Dentist Avi Weisfogel Is A Man of Many Interests

July 22, 2016

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist based out of New Jersey. Weisfogel is adept at taking on difficult dental cases. Weisfogel has received most of his patients through referrals from other dentists. Weisfogel has an interest in education and is constantly looking for different ways and techniques to make his procedures better. Weisfogel is committed to his family. Avi Weisfogel is interested in helping children worldwide who are struggling with dental and health issues. Weisfogel feels that all children deserve to be treated to the best health and dental care possible. Weisfogel supports Operation Smile, an organization that provides care to children who have facial issues. To show support, Weisfogel started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the organization. Weisfogel wants to raise money to help support the organization’s medical missions that occur in different countries. The money will also help the organization pay for supplies and equipment.

Weisfogel is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters, a unique new program. This program will help you confront sleep disturbed breathing that can cause diabetes, stoke, and cardiovascular disease. The program helps create a positive setting for everyone involved, including Primary care and secondary care physicians, dentists, and patients. Dental Sleep Masters has a model that assures patient compliance will reach new levels. Dental Sleep Masters also strives to provide new opportunities for the medical community. Dental Sleep Masters has partnered with dentists around the country. The program is a combination of a high level business model and an innovative education. Dental Sleep Masters is committed to helping cure sleep disorders.

Weisfogel is also a talented musician. He has used unique beats and motivation to pursue a career in the hip hop industry. Recently, Weisfogel’s Soundcloud music account has gained a lot of attention and a fan following. Weisfogel looks forward to making more music in the future.

Eric Pulier: America’s True Unsung Hero

July 22, 2016

Thinking of great people who’ve done honorable things in society, names such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, George Washington Carver, and etc. are always at the forefront. Has anyone ever heard much about Eric Pulier? Probably not, but he is one of America’s brightest minds and has an extensive resume to back it up.

With so many titles and accreditations it’s hard to narrow down just exactly what this guy is or does for a living, but Eric Pulier is truly an all-around revolutionary in American Culture. Let’s dive deeper into who this extraordinary person truly is. This Teaneck New Jersey native started a database computer company while in high school, but began programming computers in the 4th grade. After high school Eric attended Harvard University and obtained a (BA). Pulier also took classes at MIT and after graduation, this brilliant mind moved to Los Angeles to start his career.

Pulier was big in the technology field, but he remained humble and was determined to help people of less fortune. He used technology endeavors that solved issues in economically disadvantaged areas, helped physically impaired children, and was honored for his tech innovations in Africa. Let’s look at a few titles of his success:
Digital Evolution (Founder)
U.S. Inetractive (Chairman)
Media Platform (Director)

During Bill Clinton’s second Presidential Inauguration, Pulier ran the “Bridge To The 21st Century” campaign and was featured on numerous news channels. He also arranged and showcased a live feed from the space shuttle, which was unprecedented at the time. The books; The Enterprise Industrial Complex and Understanding Enterprise SOA were written by Pulier and received critically acclaimed. This guy was all across the board investing in Venture Capital Funds and Charites like:
Trident Capital
Monitor Ventures

As you can see, Pulier was an author, technologist, philanthropist, columnist, and founded over 15 companies, but more-so a true American Icon.

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The Evergreen John Goullet

July 22, 2016

John Goullet is the go-to guy in IT Solutions and Staffing. John’s star began to rise
when he ventured into the competitive information technology sector.
His main agenda at the time was to nurture his talents and become a
consultant. He did all that and much more.

It took Mr. Goullet little time to learn the ropes and discover the demands of the
growing sector. Throughout the IT landscape, firms craved polished
talents such as John Goullet. When such skills became rare, they
still went for college graduates with IT skill. This scenario
presented a market gap that Mr. Goullet sought to bridge. Info
Technologies was born as an IT staffing consultant with John Goullet
as its founder and Chief Executive. Thus began the growth of a
reputable firm that would provide IT solutions for Fortune 500

Goullet was right all along. His business grew and stature. By the turn of the
new millennium, Info Technologies clocked at $30 M in asset value.
Not long after that, the firm featured in several rankings including
the 500 fastest-growing, US-based and privately held companies. Such
recognition means Info Technologies was always in the spotlight with
players in the IT sector monitoring its every move.

