The Late Stephen Murray was a Great Investor and a Reputable Philanthropist

Stephen Murray was a talented investor, an active philanthropist, and CEO of CCMP Capital, a domestic held equity firm that specializes in growth equity investments and buyout (read more: Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away). Murray was responsible for overseeing the strategic investment plan of the CCMP Capital. He used his extensive experience in the investment world to offer both managerial and advisory services.

He was born on August 2, 1962, and died on March 12, 2015. According to the Institutional Investor Magazine, Murray grew up in suburbs of New York City specifically in Westchester County. He attended Boston College and graduated with an economics degree. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

He enrolled at Columbia Business School and graduated with a business administration master’s degree. Murray was one of the partners who founded CCMP Capital, which separated from JP Morgan Chase & CO back in 2006 to eliminate conflicts with bank’s customers.

The firm, which focuses on middle market buyouts, raised a record $3.6 billion in 2014. Greg Brenneman, the company’s President, and CEO referred Murray has a talented investor and terrific dealmaker, who had propelled CCMP to greater levels in the investment world. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

Brief History Manufacturers Hanover Trust, which is based in New York City, hired Murray as its trainee credit analyst in 1984. He rose through ranks and served in several supervisory and managerial positions.

Stephen Murray was promoted to the Vice President and was in charge of Middle-market lending. Murray joined a subsidiary of Manufacturers Hanover, a leveraged investment unit and private equity in 1989. After undergoing a series of mergers and acquisition, Manufacturers Hanover was acquired by JPMorgan in 2000. Murray was appointed as the head of buyout business of JPMorgan in 2005.

During this time, CCMP Capital was known as JPMorgan Partners, and it focused on middle-market investments and advising its many clients on making wise investment decisions. Philanthropic activities Stephen Murray participated actively in humanitarian activities and supported community-based organizations. His focus was to make the community better by supporting education, poverty eradication, and veteran affairs.

He provided both moral and financial support to Make-A-Wish Foundation, a charity organization based in New York City. Other institutions that benefited from the philanthropic activities of Stephen Murray include Columbia Business School, Stamford Museum, The Boston College, and the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank. Read more: Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees

He financially supported needy students to transform their higher education dreams into a reality. Murray’s efforts in the world of philanthropy were recognized by many reputable organizations that have an incredible global presence. He was the Vice Chairperson of the board of trustees of the Boston College.

Martin Lustgarten and the Investment Banking Strategy

While many people are trying to convince you these days that there are more than enough ways to make money, you do have to be careful of what you are doing when it comes to investments. You are going to be dealing with a great number of people that may or may not have the ability to truly understand finances as much as they want to gain a lot of customers and clients and then just live off of the sales commissions.

However, when you take a look at what investment banks actually offer and what their relationships can mean over the long haul, you already know that you have the opportunity to see significant returns because the investment banks are able to leverage their entire operation. Martin Lustgarten not only realized this from an early age and when he was coming up within the organization, but he was also able to implement his team to have a focus on diversifying their talents and focusing on their specific niche instead of trying to cast a wide not and coming up short.

Martin Lustgarten’s strategy is not the only one that has come across as diversifying your talents to have everyone work on a greater piece of the whole issue, but it is definitely one where you are able to see it working alive and well within an investment bank operation. For so many years investment banks have been seen as a culture of being cutthroat and tough, so it is almost a new operation entirely when you see them working and playing together.

The key thing to remember with Martin Lustgarten is just that he understands what is out there with respect to investment opportunity. By putting everyone in the same operation and making sure everyone wanted to move in the same direction, he was able to create a place where everyone got ahead by doing more together. Martin Lustgarten has helped to transform the overall operation of investment banking when all he really wanted to do was make his specific organization a little bit more efficient along the way.

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Sailing in the Wind

May 12, 2016

The second day of the Melges 32 Gold Cup has come and gone even with some instances of strong winds. This didn’t stop the sailors from racing. The 2016 Gold Cup, hosted by Lauderdale Yacht Club has proven to be a successful day for sailors like Dick DeVos. There were three races that have culminated in a shakedown. Another noticeable part of the big event was a large concentration of young sailors. This has been achieved in part by the Lauderdale Yacht Club Sailing Foundation. Every Melges 32 has the ability to carry with it a junior sailor. They have got to learn from the experience of the best sailors as they got to experience the Grand Prix.

