Dentist Avi Weisfogel and His GoFundMe Campaign

April 13, 2016

In an effort to support Operation Smile which is a charitable organization, Avi Weisfogel launched a GoFundMe Campaign. Operation Smile, offers free surgical operations to children who have been born with facial deformities such as cleft palate and cleft lips. Through the GoFundMe Campaign, Avi Weisfogel seeks to raise $2000. Through this funds, Operation Smile will be fulfilling its desire and mission to see a child with a smile on their face. Avi Weisfogel’s background motivated him to pick Operation Smile for his GoFundMe Campaign. Avi believes that children deserve the best care.

Operation Smile serves thousands of families spread out around the world. It seeks to work with local medics in various countries. Working with governments and other charitable organization is how Operation Smile ensures that it’s able to reach all children suffering from facial deformities. Each year, through its medical missions and operations, Operation Smile manages to offer relief to these families through medical support. In providing these services, Operation Smile also works with local administration in order to deal with cultural and language barriers. It was founded in 1982 by two medics- Bill and Kathy Magee. So far, Operation Smile has managed to perform 220,000 procedures.

Weisfogel has a BA in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University and a DDS from the New York University College of Dentistry. After completing his studies, Avi founded Old Bridge Dental Care. His dental practice has been recognized and praised all over the world. He has managed to win various awards due to the impeccable service he provides. For some period of years he won the award for the Best Dentist.

Due to his passion for treating patients suffering with sleep disorders, Avi Weisfogel has taken some steps. In the year 2010, Avi Weisfogel established Healthy Heart Sleep which brings together physicians to train them on how to establish, manage and run sleep labs. In addition to this, in the year 2012, he established Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient where he lectures dentists on how to effectively help sleep patients. In 2014, he established the Dental Sleep Masters where he trains dentists on how sleep patients can use oral appliances while trying to treat sleep disorders. Avi loves skiing and he does this during his free time. He loves sports and he follows various sports clubs such as the Los Angeles Dodgers and Lakers. Avi also loves spending time with his family.


Talk Fusion Video Adds To Online Marketing Options

April 13, 2016

The use of Online marketing options has been a major area of concern for many experts who feel the best options are often ignored by businesses and groups of all sizes who are hoping to create successful email marketing campaigns. The use of video is something that has been proven by studies from the Relevancy Group to increase the rate of Email marketing campaigns proving a success; amongst the options available are the services of Talk Fusion, a Florida based marketing company specializing in adding video to email.

In this case, Talk Fusion founder and CEO Bob Reina simply wanted to add a short video to a personal email for friends, but was told by America Online in 2007 this was impossible; from this small seed grew the Talk Fusion brand that was created to offer business experts and individuals the chance to add a short video to their emails. Talk Fusion has now grown to include more than 1,000 templates for clients to use with ease to complete their video marketing options, but also allows clients with a little experience to create their own templates to create video marketing email campaigns.

Although many business owners and executives may feel they have little experience of working with video marketing campaigns the facts stand out as showing this as a successful way of creating buzz around a business, product, or campaign. Marketing revenue is reported by Hello Tesla as growing by 40 percent with the inclusion of video marketing techniques; these impressive figures are joined by an email opening rate rising by around 20 percent when video is included, and click through rates at least two times higher than those seen with traditional email marketing campaigns.

The Mystery Source Behind Bear Stearns Collapse was Kyle Bass

April 12, 2016

A recent Wall Street Journal article disclosed the inside story of why in March 2008 David Faber, a reporter for CNBC, asked Alan Schwartz of Bear Stearns about reports Goldman Sachs would not accept its counterparty risk. Up until that point, the financial crisis was termed the subprime mortgage crisis and, though it certainly was having a wide impact on the real estate and financial services industry, it was not dramatic.

Before long, one of the great old investment banks of Wall Street was being sold to JPMorgan Chase for a highly discounted price. Its exposure to “toxic” subprime mortgage securities was no doubt the root cause of its demise, but that one question by a reporter was the trigger.

That made Bear Stearns the first Wall Street institutional victim of the crisis, but not the last. The most dramatic period came in September when Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, American International Group and Merrill Lynch went down like a line of dominoes.