After fifteen years in the business, John Goullet still felt his company could realize
more growth and market dominance. Info Technologies then merged with Diversant Inc. in 2010, marking a new era for Diversant LLC. The larger outfit allowed John to assume greater responsibilities as he became it’s Principal and Chairman. It also presented much-welcomed challenges in satisfying global demands of the ever changing IT sector.

Diversant LLC enjoys all the economies of scale associated with mergers. It adopted all
the strengths of its dissolved partners thus broadened its IT
solutions. Today, Diversant LLC is considered the largest IT
solutions company owned by an African-American in the United States.
Fortune 500 companies benefit from the talented and highly trained IT
experts at Diversant. These experts can be hired on contract,
permanent basis and they always work under the supervision of John
Goullet and his peers.

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Highland Capital Management brings in former nonprofit CEO Linda Owen

July 22, 2016

James Dondero, president of Highland Capital Management, L.P., recently announced a new partnership with longtime Dallas community leader Linda Owen to manage Highland’s growing philanthropic efforts in the Dallas area. Owen is an experienced civic administrator who served as the CEO of the Dallas-Fort Worth commercial real estate association, The Real Estate Council, and its associated nonprofit, and later oversaw the construction of Klyde Warren Park as the president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. James Dondero expects her incoming expertise to enable Highland’s charity work to have the maximum positive impact upon the community.

Owen will act as the charitable giving manager of Highland Capital, whose total annual donations are over $3 million, and increasing. The firm is an investment adviser, known for specializing in alternative credit strategies since its inception in 1993; however, under the leadership of Dondero and co-founder Mark Okada, it has also been a major contributor to a diverse set of philanthropic causes. This has been facilitated by a long-tenured connection with The Dallas Foundation, an intermediary nonprofit that connects willing donors with worthy causes throughout North Texas. The Foundation oversees a standing charity fund maintained by donations from Highland, as it will continue to do in connection with Owen.

Until this point Dondero has actively managed the company’s philanthropy through the Dallas Foundation; however, the recent growth of Highland’s charitable giving program has prompted him to bring in Owen as a full-time manager of the effort, as he explained in a statement: “As we’ve expanded our philanthropic activities, we recognized the need for a dedicated professional to ensure our contributions make the greatest impact.” Citing Owen’s “proven track record” of coordinating effectively between businesses and nonprofits, Dondero expressed confidence in her ability to manage the firm’s continued efforts on behalf of the Dallas community.

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ClassDojo Changing The Way Teachers, Students and Parents Interact

July 20, 2016

The ClassDojo communication platform is available for several different platforms in order to not hinder it’s use. Wether it is an iOS, Android, Computer or Kindle Fire, the application works across the board. When the application was first launched in 2011 its cofounders focused on building in privacy by design. This was an important aspect of trying to keep the community as safe as possible. ClassDojo was also meant to be free to teachers and educators alike as there are several other applications on the market which are extremely costly to set up and utilize. The cofounders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don were tired of listening to teacher and students alike when they said that the teaching platform has not changed in decades but they way we communicate has made leaps and bounds.

They set off to completely change that and to create a communication platform that allowed the formation of a tight knit community around the teaching environment. Students, parents and teachers are now brought closer together thanks to ClassDojo. This great application can now get parents involved in their child’s learning experience. They can comment on pictures and videos sent out by teachers throughout the day and it is almost like they are right there with them. A classroom is meant to be a positive place and ClassDojo allows them to become that as the management of classrooms is made away with.

The ClassDojo application is entirely teacher led which ensures that the application is not misused but also allow teachers to tailor the application to their specific needs. Wether it be the creation of several activities for the children to do after hours or to send out class notes for the the parents. No matter what the use, ClassDojo platform can cater.

In recent months the staff at ClassDojo has managed to raise a whopping total of $21 million in venture capital. The cofounders said that this will be used to further expand on the amount of ground staff they have avaialable. The more resources they have the more can be put back into the application making it more useful to teachers, students and parents alike. Now teachers do not have to savour the limited time they have with the children. They can communicate with them throughout the day and emphasize the making of good choices.


