Malcolm CaSelle: President of WAX

January 9, 2018

Malcolm CasSelle is a well-known entrepreneur who currently holds the title of president of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). He is also the CIO (Chief Information Officer) of OPSkins. OPSkins is a marketplace that is used for buying and selling things from online video games.
Casselle got his start and found his passion while receiving his education at some of the most prestigious Universities in the United States. From MIT, Massachusettes Institute of Technology, Caselle received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He then went on to receive his master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.
Malcolm CaSelle has been involved with many other companies throughout his career. Early on, CaSelle co-founded NetNoir, which was a media production website that was one of the firsts to focus on Afrocentric culture. He also was a senior vice president at Pacific Century Cyberworks which was based in Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong, he also served as the director of Capital Union Investments. While working at this establishment, he helped manage investments in web companies. At one point he was also a top executive at Tencent, which was joint with Groupon. Tencent was a Chinese instant messaging and gaming company. He has also been the CEO of Xfire, a network for video game players, and MediaPass, an online site that allows digital purchases. He also co-founded and worked as the CEO of Timeline Labs, which was a social media tracking company. There are a few other corporations that he was involved in. Of all these accomplishments, CaSelle was well-known for his involvement with SeaChange International, MediaPass, Xfire, Tencent, and PCCW.
The current company, WAX, that CasSelle is greatly involved in is a company that allows the exchange of virtual goods and it also allows users to own and operate their own Marketplace. What is unique about their company is that there are no financial risks being made, and this is appealing to a lot of users. It was not CaSelle alone that led this company to the success and popularity it has reached today. The leading team of WAX consisted of William Quigley, CEO, John Brechisci, Junior, Lead Designer, and Jonathan Yantis, COO.

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