NewsWatch TV Review : The Reason behind the Success of SteelSeries

October 16, 2017

SteelSeries started to work with NewsWatch TV in 2013 and was featured on their Tech Report which is a special segment where they talk about the latest gadgets in the market. Being one of the top choices for hardcore gamers, the device has always been popular. But after being featured on NewsWatch TV, their popularity has grown ten-fold. According to Tori Pugliese of SteelSeries, she was happy with the outcome after their product was featured on their show. She shared her experience working closely with the NewsWatch team and said that the company has some really hard-working executives who ensured that their product was properly advertised as they would have wanted.


Tori also mentioned in her testimonial how the team of NewsWatch TV handled all the different aspects of video production with professionalism. The script by their creative team was created to perfection and allowed them to send their message across in a way that is well understood by their audience. It was not just the networks; their product was also promoted through the social media channels of NewsWatch TV that gave them an edge. Tori added that she was quite happy with the results and would continue to work with NewsWatch TV for their future product launches as well.


NewsWatch TV is a popular consumer-oriented show that is aired weekly on the ION Network while it is aired monthly on the History Channel. The show covers many different things happening around the world. From the famous travel destination, health tips, medical advancement to technology product reviews; it has gained popularity in the past decade. There is also a recent addition to their segment known as Tech report where they review the top products and services in the market. The show is currently being aired in more than 180 different markets across the country.

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Bob Reina & the innovative TalkFusion

May 24, 2016


Marketing is one of the things that companies often struggle with most. Communicating with their customers and/or fans becomes difficult when everyone is on different pages. TalkFusion is that solution that seems like it would be too difficult, but surprisingly isn’t at all. It’s the reason that a lot of both small and large retailers and businesses are switching over to this form of packaged advertising. It allows you to retain contact information of people in a way that is more organized than spammy, and also reach people at the proper times.

Having Bob Reina at the helm of everything is also a huge advantage, since the guy is definitely a pioneer in the management and ownership side of business. He has been a strong CEO for years, and has a strong sense of the industry that he’s in, both in product and form of marketing. Many businesses are looking in to advertising online, since essentially most of the world is switching to being connected to the internet in some way shape or form. How do you get in touch with as many people as possible whenever you want? Have a product that does all of that for you!

TalkFusion uses direct marketing as a way to reach out to businesses, individuals, or pretty much anyone in a way that isn’t cheesy or odd. A lot of companies have tried to do exactly what TalkFusion has in the past, but they never executed quite like they have. Bob Reina obviously knew exactly what it took to wrap it all together and make it easily accessible, customizable, and useful for the people who are actually spending the money on the opportunity. It’s also great to know that, (if they want to), customers can also essentially be distributors and make money just by being a part of the TalkFusion network.

This basically means that you could be getting more for your money by promoting the business to others, WHILE ADVERTISING with the product that you are actually talking about in the first place. While this is obviously going to be more useful for individuals using TalkFusion, (and not the companies who do), it’s still quite well done. Check out some of the inner workings of the compensation plan, as well as the nooks and crannies of what they offer with their product.



Visual Search Engine

April 22, 2016


Up until a year or so ago, the traditional search engines were really doing their job. Unfortunately, with the new wave of technology, some of them have been slipping. Some customers have found it hard to find exactly what they are looking for.

You type in a word or image and it’s supposed to bounce back exactly what you are looking for. The only problem is that some engines are bouncing back everything but what you are looking for. This doesn’t really work out well, does it?

Which is exactly why places like are becoming the next go-to-thing.


Why not Slyce? It’s one of the only visual search engine sites that is savvy enough to get the job done correctly. Let’s break it all down.

1)This site is going to decrease the time you actually spend looking for something. It will bounce back the right item in record time, along with all the information you desire to know about it.