Among the leading sailors of the event is Dick DeVos. He is in fact leading the rest by 1 point. Dick DeVos is one of the entrepreneurs and others that show such a passion for every activity that they take on and excel greatly at it. Dick DeVos is also a philanthropist who takes the time to deal with community issues such as schooling. He is one of the backers of school choice. He has also run businesses and owned franchises.

Dick DeVos runs the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation with his wife. Their foundation has been built in order to help with their giving. Among the things that they use as their purpose for giving are community, arts, education, justice, and leadership. Overall, they run their foundation based on the principles that they find in their faith. They also use it to give to people who are less fortunate so that they can find the opportunity to rise beyond their circumstances. They also want to help with the development of new leaders with the insight required to bring up effective leaders.


Boraie upcoming Major Beach Complex at the South Inlet

May 6, 2016

Wasseem Boraie is the Vice president of Boraie development that specializes in real estate. Omar Boraie founded in the year 1986 and later incorporated into Boraie Development LLc. in New Jersey. The Company net-worth value stands at an annual revenue of $ 10 to $20 million. It has extensively experienced staff in the real development of about 20 to 49 dedicated staffs. Wasseem specializes in real estate development, offering solutions in property management, and highly experienced in sales and marketing.

Wasseem Boraie Studied at Leonard Stern School of business in New York before venturing into real estate business and obtained BS degree in international Business. He speaks French and English. In his role as the Vice President oversees the capturing of development zones in highly marketable Zone. Mr. Wealth of experience is over 17 years working for Boraie incorporation that seems its value increase by over $ 10 million.
Boraie management in real estate has taken tremendous took that offers a large amount of employed capital and consistency to ensure every project is running towards the company’s expectations. It has established a rich record of development in New Jersey. In order to ensure systematically and availability of flow running projects Boraie loans with commercial banks who are their main source of income. The company has over 40 years majoring in real estate development.
Shaquille O’Neal joined hands with Wasseem Boraie to raise a construction project in Atlantic City, an apartment complex called The Beach at South inlet. The project location is near the Revel Casino as Mr. Shaq has connections with the casino resort city. The project will cost the $61 million in which the development authorities are expected to attend the loan duration to accommodate the requirements of the development proposal.
It was within the public domain that previously the authorities had before approved to Boraie and Shaq an amount of $30 million March 2013. A lot of developers have vested interest in this project that Shaq & Boraie was turned down being closed by Revel and Showboat. The authorities communicated to revisit the proposal in the South inlet that seems to have the city being left vacant.

According to Wasseem the company has already secured enough funding for the project from New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency and the only remaining impediment is the go ahead by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) whom are overwhelmingly being hurried by the loan deadline to authorize for the construction that will be a boost in the economy.

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Skout Recognizes and Celebrates Superheroes

May 4, 2016


Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to superheroes. These fictional characters that often have extraordinary powers have for a long time been limited to certain media like comic books and TV series. Recently, there have been a surge of movies being created for the superheroes. People of various walks of life have started to take superheroes seriously. Now there has been a day set aside for national superhero day. This day is April 28. Among the companies that have celebrated national superhero day is Skout, a social media app that helps people meet up and connect with each other.

Among the things Skout has done to celebrate National Superhero Day is conduct a survey that is inspired by the superheroes. Among the things that the survey has found is that there is very little difficulty in being a superhero. The majority of people say that helping people in need is a quality of a superhero. A vast majority say that they want to be a real life superhero. There were also other surveys that were related to superheroes. Among the surveys was the favorite superhero survey. The vast majority of men loved Superman while women loved Batman.

Other superhero surveys included superhero BFFs. A majority of people have stated that Batman and Robin are the best friends of the superhero genre. Honorable mentions have been made to The Thing and Human Torch as the friend Duo. There’s also the Wonder Twins and Green Hornet and Kato. Among the superhero powers that people wish for the most is immortality. Among other superpowers that people wished they had was super strength, the ability to fly and super speed.

