A Leader Must Have Drive And Determination

Adam Milstein is an entrepreneur who understands what it is like to start from the ground up. He is a native of Israel. Adam was introduced to business by his father who was a real estate developer. Adam earned an undergraduate degree in Israel and set his sights on the United States for further education.

He studied at the University of Southern California and obtained a Master’s in Business Administration. Adam Milstein hoped the degree would lead him to a corporate job. However, he quickly realized that the companies recruiting him did not understand his vision or history. He decided to venture out on his own and become a real estate broker.

It took time for Adam Milstein to plant his flag in the real estate business. He would learn that it takes time to make money in such a competitive industry. His patience proved to be a great virtue and he stood the test of time in real estate.

Adam Milstein is now a managing partner at Hagar Pacific Properties. He gets great joy out of philanthropy. He and his wife Mila started the Adam and Mila Milstein Family Foundation as a method to educate and reach out. Philanthropy has become the center of Adam’s work day. He believes that being involved in community makes all of his business success worth the effort. The foundation has various interest. Adam and his wife apply the same work ethic to the foundation as Adam does his business. There are no days off and always room for improvement. Success takes time. Adam believes in being involved with every aspect of a project. Strong leaders do not rely on other people to solve their problems. Adam Milstein has been an effective entrepreneur by making sure that his influence is felt in every aspect of the team that he is leading. Adam loves to work and has never had a bad job. A strong work ethic is based on persistence and consistency. It is important to follow up on every possible lead in business. Each risk that is taken provides an opportunity to learn for future maneuvers.



Sailing in the Wind

May 12, 2016

The second day of the Melges 32 Gold Cup has come and gone even with some instances of strong winds. This didn’t stop the sailors from racing. The 2016 Gold Cup, hosted by Lauderdale Yacht Club has proven to be a successful day for sailors like Dick DeVos. There were three races that have culminated in a shakedown. Another noticeable part of the big event was a large concentration of young sailors. This has been achieved in part by the Lauderdale Yacht Club Sailing Foundation. Every Melges 32 has the ability to carry with it a junior sailor. They have got to learn from the experience of the best sailors as they got to experience the Grand Prix.

Among the leading sailors of the event is Dick DeVos. He is in fact leading the rest by 1 point. Dick DeVos is one of the entrepreneurs and others that show such a passion for every activity that they take on and excel greatly at it. Dick DeVos is also a philanthropist who takes the time to deal with community issues such as schooling. He is one of the backers of school choice. He has also run businesses and owned franchises.

Dick DeVos runs the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation with his wife. Their foundation has been built in order to help with their giving. Among the things that they use as their purpose for giving are community, arts, education, justice, and leadership. Overall, they run their foundation based on the principles that they find in their faith. They also use it to give to people who are less fortunate so that they can find the opportunity to rise beyond their circumstances. They also want to help with the development of new leaders with the insight required to bring up effective leaders.


Skout Recognizes and Celebrates Superheroes

May 4, 2016


Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to superheroes. These fictional characters that often have extraordinary powers have for a long time been limited to certain media like comic books and TV series. Recently, there have been a surge of movies being created for the superheroes. People of various walks of life have started to take superheroes seriously. Now there has been a day set aside for national superhero day. This day is April 28. Among the companies that have celebrated national superhero day is Skout, a social media app that helps people meet up and connect with each other.

Among the things Skout has done to celebrate National Superhero Day is conduct a survey that is inspired by the superheroes. Among the things that the survey has found is that there is very little difficulty in being a superhero. The majority of people say that helping people in need is a quality of a superhero. A vast majority say that they want to be a real life superhero. There were also other surveys that were related to superheroes. Among the surveys was the favorite superhero survey. The vast majority of men loved Superman while women loved Batman.

Other superhero surveys included superhero BFFs. A majority of people have stated that Batman and Robin are the best friends of the superhero genre. Honorable mentions have been made to The Thing and Human Torch as the friend Duo. There’s also the Wonder Twins and Green Hornet and Kato. Among the superhero powers that people wish for the most is immortality. Among other superpowers that people wished they had was super strength, the ability to fly and super speed.

