Mark Sparks the Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur

February 20, 2017

Mark Sparks is a well-known entrepreneur from Texas who has made a name for himself in all sorts of different ventures, which many deem not worth investing. His entrepreneurial journey began as early as after finishing high school where he invested his time and effort to several ventures some of which would falter but some blossom to become a path to his success.

Mark is deeply religious and stated that every challenge that he or any other entrepreneur for that matter happens to face is God’s way of reminding them of their responsibility and keep them in check.

He attributes his success as by the Grace of God for he has nowhere near the educational background to justify the things he has done so far, having sold millions of dollars worth of self-made products and companies.

In an effort to reach out to upcoming entrepreneurs, Mark wrote a book entitled ‘They Can’t Eat You.’ The book describes his rise to success and the failures he faced such as some of his start-up companies collapsing costing him millions of dollars.

According to Good Reads, Marc Sparks wrote the book as a means of encouraging the lowly entrepreneurs who have not really succeeded in their ventures by showing them that failure is part of the entrepreneurial process and that success does not just come in a day.

Apart from the book, Mark in conjunction with Marc USA launched a program by the name ‘Marketing Sparks’ that aims at helping upcoming entrepreneurs with the chance to work alongside marketing experts, to hasten their development process.

Entrepreneurs that pass through the program will be hoped to have gained valuable strategies and tactics that will help improve their chances of succeeding in the entrepreneurial arena.

Sparks believes that there is a collaboration and output in a business setting are always maximized when there is a systematic flow in the office. This belief led the entrepreneur to move Timber Creek Capital, LP to a site where he felt this could be easily achieved and that would be conducive for start-up incubation. Every move he makes always has the upcoming entrepreneurs’ best interest at heart.

Even as the entrepreneur strives to help the upcoming entrepreneurs, he also uses his wealth to give back to the community. He is involved in several philanthropies all around Texas. He often donates money to a program in Dallas that drives the youths to get their high school diplomas to give the youngsters a better chance in life.

Apart from money, Sparks volunteers himself at a local homeless shelter – The Samaritan Inn. He goes an extra mile by working with Habitat for Humanity, building houses for the less fortunate. He truly is a gift to Humanity.