Keith Mann – Professional and Philanthropic

August 15, 2016

Keith Mann knows his way around New York, investment talent for hedge fund industries and helping others. Professionally, he is the Managing Directory of the hedge fund group Dynamics Search Partners. Keith Mann has co-founded the company that provides superlative executive search services as well as support with atypical staffing needs.
Since 2001, Dynamics Search Partners has grown their business exponentially and currently has one of the largest, unmatched databases of executive professionals in the country. In a new partnership, Mann and his team are working to support Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York. Recently a fundraising event raised over $22,000 for a new high school to guarantee that there is sufficient testing for every student. Before the success of the fundraiser, Dynamics Search Partners had committed $10,000 to the mission that Uncommon Schools has of every student continuing their education beyond high school. The associates at Dynamics have supported students with advice, professional guidance and practical tools to help students remain high-achievers and to work with them on their innovative learning practices as they transition to jobs and internships.
When not directly involved in philanthropy, Mann is responsible for the everyday development of his firm. As the CEO he is a manager as well as a hiring professional as he works with clients to assess their needs and expand from current teams to greater platforms. He works on a global level to fill more than two hundred positions a year with Dynamics Search Partners. His success is shared by his company and in his private life of giving to others.