There were also surveys on the accessories and vehicles that people wanted as it relates to superheroes. Among the things that people wanted the most were masks, capes, rings, and a cool belt when it came to accessories. Of course people want the Batmobile the most. Other honorable mentions are the Invisible Plane from Wonder Woman, the Blackbird of X-Men and the Black Beauty from The Green Hornet. Skout has made sure that it celebrated National Superhero Day with all of its new quizzes and surveys.

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The article was originally reported on PR Newswire.

The Mystery Source Behind Bear Stearns Collapse was Kyle Bass

April 12, 2016

A recent Wall Street Journal article disclosed the inside story of why in March 2008 David Faber, a reporter for CNBC, asked Alan Schwartz of Bear Stearns about reports Goldman Sachs would not accept its counterparty risk. Up until that point, the financial crisis was termed the subprime mortgage crisis and, though it certainly was having a wide impact on the real estate and financial services industry, it was not dramatic.

Before long, one of the great old investment banks of Wall Street was being sold to JPMorgan Chase for a highly discounted price. Its exposure to “toxic” subprime mortgage securities was no doubt the root cause of its demise, but that one question by a reporter was the trigger.

That made Bear Stearns the first Wall Street institutional victim of the crisis, but not the last. The most dramatic period came in September when Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, American International Group and Merrill Lynch went down like a line of dominoes.

According to the Wall Street Journal and just released government Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission records, Faber’s source for the information about Goldman Sachs not accepting the risk of dealing with Bear Stearns came from Kyle Bass, owner of the Hayman Capital Management hedge fund. He is also a former Bear Stearns executive.

Bass became famous for making a large fortune during the subprime mortgage crisis. He was one of the few financial managers who shorted mortgage securities, and therefore became famous as a commentator. However, his record since 2009 is not so admirable. Along with Erich Spanganberg, he has been working as a patent troll. The two of them pick out a large pharmaceutical firm, short its stock, then use their front organization the Coalition for Affordable Drugs to make bogus challenges to the company’s drug patents. The news of those challenges drives the company’s stock down, making the short trade profitable. Never mind that such patent challenges drive up the cost of pharmaceutical drugs that sick people need to get well. Therefore, everybody in society pays the cost of higher medical insurance premiums. Despite this, his hedge fund continues to lose money. Perhaps because every year since 2010 he’s predicted Japan’s economy will crash, and it hasn’t happened yet.  UsefulStooges has more information on Kyle Bass, and the shady dealings he’s had in the past.

The Amazing Presence of QNet in India

April 12, 2016

The home base of operations for QNet is Hong Kong. Those who research the firm discover that QNet has a presence in roughly 100 countries. Actual offices are open for business in a little over two-dozen countries. India, however, remains one of the biggest geographic locations for numerous QNet activities. Not all of QNet’s work in India is intended to earn profits. QNet is heavily involved in philanthropic work in the country.

The Government Primary School in Sriram Nagar, Hyderabad is home to one of QNet’s most recent (and highly generous) approach to helping out the underprivileged. In this particular region, there are concerns over access to clean drinking water. The problems associated with a lack of clean drinking water are legion. QNet, along with its partner in the project, Lions Clubs, is looking to help 800 students at the school by promoting the establishment of “water, sanitation and hygiene facilities”.

QNet was worked with Lions Clubs and other partners to help with various corporate social responsibility initiatives in India. QNet has helped school children, flood victims, and patients at hospitals with its various charitable endeavors.

Unique products and services are being designed for India. The company is even moving 100% of its manufacturing to the country. 

QNet is not slowing done its work in other parts of the world either. QNet is heavily involved in charitable and business ventures all across the globe.

Venezuela Has Its Share In The Panama Papers

April 11, 2016

As is well known by now, as this story has been in all the major news networks around the world, new papers and documents have been released that show that influential and famous people, including people who had links to heads of state, all had opened secret accounts and owned secret undisclosed companies in Panama to avoid paying taxes.

However, Venezuela has its share of people who were engaged in this business. In fact, the word Venezuela appears on no less than 241,000 documents in the released Panama papers. However, Norka Luque feels the biggest scoop is that the former officer in charge of security at the presidential palace, Adrián José Velásquez Figueroa,actually opened accounts in Panama in 2007 that he did not disclose. Norka says this is important because he had close ties with the heads of state that he served. Now, the documents report that he had personal assets worth 1.6 million dollars, which would have been impossible for him to make on his job, as he was only making two hundred dollars per month.