How George Soros is Helping to Shape America

George Soros is a billionaire investor who has made his claim to fame not only his immense fortune, but his willingness to focus on fighting for causes that he believes to be just. Soros is a Hungarian born investor who currently resides in New York City. Soros is renowned not just for his philanthropic work but also for his work as a staunch progressive and advocate for political change through democratic means. Soros was last a huge player in the political game in 2004 when he worked alongside Al Gore but since then he has mostly been outside of the spotlight, focusing on change through his Open Society Foundations. However, the 2016 Presidential Election saw a seismic shift in the political landscape and as a result George Soros decided to return. Read his profile at Forbes.

To put it bluntly, George Soros thinks that Republican President Donald Trump is one of the worst things to happen to American politics ever. Soros flatly called out Trump’s fear mongering as “doing the work of ISIS” and he continues to advocate against Trump’s core platform policies which are anti everything that Soros ever fought for during his life. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that George Soros decided to jump back into the game in order to back progressive politicians like Hillary Clinton.

Soros returned to the Presidential Campaign trail in 2016 in order to support Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as well as the rest of the down ticket progressive options. Soros would put in nearly $25 million via donation to a host of different PACs in order to try and offset the billionaire Koch Brothers that have made supporting Republicans a core part of their business policy. Soros donated heavily to Clinton’s personal PAC, giving a record breaking $7 million for the specific PAC. Michael Vachon, Soros’ own political adviser, pointed out that Soros had to return due to the nature of the stakes that this election had raised.

Being a billionaire investor willing to fight for progressive causes has turned George Soros almost into the perfect target for the conservative, right wing smear machine. Soros was a vocal advocate against George W. Bush and his incensed rhetoric against Donald Trump’s hate-speech has only fanned the flames of dislike between Soros and the right wing political group in the United States. Still, Soros refuses to back down and he continues to be one of the most supportive fighters for progress in the world today. Visit this site to know more at

What makes George Soros so special, and different from most billionaires, is the fact that he is completely self-made. Soros fled Nazi persecution in Hungary in order to work his way through the London School of Economics. From there Soros would sail to America where he would start, and succeed, with the Soros Hedge Fund.

George Soros Leads the Open Society Foundations To Great Success

George Soros has been involved in a range of philanthropic and political efforts dedicated to helping the lives of millions of people who find themselves trapped by oppressive regimes around the world. Soros himself feels a close link to the millions of people who are excluded from the everyday society the majority enjoy or live under a regime that does not allow them the basic freedoms enjoyed in the majority of democratic westernized nations; the personal history of George Soros saw him living under the dangerous Nazi Occupation of his homeland Hungary during World War II when around 500,000 of his Jewish community were killed in the Holocaust purely because of their faith. As a former refugee George Soros continues to fight for the rights of displaced or mistreated people across the planet who he feels should be awarded the same rights as the citizens of other nations.

In the early stages of his philanthropic career, George Soros focused his attention on fighting regimes in two specific areas of the world; initially, the founder of Soros Fund Management who Forbes estimates has a net worth of over $25 billion sought to provide education for black South African’s denied the right to learn by the restrictive and unlawful Apartheid policy. A second area of focus was the Soviet Eastern Bloc of nations where Communism had reigned since the end of World War II, Soros himself had escaped Hungary after the arrival of socialism in its most severe form. The Open Society Foundations explains the work of George Soros played a key role in bringing down many Communist regimes across the Eastern Bloc and can be seen as having a major part to play in the fall of the Berlin Wall. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Despite fleeing socialist rule in Hungary in his early life, George Soros has remained a staunch liberal dedicated to advancing left wing ideologies and causes he feels fit into the open society he wishes every person on the planet to live within. The Open Society Foundations Soros founded in the 1980s has now expanded to become one of the world’s most innovative and important liberal networks of charitable groups operating in over 100 nations across the planet. Alongside the major campaigns and political speeches given by George Soros the record breaking hedge fund manager has made his most publicized campaigns he has also played an important role providing funding for smaller groups and campaigns that reflect his own left wing beliefs. Among the major groups George Soros has backed with funding over the course of the life of the 86 year old U.S. citizen he has also personally provided scholarships and funding to allow individuals to gain an education they may have been denied because of their place in society. Read more about George’s life story at

The Late Stephen Murray was a Great Investor and a Reputable Philanthropist

Stephen Murray was a talented investor, an active philanthropist, and CEO of CCMP Capital, a domestic held equity firm that specializes in growth equity investments and buyout (read more: Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away). Murray was responsible for overseeing the strategic investment plan of the CCMP Capital. He used his extensive experience in the investment world to offer both managerial and advisory services.

He was born on August 2, 1962, and died on March 12, 2015. According to the Institutional Investor Magazine, Murray grew up in suburbs of New York City specifically in Westchester County. He attended Boston College and graduated with an economics degree. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

He enrolled at Columbia Business School and graduated with a business administration master’s degree. Murray was one of the partners who founded CCMP Capital, which separated from JP Morgan Chase & CO back in 2006 to eliminate conflicts with bank’s customers.

The firm, which focuses on middle market buyouts, raised a record $3.6 billion in 2014. Greg Brenneman, the company’s President, and CEO referred Murray has a talented investor and terrific dealmaker, who had propelled CCMP to greater levels in the investment world. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

Brief History Manufacturers Hanover Trust, which is based in New York City, hired Murray as its trainee credit analyst in 1984. He rose through ranks and served in several supervisory and managerial positions.

Stephen Murray was promoted to the Vice President and was in charge of Middle-market lending. Murray joined a subsidiary of Manufacturers Hanover, a leveraged investment unit and private equity in 1989. After undergoing a series of mergers and acquisition, Manufacturers Hanover was acquired by JPMorgan in 2000. Murray was appointed as the head of buyout business of JPMorgan in 2005.

During this time, CCMP Capital was known as JPMorgan Partners, and it focused on middle-market investments and advising its many clients on making wise investment decisions. Philanthropic activities Stephen Murray participated actively in humanitarian activities and supported community-based organizations. His focus was to make the community better by supporting education, poverty eradication, and veteran affairs.

He provided both moral and financial support to Make-A-Wish Foundation, a charity organization based in New York City. Other institutions that benefited from the philanthropic activities of Stephen Murray include Columbia Business School, Stamford Museum, The Boston College, and the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank. Read more: Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees

He financially supported needy students to transform their higher education dreams into a reality. Murray’s efforts in the world of philanthropy were recognized by many reputable organizations that have an incredible global presence. He was the Vice Chairperson of the board of trustees of the Boston College.