Sahm Adrangi’s Thoughts on GNC Holdings’ Current Poor Performance in the Stock Exchange Market

November 12, 2017

GNC Holdings has been garnering mixed reviews in the stock exchange markets for its reduced share value. Among the trading experts who have pointed out ways that can help GNC record an improvement in its stock value is Sahm Adrangi, a credit analyst/ PM.

GNC Holdings is rapidly diminishing in value because its poor performance in the NYSE. The company is currently operating on a huge debt. Furthermore, the company’s lenders are capitalizing on its equity, making it hard for GNC to progress. The current price for GNC’s shares is $8 per share.

Sahm believes that GNC’s poor trading performance can be related to that of in 2016. During that time, one of the business strategies that helped to recover involved laying off 15 percent of its workers. This strategy helped in minimizing the cash the company spent on employees whose services were not needed anymore.

To understand GNC’s current tribulations, we should first understand how the company got there. GNC Holdings recorded its highest stock value, $60.96, back in 2013 and its lowest stock value, 6.95, in early 2017. GNC is not the first firm to have such numbers. Dow Jones Industrial experienced the same challenges amidst the Great Depression. It took Dow Jones only nine months to get back to its feet. Despite the challenges GNC Holdings is currently facing, there are speculations that the firm is likely to recover soon.

About Sahm

Sahm previously worked as a bond trader, portfolio manager, and hedge fund credit analyst on Wall Street for 12 years. As an alumnus of Penn State University, he got the chance to work as an intern in NYC-based Merrill Lynch. He was in charge of credit trading in the reputable company. Longcare also sought Sahm’s credit trading expertise. After his tenure at Longcare ended, he accepted a job offer from Paulson & Co.

Bowery Investment Management also benefited from Sahm when he served in the capacity of credit PM. In 2015, Sahm decided to leave Wall Street because of high standards of living in NYC and his ambition to create Kerrisdale Capital Management. Today, he uses the firm to diversify his investments and earn income from selected securities.

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