How Sawyer Howitt Is Developing Into An Entrepreneur

October 10, 2017

Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneur from Portland, Oregon who at a young age is already making a name for himself. He works for Meriwether Group as a project manager and has also served in a leadership position at a number of philanthropies. He has been building the skills and know-how it takes to successfully run a company. He has also learned how key customer service is to a business’ success. One of the things that is changing nowadays is how technology plays a part in customer service and how successful companies are adapting to the rapid pace of tech development.

Meriwether Group is a business services company that is headquartered in Portland and has a satellite office in San Francisco. They help other entrepreneurs increase their sales, roll out new products to retail, and all the other ways that a company can grow and thrive. With a can-do attitude, they help companies build their brands, source the materials they need to build their products, as well as expand not just across the United States but internationally as well.


As a project manager, Sawyer Howitt is responsible for keeping on top of his projects. This includes creating spreadsheets, giving presentations to clients, and offering consulting services. One of his primary focuses is on using technology to move brick and mortar retail stores to the next level.

As someone that is already experienced in the world of business, Sawyer Howitt has provided his advice to other millennials. He says that it’s a great time to be opening your own businesses and banks are giving out small business loans to help. He also says that many cities have abundant office space to locate your business in and they often offer short-term leases in order to encourage new businesses to move in.

Another thing that Howitt says is key is to draw attention to your successes, something that many people are uncomfortable with as they think of it as showing off. Sawyer Howitt, however, says doing so is key to standing out from your co-workers and successes should definitely be talked about with your boss at review time.

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