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An Insight into Physician Practice Services and Medicare Advantage Plan

July 16, 2016

Medicare Advantage is a health insurance program in the United States that involves managed health care. Unlike the Original Medicare, the Medicare Advantage plans covers all the other services in exception of hospice care. Medicare Advantage Plans includes contracts with the Federal or national government. Private Fee-For-Services (PFFS), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) are some of the main types of Medicare Advantage Plans

Extra Coverage
Various Medicare Advantage Plans may allow coverage of extra services such as health and wellness, dental and hearing programs. Further, most plans also boast of a Medicare prescription drug cover, which is also recognized as Part D.

Individuals ought to remember that they still hold their Medicare even after enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan. Consequently, a person is required to continue paying his or her monthly premium for Part A and B.

Eligibility for Joining the Medicare Advantage Plan

• A person must have Part A and B Medicare plans

• He or she must reside in the plan’s service area.

• A potential member must be free from End-Stage Renal Disease.

Physician Practice Services
With various challenges facing physician practices such as healthcare reforms, cost pressures, and a declining economy, there is a need for physician practice services. Most service providers in this line of work offer banking reconciliation, accounting, physician on boarding, clinical care coordination, and many others.

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InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health, Inc. is a major provider of physician practice services as well as Medicare Advantage Plans. The company maintains a firm commitment towards building cost-effective and sustainable models, which are integrated with the latest technology available in the world. InnovaCare Health offers two Medicare Advantage Plans, which include PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. By utilizing its Medicare Advantage Programs and Provider Networks, it is hell-bent on fulfilling its objective of changing healthcare management to complement the current challenges in the healthcare environment.

Dr. Rick Shinto is one of the leaders at InnovaCare, Inc. He serves the company as the president and CEO. Previously, he was the Chief Executive Officer and President of Aveta Inc. before it was sold in 2012. Shinto has over 20 years of operational and clinical healthcare experience. He has also authored various articles regarding clinical and healthcare medicine.

Penelope Kokkinides is also part of the management team. Before coming back to InnovaCare, Inc., she worked as a Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Centerlight Healthcare. Penelope holds various Master’s degrees including social work and public health from the New York University and Columbia University respectively.

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What People Are Putting in Their Hair

July 16, 2016

For women, hair is very important. As a matter of fact, it is rare to see a bald woman. However, women don’t just want long enough hair, they also want to have really attractive and healthy hair. Unfortunately, not all hair care products are good for maintaining the health of a woman’s hair. Often times, the hair becomes damaged which results in a frizzy or dried out look that the woman is ashamed of. One of the reasons for this is that there are a few chemicals in many hair care products that are harsh on the hair. This results in a lot of damages being done to the hair which ruin the overall appearance.

Fortunately, hair care does not have to be so damaging. There is Wen by Chaz [] which is said to restore hair to a healthier state. This product will not only clean hair, but it will also condition the scalp so that it could grow healthier hair. It does all of that without damaging or stripping the hair of all of its oils. The hair is left with a healthier appearance and a greater bounce to it. One thing that helps a lot with this product is that it is made from natural sources.

One lady decided to give Wen a try for 7 days and report the results on Bustle. Overall, she was happy with it. It made her feel more confident with the improved condition of her hair. One thing that got her interested was that she saw YouTube ads that described the product. She also looked at an infomercial that went into greater detail on how well the product works. This has gained her interest. She bought a bottle from Amazon for herself and she noticed a difference right away in the condition of her hair.


Travel Skin Care Tips

July 15, 2016

Wengie is all about her morning skin care routine, even while she’s traveling. She offers a few tips that can help keep the skin refreshed so that it doesn’t dry out from the conditions of the environment. A beauty pouch with see-through compartments is ideal for keeping all of the items that are needed for the skin care routine. You can pour liquids into small bottles to make them easy to transport in the bag as they won’t take up as much room.

