The Orange County boat rowing champions

October 24, 2017

Orange Coast College has participated in rowing for over 60 years. During this period, they have managed to clinch 11 national titles. The school has managed to see 10 of its students participate in the world boat rowing championships and the Olympics. The participating students have also received various scholarships to renowned universities which include, UC Berkeley, Boston University and the University of Washington.


Every school year beginning is characterized by about 80 male students signing up to join the crew. Practice take 20 grueling hours weekly that normally results in participants getting blisters. Practice always starts at 6.30 sharp in the morning. By the end of the season, around half of the men have given up and dropped away. It is no coincidence the team’s passion is labeled “brutal.”


Cameron Brown is the current men’s coach. He formerly worked with Oklahoma City University for 4 years before joining Orange Coast College. Brown attributed the teams’ success to their working together, physical development and mental maturation. The assistant coach, Steve Morris, served as the coxswain while he was a student at Orange Coast College. His job as a coxswain was to command instructions to the boat rowers. These instructions are meant to see them through to the finish line.


Orange Coast College is in Southern California. It was founded in 1947 and had its first classes begin in the fall of 1948. The college has grown over the years to become one of the country’s largest and best community colleges. The college enrolls over 25,000 students each semester. The campus features exceptional learning facilities. The offer over 135 career programs which include the country’s most sort after public nautical programs. Orange Coast County is rated the third largest, in terms of population size, throughout Orange Country.


Orange Coast College is ranked the first among other community colleges that are found in California. This is due to a large number of students they admit to the University of California and other universities that are under the California State University Systems. Apart from this, the college also admits students to other private universities and colleges across the nation and within California. Learn more: