The Importance of Quality with Capitol Anesthesiology

January 6, 2017

Capitol Anesthesiology was founded and established in 1973 and has grown to become of the country’s most prominent practices for physicians specializing in all areas of anesthesiology. The organization now has over 80 medical doctors and 130 certified nurse anesthetists who are dedicated to providing a superior quality of care in the more than 20 different medical offices found throughout Texas. Capitol Anesthesiology offers services to a range of different medical facilities in Austin which include, but are not limited to, ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals and trauma centers.

All doctors within the Capitol Anesthesiology organization are board certified or are fully in pursuit of becoming board certified. Many physicians of Capitol Anesthesiology have completed more advanced training to better specialize in a range of different expertly-trained areas such as obstetrics, pediatric anesthesiology and cardiothoracics. Their commitment to excellence has been fully demonstrated in all areas of the practice through its continual growth and expansion.

Another vital component to their high-quality and focused team approach is the ability to have a staff of over 130 certified nurses who are fully trained in all anesthetic procedures. Together with physicians, this dynamic team has helped thousands of patients find better pain management. Along with the doctors and nurses, Capitol Anesthesiology offers an interactive support staff who are there to help with appointment creation and management. Capitol Anesthesiology is a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute of America and takes an active approach to the goal of quality improvement for every patient requiring their services.