Excess lotion can be applied to the arms and neck to give a refreshing feeling to the skin. A facial mask is ideal for the night before traveling. This will help remove the oils and debris that are on the face. You should leave the mask on the face or about 20 minutes. Wengie uses various creams and essences to moisturize the skin. It’s important to keep a sunscreen all over the face to protect the skin from burning. Apply sunscreen to the lips as this is an area of the body that is easy to burn. A compact with a light powder is ideal for covering the face to hide blemishes. Start in the center of the face, and work your way out toward the cheeks and chin. Tap the foundation on the face as it will give a natural look. Apply more of the foundation to areas of the skin that tend to get shinier than others, such as the forehead and nose.


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Autism Rocks Making a Difference

July 14, 2016

Autism Rocks is an event started by Sanjay and wife, Usha. They developed the desire to create awareness of such a condition from the various times they saw their son suffering. In the condition, one faces the difficulty of communicating. In such cases, they need close care. The lack of knowledge from the people around them brings the pain. There is always an infringement on their emotions. Therefore, the couple settled on starting a festival that would sensitize people about autism. While less is heard about the cure, Autism Rocks focuses on creating awareness and bettering the living conditions of individuals with the condition.

The Dubai Event

In April 1st, Autism Rocks held a festival as a celebration of the condition. Families were welcome to the event and had lots of fun. It was a way of people getting to understand the challenges of the state. It created the desire to treat those with the problem with respect and patience. The festival was meant to raise awareness. Also, the event was to act as a starting point for extensive research on this condition. Therefore, proceeds from the event were collected and directed to research. Other donations were received from well-wishers and charitable organizations that shared the ideology on autism.

Sanjay Shah Denmark narrates that he was motivated to start a foundation after Snoop Dog, a famous rapper, showed up on his door. He was amazed that many people supported the idea, and he was just acting on their behalf. In fact, he was the voice of the voiceless. To date, Autism Rocks Festival happens in London and Dubai and has seen many celebrities attend.

He affirms that the experience that his kids got when he hosted Snoop Dog was fantastic. They talked and chatted for a long time, and the kids enjoyed so much. In fact, the visit by Snoop gave him more energy to revamp Autism Rocks. He thought that if he got such artists to his events, he would attract more people and raise enough funds to support autism research. It was not an easy task, but it finally paid off.

Sanjay moved to Dubai in 2009 after falling in love with the city. He was born in the UK but settled on Dubai. Currently, he undertakes his trade in Dubai and continues to conduct all his activities. The hedge fund manager has found comfort in Dubai and enough support to undertake his campaign.


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Shea Butter Soothes and Protects the Skin

July 13, 2016

Shea butter has been known and used since ancient times. Even the ancient Pharoahs had it shipped to them. It is derived from the nuts of the shea tree in Africa, and it soothes and protects the skin. One of the reasons it is so popular is because it protects against dryness and the sun. An excellent emollient, it absorbs into the skin. Proponents claim it “re-fattens” the skin and brings a more youthful and healthy appearance to skin that has been beaten by the weather or age. It clearly soothes the skin, and it brings about a sense of healing unmatched by other skin creams. It is a complex fat, and its extraction from the nut is an involved process. This may be why it is considered such a precious commodity.

EuGenia Shea butter is special. It comes right from the source, and is loaded with vitamins A and E. Absorbing quickly into the skin, its nuts are grown by sustainable farmers. The fairness with which the company’s founder, Eu-Genia Akuete, treated those around her shows in the remarkable quality of the product. The secret recipe for the Shea butter Eugenia brings us came from the midwife who delivered her, a woman named Comfort who is now known as Grandma Sunshine . Now, the descendants carry on. They remember how the mother Eugenia became president of the Global Shea Alliance, and continue to supply a healing, soothing Shea butter to all who need it.

The company is in the U.S. now, and was formally started by the daughter, Naa-Sakle Akuete. Her ambition, as a Harvard Business School graduate, was to empower women in underdeveloped countries to make their way. The product Eu-Genia sells is 95% Shea butter, unlike most others. They work with over 700 women in Ghana in a cooperative, and channel their profits back to the cause she represents. As Shea is used in so many hundreds of different things, the company offers a great help to women around the world.