such as Dujour. People look to Fisher’s expertise in marketing. He has been the speaker in marketing conferences and worked as a political consultant and copy-writer prior to the founding of Status Labs.

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