There were also surveys on the accessories and vehicles that people wanted as it relates to superheroes. Among the things that people wanted the most were masks, capes, rings, and a cool belt when it came to accessories. Of course people want the Batmobile the most. Other honorable mentions are the Invisible Plane from Wonder Woman, the Blackbird of X-Men and the Black Beauty from The Green Hornet. Skout has made sure that it celebrated National Superhero Day with all of its new quizzes and surveys.

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The article was originally reported on PR Newswire.

How She Grew Stronger Hair with Wen By Chaz

May 2, 2016

Nobody wants to live with thin, brittle hair. It not only looks awful, it’s plain old unhealthy to have thin hair. Thanks to Chaz Dean it’s no longer something you have to live with. This Bustle reporter was able to heal her hair all on her own using Wen by Chaz Dean ( in just a matter of a week. Lush, beautiful hair isn’t just for the stars anymore. Chaz Dean gives you the gorgeous locks you’ve always wanted.
Wen is a sort of cleansing conditioner for your hair. It does many things at once in order to give you healthier hair. Dry hair becomes moist, thin hair becomes thick, and your hair, in general grows faster. Other products on the market will almost certainly fail to do even half of what this amazing conditioner can. It’s one of the greatest bargains on the market.

The talk about Wen by Chaz is more than kind words. is filled with wonderful testimonials showing just how powerful Wen by Chaz is. Just take the story of Emily McClure and see the changes she managed to see in just a week. The power of Wen by Chaz can be witnessed in the pictures of her hair. Over the course of the week, her hair gets stronger with each day. The transformation is simply awe-inspiring.

Chaz Dean knows something about hair. He’s made a name for himself in Hollywood as the stylists celebrities go to when they need to look good for the red carpet. He’s now making a name for himself in the world of hair care with his line of conditioners. The stories are out there and they speak for his success. Wen by Chaz is a must have.


Breaking All the Rules

Don’t wear a brown belt with black shoes. No, acid wash jeans are not okay. Yes, neon pants with a pastel top will look insane. When it comes to fashion, there is a set of unspoken (and some spoken) rules that we are supposed to live by. But when it comes to makeup, we throw some of these silly policies out the window thanks to Lime Crime’s front woman Doe Deere.

Though she may not quite be a household name, Doe Deere has definitely made a place for herself in the cosmetics world. Creating her own line of lip and eye products, Doe has been an entrepreneur to watch and learn from. She sites her brand Lime Crime as being a symbol to break the rules, color outside of the lines, and most of all have fun, and never take yourself too seriously. She takes her advice to heart, creating looks that don’t bend to what society deems appropriate makeup.

One of Ms. Deere’s favorite rules to break is a bold lip paired with a bold eye, and that is easy to see when taking a gander at her photos on social media sites. The girl is all about going big or going home! Another rule Doe says is simple not for her: mixing too many colors. Practically a walking rainbow, she does not shy away from a bold blue and lavender top with some lime green hot pants, and she does pull it off. Also wearing open toed shoes with socks, the Lime Crime founder wears whatever she wants unapologetically.

Named one of the female entrepreneurs on the rise, Doe’s unique sense of style and empowerment sets a great example for young women to be themselves. Obviously this young lady has the right idea, as her business is booming. A force to be reckoned with, Doe will surely be captivating us all for years to come, as her line continues to grow.

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Visual Search Engine

April 22, 2016


Up until a year or so ago, the traditional search engines were really doing their job. Unfortunately, with the new wave of technology, some of them have been slipping. Some customers have found it hard to find exactly what they are looking for.

You type in a word or image and it’s supposed to bounce back exactly what you are looking for. The only problem is that some engines are bouncing back everything but what you are looking for. This doesn’t really work out well, does it?

Which is exactly why places like are becoming the next go-to-thing.


Why not Slyce? It’s one of the only visual search engine sites that is savvy enough to get the job done correctly. Let’s break it all down.

1)This site is going to decrease the time you actually spend looking for something. It will bounce back the right item in record time, along with all the information you desire to know about it.

2)This site is quickly increasing customer satisfaction all the way around. Why? It’s because it pops up the images and searches that fast. Most people don’t like to wait for something to happen these days. Customers have become very easily. This site cuts down on the amount of effort customers have to put into their search. This alone increases the customer satisfaction.

