Fagali’uta and Fagali’i airstrip in Samoa

November 28, 2017

Fagali’I or Fagali’i-Uta as is popularly known by the locals is a small village in Upolu in the city of Apia in the island of American Samoa, the people of this village speak both Samoan and English. Fagali’I boast of the Fagali’I airport an airport with only one runway that is abbreviated as (FGI) by the IATA coding system and operated by the Samoan airport authority. The airport is located in proximity to the Royal Samoa Golf Course and only 28 kilometers from the nearby Faleolo airport.

Travelers who use the airport can enjoy five star accommodation in the nearby motels at an average cost of around eighty American dollars or two hundred Samoan tala, car rental services are also available within the vicinity of the airport at pocket-friendly rates. If you happen to experience a medical emergency or need to see a doctor for whatever reason there is a nearby Tupua Tamase Meole Hospital offering both inpatient and outpatient services.

The two major airlines which fly into this airport are Polynesian airlines and the Samoa air. the important thing to note is that there are no money exchange services in this small airport and the nearest money exchange services can be found ten minutes away at the nearest Apia city. Another option for foreign travelers who may need urgent cash to pay for services like car rentals or ferry services is to use their debit cards to withdraw cash from the ATM machine at the airport. It is also important to note that if you are going to use the ferry to connect to the nearby islands the ferry runs on a schedule hence you should plan to be there at least an hour earlier before the scheduled time.

While in Fagali’I whether for work, visit or vacation you can enjoy visiting the Fagali’I Bay, Apia park or play golf at the Fagali’I Royal Golf Course. Robert Louise Stevenson museum is another great place to visit. Know more:https://www.tripadvisor.com.br/HotelsNear-g312868-qFGI-Apia_Upolu.html

OSI Group: Food Processing Aficionados

November 26, 2017

OSI Group is a widely known international food supplier. It’s located in Aurora, Illinois on Corporate Boulevard. The company works alongside retail food and foodservice brands in order to offer first-rate products. It caters to people in all kinds of international locations as well. The team at OSI Group strives to give people customized food options that can manage their exact needs and wants. It aims to give them supply chain knowledge that’s matchless in scope. It aims to give them access to food safety that’s unrivaled. Strong quality assurance techniques are a big focal point for the staff at OSI Group day in and day out.

High-quality food solutions are always the point at OSI Group. The company is known for first-rate customized food processing. It specializes in fruits, vegetables and meats. It specializes in numerous other protein categories as well. The team members at OSI Group go above and beyond on a daily basis to make operations markedly more efficient and streamlined for clients. They know a lot about topics that pertain to baked goods, pizza, seafood, poultry, pork, beef and produce. These are just numerous examples as well. This food savvy can accommodate people in many diverse applications. It can accommodate dinner, lunch and breakfast needs, first and foremost. It can even accommodate dessert, starter, snack and side dish requirements.

The professionals at OSI Group understand beef notably well. They’re beef processing aficionados who understand meatloaf, burgers, steak and more. They can talk to clients about subjects that relate to formed beef processing. They know a lot about raw beef processing, too.

Produce processing is another big deal for the fine staff at OSI Group. These professionals regularly work alongside fruits, corn, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers. Other food types that regularly make waves at OSI Group are fresh dough, pizza crusts, flatbread, pulled pork, chicken fried steak, flavored sausages, breaded poultry, battered poultry, bacon chips, roasted pork, pepperoni, tofu, paninis, soup, chili, steak and cookies. OSI Group is a firm that’s always expanding and thinking. The experts who work for OSI Group, because of that, are perpetually learning about other kinds of foods.

OSI Group is a business that emphasizes a broad range of services. The employees at OSI Group work hard to take care of all matters that involve food process engineering, food safety and more. They regularly learn how to strengthen their available offerings.

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Desiree Perez and Jay Z Meet up with UMG

November 19, 2017

Is Jay Z going to be taking his company, Roc Nation, away from a lucrative deal with Live Nation? The future is up in the air for Jay Z and his team at Roc Nation, including high ranking exec Desiree Perez, as the legendary 360 Deal with Live Nation is set to expire in 2018. Jay Z and Desiree Perez negotiated a 10 year deal worth $150 million total back in 2008 and now a ‘buy sell’ option is kicking in for both companies to re-assess the future of their partnership together.

Desiree Perez may not be a name well known among casual music fans, but she has been serving Roc Nation and working alongside Jay Z for almost twenty years now. Desiree Perez and Jay Z come together to make the big nations at Roc and so when the duo sat down with Lucian Grainge, the founder of Universal Music Group, the musical industry started to take notice and assuredly the teams at Live Nation did as well.

Lucian Grainge met with Perez and Jay at a restaurant in Santa Monica, CA. Grainge and Universal Music Group have long had a relationship with Jay Z but this meeting could signify an even larger partnership. A source close to UMG said, “Jay Z is phenomenal and it would be great to get further into business with him.” Universal Music Group and Roc Nation have until next year to work something out if Jay’s team is planning on leaving Live Nation.

Roc Nation has a slew of A-List talent that could be a difference maker for whatever company Roc Nation ended up signing with. Rihanna, Shakira, Jay Z and Meek Mill headline the group at Roc Nation though there are many other talented members on the roster. Perez is cited with helping to develop Rihanna’s career, specifically.

Sahm Adrangi’s Thoughts on GNC Holdings’ Current Poor Performance in the Stock Exchange Market

November 12, 2017

GNC Holdings has been garnering mixed reviews in the stock exchange markets for its reduced share value. Among the trading experts who have pointed out ways that can help GNC record an improvement in its stock value is Sahm Adrangi, a credit analyst/ PM.

GNC Holdings is rapidly diminishing in value because its poor performance in the NYSE. The company is currently operating on a huge debt. Furthermore, the company’s lenders are capitalizing on its equity, making it hard for GNC to progress. The current price for GNC’s shares is $8 per share.

Sahm believes that GNC’s poor trading performance can be related to that of Bodybuilding.com in 2016. During that time, one of the business strategies that helped Bodybuilding.com to recover involved laying off 15 percent of its workers. This strategy helped in minimizing the cash the company spent on employees whose services were not needed anymore.

To understand GNC’s current tribulations, we should first understand how the company got there. GNC Holdings recorded its highest stock value, $60.96, back in 2013 and its lowest stock value, 6.95, in early 2017. GNC is not the first firm to have such numbers. Dow Jones Industrial experienced the same challenges amidst the Great Depression. It took Dow Jones only nine months to get back to its feet. Despite the challenges GNC Holdings is currently facing, there are speculations that the firm is likely to recover soon.

About Sahm

Sahm previously worked as a bond trader, portfolio manager, and hedge fund credit analyst on Wall Street for 12 years. As an alumnus of Penn State University, he got the chance to work as an intern in NYC-based Merrill Lynch. He was in charge of credit trading in the reputable company. Longcare also sought Sahm’s credit trading expertise. After his tenure at Longcare ended, he accepted a job offer from Paulson & Co.

Bowery Investment Management also benefited from Sahm when he served in the capacity of credit PM. In 2015, Sahm decided to leave Wall Street because of high standards of living in NYC and his ambition to create Kerrisdale Capital Management. Today, he uses the firm to diversify his investments and earn income from selected securities.

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The American Institute of Architects Is Reshaping The Way The World Approaches Architecture

November 6, 2017

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a collective of architects that aims to help design a bright future for the United States and the world at-large. Throughout the years the group’s values have been steady, and their commitment to bettering the architectural world has remained the steady guiding hand that directs its efforts. The organization has been around for more than 160 years, and its members are the very people who build our hospitals, places of worship, buildings that we do business in, and much more. The AIA not only actively seeks to improve the state of architecture in the world through its own efforts but also seeks to voice its knowledge to governments who make the policies that can have an effect on the very fabric of our society’s constructed world. The AIA also does its best to educate the public and raise awareness of the value of architecture.

Some Important Details Related To The AIA

The AIA has over 90,000 members in its fold, all of whom are licensed architects and associated professionals. The group expects its members to follow a code of ethics that helps to guide their actions in the public and with their clients, and there are five levels of membership in the organization: Architect members, Associate members, International associate members, Emeritus members, and Allied members. There is also a student wing of the AIA called the American Institute of Architecture Students and these arms of the group can be found in many state and local chapters of the organization. The highest honor that the AIA imparts to any of its members is the mark of being a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA). This rank is granted to those architects who have made significant contributions to architecture on a national level.

Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the CEO and Executive Vice President of the AIA, and he helps to strengthen the organization by reaching out to the public, advocating its purpose and values, and helping to further educational initiatives that help build bridges between clients and architects. One of Robert’s best qualities is the fact that he is helping to make the group more proactive and responsive rather than only being an educational foundation. Robert was dubbed a Master Architect by the AIA and is only one of seven people to receive this honor. He is the only one to have received it, so far, in the 21st century. Visit: https://dirt.asla.org/2011/06/22/robert-ivy-on-the-future-of-architecture/

The Success of SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi is a former hedge fund analyst. The 35-year-old is currently a credit analyst. He is the founder of Kerrisdale Company. His management at Kerrisdale capital has raised $100 million from investors. The investment fund is one of a kind. Kerrisdale is a firm located in New York, and it has a plan to use the money to short sell the company for the upcoming unveiling to the public. The business was able to raise a tremendous amount of money in just a short time span. SahmAdrangi is focusing on their future campaign and building on the company’s website. The company was unveiled in Mid-May of 2016. Kerrisdale manages over $500 million. Its recent activity includes satellite company global star and sage therapeutics. The company’s primary hedge fund has an average return of 28% in the last five years.

Adrangi is the chief investment officer and founder of Kerrisdale capital management. He has been involved in the development of the firm ever since 2009 when the company was founded. Adrangi launched the business just with $1 million. Currently, the firm has over $150 million as at July 2017. He is known for publishing research and short selling. His research seeks to correct the misconception about the business prospects of the capital management firms. Kerrisdale shares the research on Twitter, third-party site, and their website.

Adrangi first came into the limelight after exposing the fraudulent Chinese companies including lihua international, China biotics, and china marine food group. Some of his targets include china cast education corp and china education alliance. He began his career in credit by performing leverage loan debt financings and even advising creditor committees in bankruptcy. He also spent several years in a multibillion-dollar hedge fund Longacre management. Adrangi has a bachelor of arts in economics from Yale University. Adrangi has also been a speaker at a variety of conferences including distressed debt investing conference, Sohn conference, activist’s investor conference, and the value investing conference. He has been featured in numerous publications like the New York Times, wall street journal, business week and the Washington Post.


Stream Energy Has An Incredible Energy Bill Managing Solutions

October 26, 2017

Making the energy bill manageable is one of the greatest challenges that people face in the modern times. Often, they discover that their energy is higher than they expected and are left wondering how it got that high. However, people do not realize that devices that are plugged in continue to use energy even if they are not actively in use. The energy consumed by such devices may not be much. However, they quickly add up over time. View Stream Energy at mystream.com.

For instance, one saves a dollar a year for shutting off energy to a coffee maker. The same applies to game console, computer screen and a printer. Some individuals save $36.80 per year by cutting power to a DVR when it is not in use. An entire entertainment system can hit $130 a year. This is a considerable amount of money that can be expended on other household items.

Diligence is needed to earn back money from phantom drain. This objective can be achieved by shutting gadgets down when they are not in use and batching gadgets onto power strips. This way, an individual can save money from unnecessary ruin. Moreover, one should monitor his or her energy spending courtesy of usage monitoring tools. The residents of Lone Star State can stay out of darkness by contacting Smart Meter Texas. The Weekly Energy Report is also an incredible solution as it enables an individual not to be surprised by a high energy bill. Get details on Stream Energy at saveonenergy.com.

About Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a premier direct selling firm and provider of connected life services. Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki incorporated the company in 2004. It is headquartered in Dallas. Stream Energy’s use of direct selling transformed the energy industry. For 12 years, Stream Energy generated over $8 billion in revenue. To this end, the company ranks as one of the largest direct selling firms in the energy market of the globe.

Majority of the firm’s solutions include wireless, home and protective services. These services work seamlessly to keep customers connected and on-the-go wherever they are. Presently, the company’s services are available in Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Washington, D.C., Illinois, New York, and New Jersey. In 2016, the corporation’s board of managers selected Larry Mondry to serve as the new CEO and president.

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What Employers Need to Know About Stocks Options Compensation Method as Explained by Jeremy Goldstein

October 26, 2017

Stocks option is one compensation method that employers have run away from in the recent past. Besides being an expensive affair, there is a high risk of the stock’s value dropping making the options exercise impossible for employees. Even in such a case, the employers are required to declare the expenses involved, and the accounting burden that comes with them is big. Besides, employees are cautious about them as most are aware of the options worthlessness in downturns.




