Edisoft Solutions to Provide More Accurate Key Performance Indicators in Carrier Departments

September 20, 2017

Measuring on time performance has been the most popular key performance indicator to transportation departments. In each of the quarters, the scorecard of each carrier would be reviewed. Air carriers and ocean performances were evaluated by their previous performances. Rail transport was assessed by the departure time. Motor carriers were then evaluated based on their service types. Some of these weird performance indicators are still available even today. Most of this regulation extends across the financial, regulatory and physical aspects of the chain of supply.


Today, due to advancements in technology, more data is availed to shippers. Despite all these advancements in technology, some firms narrowly define or differentiate carrier performance. If the carrier on time response is 99.5 percent, many will view it as the best possible carrier in class (Angel.co). Now, when you are evaluating various opportunities for the supply chain performance, the best KPI is to focus on the available metrics across multiple trading partners and functions. Ensure that these two focus narrowly on the isolation operation of any given carrier.

On average, an international shipment takes 21 days to arrive, and an allowance of 6 days variability is also allowed. Domestic shipments take four days in total with a one-day variability being allowed. The main reason by, international shipping requires the involvement of various trading partners. Customers are also concerned about the performance of the end-to-end chain of supply.


To get the best conclusions from the big data, the information from all the available parties complete, timely and accurate. The data must synchronize with ease to the different data forms that contain time zones and locations. To have a clear KPI on big data, you need to have a data quality program for any given dataset and data quality intervention criteria. Edisoft is a supply chain store that aspires to give quality output regardless of the supply chain challenges (https://3pl-technology.logisticstechoutlook.com/vendor/edisoft-optimizing-the-endtoend-3pl-workflow-cid-128-mid-23.html). The Edisoft’s solutions can be measured in the following forms; staff productivity, data available for business intelligence, compliance, reporting and ERP order integration. They are seeking to achieve a competitive advantage over their Omni-Channel model that includes but not restrained to B2C and B2B order fulfillment as well as 3PL distribution.


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