According to the Wall Street Journal and just released government Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission records, Faber’s source for the information about Goldman Sachs not accepting the risk of dealing with Bear Stearns came from Kyle Bass, owner of the Hayman Capital Management hedge fund. He is also a former Bear Stearns executive.

Bass became famous for making a large fortune during the subprime mortgage crisis. He was one of the few financial managers who shorted mortgage securities, and therefore became famous as a commentator. However, his record since 2009 is not so admirable. Along with Erich Spanganberg, he has been working as a patent troll. The two of them pick out a large pharmaceutical firm, short its stock, then use their front organization the Coalition for Affordable Drugs to make bogus challenges to the company’s drug patents. The news of those challenges drives the company’s stock down, making the short trade profitable. Never mind that such patent challenges drive up the cost of pharmaceutical drugs that sick people need to get well. Therefore, everybody in society pays the cost of higher medical insurance premiums. Despite this, his hedge fund continues to lose money. Perhaps because every year since 2010 he’s predicted Japan’s economy will crash, and it hasn’t happened yet.  UsefulStooges has more information on Kyle Bass, and the shady dealings he’s had in the past.

James Dondero Moving to Argentina Bonds

April 12, 2016

James Dondero, CFA, CMA is also the co- the founder and President of Highland Capital Management Company. James who is also recognized as Jim resides in Dallas Texas. He oversees Highland investment strategies and operates both retail and institutional products of the company. James Dondero has been in the credit market for more than a span of three decades. He is also one of the original pioneers of the Collateralized Loan obligation. Since he became the President of Highland Capital Management has received numerous accolade and awards thought his career. Before he became the President of Highland, Mr. James was the Chief Investment Officer for protective life’s subsidiary, he grew the business from a startup of 2 billion dollars within a span of five years.

He also managed 2 billion dollars in a fixed income funds for America express. Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with an emphasis in accounting and finance. He became a certified management accountant where he earned the right to use the chartered financial analyst designation. According to Bloomberg blog which is one of the instant accesses to breaking news reported that the highland capital management president wills fund Argentina funds.

Argentina has been long waited to come back to the international bond markets. It is therefore known that if it fails to raise 12billion dollars by next month they can account to Highland Capital to be one of the buyers. Capital management’s firm overseeing over 19billion dollars including the credit hedge fund and emerging market credit funds. According to James Dondero before paring its holdings over the past six months, the firm had the biggest holdings of Argentina’s 4 billion dollars notes which were due in 2033.

It attempts to sell it unprecedented amount of debt to pay for settlements without holding out creditors. Highland Capital Management it suggests that the distress debt by investors who pulled into Argentina in the recent years may remain to be buyers of the country’s debt even if it defaults. According to James the President of Highland Capital said that the pursing to investment opportunities in the country are beyond the sovereign debt of the country and may be looking to start an Argentina fund.


The Amazing Presence of QNet in India

April 12, 2016

The home base of operations for QNet is Hong Kong. Those who research the firm discover that QNet has a presence in roughly 100 countries. Actual offices are open for business in a little over two-dozen countries. India, however, remains one of the biggest geographic locations for numerous QNet activities. Not all of QNet’s work in India is intended to earn profits. QNet is heavily involved in philanthropic work in the country.

The Government Primary School in Sriram Nagar, Hyderabad is home to one of QNet’s most recent (and highly generous) approach to helping out the underprivileged. In this particular region, there are concerns over access to clean drinking water. The problems associated with a lack of clean drinking water are legion. QNet, along with its partner in the project, Lions Clubs, is looking to help 800 students at the school by promoting the establishment of “water, sanitation and hygiene facilities”.

QNet was worked with Lions Clubs and other partners to help with various corporate social responsibility initiatives in India. QNet has helped school children, flood victims, and patients at hospitals with its various charitable endeavors.

Unique products and services are being designed for India. The company is even moving 100% of its manufacturing to the country. 

QNet is not slowing done its work in other parts of the world either. QNet is heavily involved in charitable and business ventures all across the globe.

