Imran Haque Shares His Tips For Finding Success

December 31, 2017

Those who have made it as a doctor have gained knowledge and experience that others will not gain. There are some who are willing to share the knowledge that they have gained and who are willing to help others become better by doing that. Imran Haque is someone who has much to share about his journey to get to the place that he is at. He is someone who opened up when he was being interviewed and who let others know what it took to get to the place that he is at. This man shared his tips for finding success.

Imran Haque knows that it takes hard work to become successful, and he is someone who has worked hard to get to the place he is at. He has shared that he was diligent in the work that he did and that he kept working hard no matter what he faced in life. This doctor believes that a person should be thorough in any research that they complete and that being thorough can help a person to be successful. He was thorough as he worked, and that has helped him become all that he is today and more

There are some who are not patient enough or organized enough to find success, but Imran Haque is not one of those people. He knows that it is important for a person to be patient and to wait to receive a reward for the work that they have done. He knows that a person has to be organized if they are going to make it. When Imran Haque was interviewed, he shared that the fact that he stays organized is one of the things that has helped him to find success in life. Those who would like to be like him should work on being organized, as well.

Here’s Who North Carolina Near-Celebrity Imran Haque Is

October 1, 2017

Central North Carolina, home of virtually nothing except rural cities and the occasional major city, is home to Horizon Internal Medicine, Randolph Hospital, and those two establishments’ most well-known employee – Dr. Imran Haque. He’s worked at Randolph Hospital for some years, in addition to other hospitals, and founded Horizon Internal Medicine on his own in the early 2000s, just after the turn of the millennium.

Dr. Imran Haque is touted highly by his patients, with virtually innumerable positive reviews on the Internet. He possesses in excess of fifteen years of professional experience in medicine, having passed North Carolina state boards’ internal medicine examinations year after year since his initial year of practice in 2001.

Imran Haque, before he was a doctor, went to Universidad Iberoamericana, a medical college in the Caribbean islands. Four years after his tenure at the college began in 1994, he completed his medical doctorate degree with honors, in 1998. Afterwards, he found an open spot at the Internal Medicine Program at Roanoke-Salem, hosted by the University of Virginia. In 2001, he completed the standard three years’ tenure to become a licensed practitioner of internal medicine, where he was also stationed in several rural areas. Throughout these no-name towns in Virginia is where Imran Haque found out that he’d rather serve rural areas and make less money than working in a large hospital in a metropolitan area, where it’s virtually impossible to get to know patients over long periods of time.

Horizon Internal Medicine, founded and currently operated solely by Dr. Imran Haque, is home to tens of procedures, the most of which constitute cosmetic procedures. Laser contouring is one of his patients’ favorites, getting rid of wrinkles and unsightly hairs to boost their appearance, subsequently their self-confidence, as well. Imran Haque will remain in Asheboro, Ramseur, and surrounding towns for years to come and more