Putting the disadvantages aside, employers can still benefit from stock options as a compensation method. An employee’s earning can only go up when the company’s share value goes up. As they are aware that the rise is dependent on their hard work, they will give the best to the benefit of the employer. In places where equities are not allowed a form of compensation, employers are left with a choice of either shares or options. Considering the two choices, options have a lesser tax burden than shares. Due to their simplicity, there are still employees who prefer them to other choices such as insurance covers or equities.


Knockout Strategy


Employers can still find a way to work around them to prevent overhangs and expenses by adopting a knockout strategy. One thing about stocks options is that if the share value drops under a particular level, employees cannot exercise them. Their validity period depends on the volatility of a company’s share. If the volatility is relative, the stock’s options have a shorter validity time. With the knockout strategy, the initial costs are minimized.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is a highly knowledgeable lawyer in the areas of business law. He is extensively learned as he holds a master’s degree earned from the University of Chicago. His Juris Doctor is from New York University.


Jeremy Goldstein runs his law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. He had earlier worked at Shearman & Sterling LLP.


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American Institute of Architects – Most Prestigious Organization Within Licensed Architectures

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has been structurally sound for many generations. It is known as a professional organization that is specifically catered to licensed architects located throughout the United States. The historical landmark’s headquarters are located in Washington, D.C., and was established in 1857. The organization offers education, public information, and community structural information. The organization involves many different architects which includes construction and design teams that continuously keep the historical building up to quality measures.

There were a group of 13 architects that came together to discuss the making of what came to be established as The American Institute of Architects. At first, they called the organization The New York Society of Architects. They changed the name later so that it reflected the correct representation of what the group stands for. They added 16 other architects to the organization on February 23rd, 1857. Together, they discussed the bylaws that architects would obey because at the time, there were no licensing laws. Anybody could claim they were an architect so the AIA came out with standards that would start the inception of architects all over the United States. The organization along with the statement of constitutional bylaws promoted the scientific and practical wealth of each member. The laws were slightly amended later on and changed to fit the needs of many. The official contract was signed on April 15th, 1857, and many of the remaining standards are still followed today.

The AIA has a large community of more than 90,000 licensed members that are professionally associated with the group. They established a code of ethics that each member must follow and abide by in order to maintain and promote their professional status and their conduct of ethics. The code of conduct was specifically built into the organization to make certain that clients understood how the AIA holds the best architects that are held to a higher standard than most. They have also had the pleasure of handing out many awards to their members who have gone above and beyond their work through the organization. There are also five different levels of membership rules that the AIA must abide by in order to consider themselves part of the AIA. The five levels consist of architect members, associate members, international associate members, emeritus members and allied members. All of them have a different meaning and play a different part within the community, but are still held to an honorable code of conduct and ethics.https://www.youtube.com/user/AIANational

The Orange County boat rowing champions

October 24, 2017

Orange Coast College has participated in rowing for over 60 years. During this period, they have managed to clinch 11 national titles. The school has managed to see 10 of its students participate in the world boat rowing championships and the Olympics. The participating students have also received various scholarships to renowned universities which include, UC Berkeley, Boston University and the University of Washington.


Every school year beginning is characterized by about 80 male students signing up to join the crew. Practice take 20 grueling hours weekly that normally results in participants getting blisters. Practice always starts at 6.30 sharp in the morning. By the end of the season, around half of the men have given up and dropped away. It is no coincidence the team’s passion is labeled “brutal.”


Cameron Brown is the current men’s coach. He formerly worked with Oklahoma City University for 4 years before joining Orange Coast College. Brown attributed the teams’ success to their working together, physical development and mental maturation. The assistant coach, Steve Morris, served as the coxswain while he was a student at Orange Coast College. His job as a coxswain was to command instructions to the boat rowers. These instructions are meant to see them through to the finish line.


Orange Coast College is in Southern California. It was founded in 1947 and had its first classes begin in the fall of 1948. The college has grown over the years to become one of the country’s largest and best community colleges. The college enrolls over 25,000 students each semester. The campus features exceptional learning facilities. The offer over 135 career programs which include the country’s most sort after public nautical programs. Orange Coast County is rated the third largest, in terms of population size, throughout Orange Country.


Orange Coast College is ranked the first among other community colleges that are found in California. This is due to a large number of students they admit to the University of California and other universities that are under the California State University Systems. Apart from this, the college also admits students to other private universities and colleges across the nation and within California. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/orange-coast-college#/entity