3)This site increases the engagement customers have with their technology. Slyce allows you to refine your search right down to one or two words. Traditional efforts do not work this well. A customer can instantly narrow down their search by adding or removing just one word.

4)The conversation rates are getting higher. Why? Most customers are not hitting dead ends by using this site. This is going to increase the likelihood they will come back to use it again. When a customer is satisfied by the search results, this goes from a like to a buy. This is what sites want. This is what Slyce wants.

5)This site can and will increase your shopping cart size. It will show similar items that you might be interested in. Unlike traditional sites and search engines, the visual search will pop up items you do want. This is a game-changer, whether most want to admit it or not.

Mindful Food Choices Make for Healthy Dogs

April 19, 2016

Choosing food for your dog seems simple but, with so many choices on the market it can be confusing to know what to pick. Knowledge is power when it comes to making the best nutrition choices. So, in this article we will discover five different types of Purinastore’s Beneful Dog Food.

The first type we will discuss is Beneful Originals Dry Dog Food with Beef. This antioxidant-rich food provides veggies such as peas, carrots and spinach along with the beef your dog craves so much. This food provides your dog with all the nutrition he needs to flourish and be healthy.

The second type is Beneful Playful Life Dry Dog Food. This variety is protein packed for your active and playful dog. It’s full of many superfoods such as blueberries, spinach, eggs, and beef. This is the perfect choice for that energetic dog that never sits still.

The third type is Beneful Healthy Puppy Dry Dog Food. This calcium rich formula provides your puppy with the nutrients needed to grow into a strong and healthy adult dog. It’s filled with chicken and healthy veggies such as peas and carrots. A great choice for those ever growing puppies.

The fourth type is Healthy Weight Beneful Dry Dog Food. Made with chicken, carrots, green beans, and apples, this food is a wholesome choice to keep your dog at a healthy weight.

The fifth and final type we will discuss is Beneful Originals Dry Dog Food with Salmon. It’s made with a mix of green beans, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Full of omega nutrition this blend supports and helps your dog maintain a lustrous coat and healthy skin.

As we have seen, all of these foods provide many needed nutrients for dogs or growing puppies alike. Researching and knowing what you are choosing is the best way to make an informed decision on providing the proper nutrition for your beloved dog. Beneful is available on Amazon (


Securus Making Video Visitaton Best It’s Ever Been

April 13, 2016

Securus Technologies recently conducted a survey among businesses in the civil and criminal justice business. The results taken showed that 56% of the correctional facilities had plans to upgrade their technology and software. They want to improve inmate communication satisfaction, productivity in facilities, and profitability. 

Over 55% wanted to expand services in 2016 as part of improving the facility. About 15% found that cutting costs was a way to improve success. With their budgets always being monitored the correctional officers are under pressure to improve the safety and productivity of their facility. There are many opportunities for agencies to streamline their operations with automation and technology. 

Automation can free cash flow up and improve inmate satisfaction. Many wanted to have video visitations and tablet as part of their 2016 programs rather than the traditional inmate phone calls. Securus Technologies provides public safety software, investigative programs, cell phone risk mitigation, and safety improvement to the criminal justice agencies. 

Securus has a 1.5 million state of the art Technology Center. It is located in Carrollton, TX. It is a 10,500 square foot facility and has all the latest technologies for criminal and civil justice. They offer facilities of all sizes of number of important technology services. 

Sercurus serves more than 3,450 agencies: in corrections, law enforcement, and public safety. They provide a number of services that help inmates and facilities. There services are incident management, public information, investigations, biometric analysis, inmate self service, and other monitoring products.

At Home Visitation is one of their services that let’s family and friends avoid driving to the jail and waiting in long lines to visit. It let’s them visit their loved one with a computer and web camera. To use the service they have to create an online Sercurus Account. It is convenient and easy allowing enough time to visit. It allows visitors to schedule a visit when their loved one is available at the correctional facility they are in. You can download the app for free from Google Play or from iTunes.

Securus Technologies is in no way affiliated with Securus, the natural medication for anxiety and pain relief nor is it a part of the Securus America site.