The Nature of Charles Koch’s Large Donations to George Mason University

April 12, 2016

No other University in America has received more funding from Charles Koch like George Mason University. The public school has greatly benefited from the philanthropy of Koch having received a whopping $48 million dollars in the last four years. In fact, in 2014, the public school received $16.8 million. This represents one third of the total donations that the school gets annually from private sources.

Most of the money received by the school, from donations, goes to the Institute for Humane Studies. Another large portion of the donations received from Koch is channeled to the Mercatus think tank located inside the school. The think tank was established back in 1992. Since then, it has received numerous support from Koch who happens to be the IHS board chairman, a Mercatus board member. The think tank largely advocates for a more liberal approach to governance and market control by conducting research that seeks to educate and push congressional staffers and federal regulators in a view to influence government policies.

While the large and generous donations continue to elicit worry and concern from students and other education stakeholders about the independence of universities from donors, the Charles Koch foundation has stated that all its donations come without any form of strings attached. The president of George Mason University, Angel Cabrera, has expressed his delight and appreciation to philanthropists like Charles Koch who give generously to education institutions in support of their programs.

Charles Koch is one of the richest men in the world. His total net worth today stands at about $43 billion. He is an American national, businessman, philanthropist and the Chief Executive Officer of Koch Industries. The petrochemicals company was inherited from his father, Fred C. Koch and Charles currently co-owns it with his younger brother, David Koch, each with an equal 42 percent stake. They have expanded the company into the second wealthiest, family owned, company in the United States. Koch has two other brothers namely Bill and Frederick Koch.

Koch is a known conservative and holds strictly liberal views concerning public and market policies.  He heads one of the biggest think tank that advocates for more liberal government policies called Mercatus. Koch is a published author and is married. He also has two children.

Support Ross Abelow’s Go Fund Me Campaign to Assist Homeless Animals in New York City

April 11, 2016

Ross Abelow is a New York City lawyer whose career spans many years. When he is not offering legal services, Ross Abelow is engaged in community activities and events. Just recently, he launched a campaign to help New York City home shelters. The Go Fund Me campaign has brought animal lovers from across the city to support this cause.


Launched on January 13th this year, the campaign was targeted at raising $ 5000 to help animal shelters take care of homeless animals. With winter and cold temperatures rising, there has been an increase in animal death in New York City as homeless animals die of cold and lack of food. The money will also go towards medical care, vaccines and blankets to keep the animals warm during these times.


One of the reasons why Ross Abelow started the campaign was because of the increase in the number of homeless animals. The reason why animal shelters are not taking in more animals is because they are unable to take care of the numbers they already have.


When Ross Abelow is not doing community service, he is at his law firm helping clients obtain the best legal services. He is a partner at Abelow & Cassandro LLP and his area of specialization is family law, commercial litigation and entertainment law. He is also an active writer, having contributed articles in a number of legal blogs. Mr. Abelow also has his own legal blog where he discusses legal matters and offers legal advice.


Whether you need a lawyer to help you settle a matter out of court or you want legal representation in court, Mr. Abelow is the kind of lawyer you want to work with. With his good reputation and high professional standards, he can help you work through your case from scratch to finish. Whether you want to settle a matrimonial issue or finalize your divorce, give him a call today. He also helps clients with legal issues touching on commercial law and entertainment law.


For those who wish to support this worthy cause, the campaign is still on-going. The funds collected will help secure a comfortable place for homeless animals in New York City and have them well-taken care of.

Venezuela Has Its Share In The Panama Papers

April 11, 2016

As is well known by now, as this story has been in all the major news networks around the world, new papers and documents have been released that show that influential and famous people, including people who had links to heads of state, all had opened secret accounts and owned secret undisclosed companies in Panama to avoid paying taxes.

However, Venezuela has its share of people who were engaged in this business. In fact, the word Venezuela appears on no less than 241,000 documents in the released Panama papers. However, Norka Luque feels the biggest scoop is that the former officer in charge of security at the presidential palace, Adrián José Velásquez Figueroa,actually opened accounts in Panama in 2007 that he did not disclose. Norka says this is important because he had close ties with the heads of state that he served. Now, the documents report that he had personal assets worth 1.6 million dollars, which would have been impossible for him to make on his job, as he was only making two hundred dollars per month.