Community Plays An Important Role In The Plans Of Andy Wirth

Business people are not always known for playing a key role in the lives of the community they are part of, but Squaw Valley Ski Resort CEO Andy Wirth is bucking this trend by allowing the Olympic Valley community a say in the expansion of the resort. The Auburn Journal reports Wirth has been looking for ways of making sure Squaw Valley becomes a year round destination for those who love the outdoors and not simply a location loved for its beauty and activities during the snowfilled months of the year.

Andy Wirth has looked to include community members in the decision making process from the moment the initial plans were unveiled for the expansion of the resort onto a site cufrrently covered with more than 80 acres of asphalt parking lots. Further expansion and construction was initially included in the plan and later removed after local residents expressed concerns about the effect on the environment.

The response from the Squaw Valley CEO was to lower the height of planned buildings by 30 feet and remove other construction from the plans completely to protect mountain views; the response from the local community has been an almost unanimous backing of the plan when presented to Placer County government officuals for approval. Read more: Andy Wirth — KCRW and andy wirth | POWDER Magazine

The life of Andy Wirth has taken him from his native Germany to Scotland and the U.S. as he looked to make his mark in the tourism industry. An active member of many communities and philanthropic groups, Wirth has taken on roles as a park ranger and volunteer firefighter in his efforts to give back to those around him. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and
Life seriously changed for Andy Wirth following a skydiving accident that left him fighting for his life and went on to inspire a return to Iron Man competitions that are now used to raise money for military veterans.

Even in the work he has completed on the development plans for Squaw Valley Andy Wirth has placed the needs of local people at the top of his list, including the need for a basic salary for all employees above the industry standard.