George Soros Leads the Open Society Foundations To Great Success

George Soros has been involved in a range of philanthropic and political efforts dedicated to helping the lives of millions of people who find themselves trapped by oppressive regimes around the world. Soros himself feels a close link to the millions of people who are excluded from the everyday society the majority enjoy or live under a regime that does not allow them the basic freedoms enjoyed in the majority of democratic westernized nations; the personal history of George Soros saw him living under the dangerous Nazi Occupation of his homeland Hungary during World War II when around 500,000 of his Jewish community were killed in the Holocaust purely because of their faith. As a former refugee George Soros continues to fight for the rights of displaced or mistreated people across the planet who he feels should be awarded the same rights as the citizens of other nations.

In the early stages of his philanthropic career, George Soros focused his attention on fighting regimes in two specific areas of the world; initially, the founder of Soros Fund Management who Forbes estimates has a net worth of over $25 billion sought to provide education for black South African’s denied the right to learn by the restrictive and unlawful Apartheid policy. A second area of focus was the Soviet Eastern Bloc of nations where Communism had reigned since the end of World War II, Soros himself had escaped Hungary after the arrival of socialism in its most severe form. The Open Society Foundations explains the work of George Soros played a key role in bringing down many Communist regimes across the Eastern Bloc and can be seen as having a major part to play in the fall of the Berlin Wall. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Despite fleeing socialist rule in Hungary in his early life, George Soros has remained a staunch liberal dedicated to advancing left wing ideologies and causes he feels fit into the open society he wishes every person on the planet to live within. The Open Society Foundations Soros founded in the 1980s has now expanded to become one of the world’s most innovative and important liberal networks of charitable groups operating in over 100 nations across the planet. Alongside the major campaigns and political speeches given by George Soros the record breaking hedge fund manager has made his most publicized campaigns he has also played an important role providing funding for smaller groups and campaigns that reflect his own left wing beliefs. Among the major groups George Soros has backed with funding over the course of the life of the 86 year old U.S. citizen he has also personally provided scholarships and funding to allow individuals to gain an education they may have been denied because of their place in society. Read more about George‚Äôs life story at

Bernie Sanders Is The Subject Of Thor Halvorssen’s Latest Talk

Bernie Sanders was the last topic of conversation for Thor Halvorssen, and he went on Fox News to tell people what he thinks Bernie Sanders is all about. He wanted to share all the information that he has about Bernie Sanders, and he wanted people to stop using the communist label that is so popular. People are going to start using that label because they do not know what that really is, and Thor Halvorssen wants to help people make sure that they are sure of what a democratic socialist government.


Bernie Sanders is looking for ways to help people make sure that they can get something out of the taxes they pay, and he is also making sure that he going to help lower taxes for people who need to get lower taxes. Everyone who wants to have lower taxes is going to be able to get those taxes down, and they are going to see more services come from the government.


There are even more people who are going to have to make sure that they are going to get the right kinds of help from the government that does not have strings attached. A lot of people think that they are going to have to give up a lot to get services, but Bernie Sanders wants to help people by making sure that he gives them something that is going to be free to them. They already pay taxes, and that is what a democratic socialist government does.


According to, Someone who is trying to learn about Bernie Sanders needs to understand how Thor Halvorssen looks at him. Thor Halvorssen knows that Bernie Sanders is actually going to help America give the people what they need without forcing them to overpay for their taxes. He wants to make sure that all the people are served, and he wants to make everyone much happier about the ways that they are served by the government. There is no tyranny in the future according to Thor Halvorssen, and there is no reason to allow the people to think that Bernie Sanders will turn into a tyrant.

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