Take A FreedomPop Review Into Consideration When Switching Phone Companies

November 17, 2016

Anyone with thoughts about switching cell phone service providers can find a million reasons why they want to make the switch, but the cost of their current wireless services may be the biggest reason. FreedomPop is a company that was created based on trying to save people money on their wireless services, and they’ve continued on with this very mission. Along with keeping the free cell phone service that they started offering when they created the company, FreedomPop has also added unlimited cell phone service and other plans in between that all cost a fraction of what other companies are charging.

Many companies are trying to get rich off of their customers by charging a lot of money for data, even if they give unlimited talk and text messages. FreedomPop has an unlimited plan that costs only $20 per month and has unlimited data as well. The only thing that should be notated with the unlimited cell phone plan from FreedomPop is the fact that the data speeds slow down to 3G speeds after the 4G data has been completely used up. Many people don’t mind using 3G data, especially when it’s unlimited because it’s still a very high-speed.

Those who are using their GPS as well as downloading applications and surfing the Internet will find that having unlimited data is very useful, especially when they don’t have to constantly access their data through Wi-Fi. FreedomPop is still offering their free cell phone service that is great for parents who want to give their kids a cell phone plan that doesn’t cost them money. The free plan is also good for anyone trying to save money each month on what they’re paying to their current cell phone company. FreedomPop welcomes most GSM phones that are unlocked as well as any Sprint phones.

Anyone in need of a cell phone can always check the FreedomPop website as well as checking with retailers who sell FreedomPop products. FreedomPop also proudly offers their Internet services, which include the FreedomPop Hub for home Internet service, the portable hotspots for service on the go, and there is also the Wi-Fi service. The only catch about the Wi-Fi service is that an application from FreedomPop must be downloaded first to get access to the service as well as having the customer pay five dollars per month to activate the service.