2)This site is quickly increasing customer satisfaction all the way around. Why? It’s because it pops up the images and searches that fast. Most people don’t like to wait for something to happen these days. Customers have become very easily. This site cuts down on the amount of effort customers have to put into their search. This alone increases the customer satisfaction.

3)This site increases the engagement customers have with their technology. Slyce allows you to refine your search right down to one or two words. Traditional efforts do not work this well. A customer can instantly narrow down their search by adding or removing just one word.

4)The conversation rates are getting higher. Why? Most customers are not hitting dead ends by using this site. This is going to increase the likelihood they will come back to use it again. When a customer is satisfied by the search results, this goes from a like to a buy. This is what sites want. This is what Slyce wants.

5)This site can and will increase your shopping cart size. It will show similar items that you might be interested in. Unlike traditional sites and search engines, the visual search will pop up items you do want. This is a game-changer, whether most want to admit it or not.

Securus Making Video Visitaton Best It’s Ever Been

April 13, 2016

Securus Technologies recently conducted a survey among businesses in the civil and criminal justice business. The results taken showed that 56% of the correctional facilities had plans to upgrade their technology and software. They want to improve inmate communication satisfaction, productivity in facilities, and profitability. 

Over 55% wanted to expand services in 2016 as part of improving the facility. About 15% found that cutting costs was a way to improve success. With their budgets always being monitored the correctional officers are under pressure to improve the safety and productivity of their facility. There are many opportunities for agencies to streamline their operations with automation and technology. 

Automation can free cash flow up and improve inmate satisfaction. Many wanted to have video visitations and tablet as part of their 2016 programs rather than the traditional inmate phone calls. Securus Technologies provides public safety software, investigative programs, cell phone risk mitigation, and safety improvement to the criminal justice agencies. 

Securus has a 1.5 million state of the art Technology Center. It is located in Carrollton, TX. It is a 10,500 square foot facility and has all the latest technologies for criminal and civil justice. They offer facilities of all sizes of number of important technology services. 

Sercurus serves more than 3,450 agencies: in corrections, law enforcement, and public safety. They provide a number of services that help inmates and facilities. There services are incident management, public information, investigations, biometric analysis, inmate self service, and other monitoring products.

At Home Visitation is one of their services that let’s family and friends avoid driving to the jail and waiting in long lines to visit. It let’s them visit their loved one with a computer and web camera. To use the service they have to create an online Sercurus Account. It is convenient and easy allowing enough time to visit. It allows visitors to schedule a visit when their loved one is available at the correctional facility they are in. You can download the app for free from Google Play or from iTunes.

Securus Technologies is in no way affiliated with Securus, the natural medication for anxiety and pain relief nor is it a part of the Securus America site.

Talk Fusion Video Adds To Online Marketing Options

April 13, 2016

The use of Online marketing options has been a major area of concern for many experts who feel the best options are often ignored by businesses and groups of all sizes who are hoping to create successful email marketing campaigns. The use of video is something that has been proven by studies from the Relevancy Group to increase the rate of Email marketing campaigns proving a success; amongst the options available are the services of Talk Fusion, a Florida based marketing company specializing in adding video to email.

In this case, Talk Fusion founder and CEO Bob Reina simply wanted to add a short video to a personal email for friends, but was told by America Online in 2007 this was impossible; from this small seed grew the Talk Fusion brand that was created to offer business experts and individuals the chance to add a short video to their emails. Talk Fusion has now grown to include more than 1,000 templates for clients to use with ease to complete their video marketing options, but also allows clients with a little experience to create their own templates to create video marketing email campaigns.

Although many business owners and executives may feel they have little experience of working with video marketing campaigns the facts stand out as showing this as a successful way of creating buzz around a business, product, or campaign. Marketing revenue is reported by Hello Tesla as growing by 40 percent with the inclusion of video marketing techniques; these impressive figures are joined by an email opening rate rising by around 20 percent when video is included, and click through rates at least two times higher than those seen with traditional email marketing campaigns.