Samuel Strauch- A real estate agent from Miami

The global real estate sector has been facing a crisis in recent years due to the global economic crisis being experienced from time to time. The crisis has affected the buying capacity of buyers who are unable to pay the amount the sellers are asking for. The result has been a sluggish market where the sellers continue to hold their property in the hope that the economic situation will improve and be able to sell at the prices they want. Also, the investors are opting to hold their money than to risk in a sluggish market. This scenario has created slow growth in the real estate sector.

However, this situation is being dealt with by the players in the sector. In the last few quarters, the real estate sector has recorded some good activity. The global economy is improving, and the investors have started pumping money into the sector. Foreign direct investment has increased in the U.S real estate especially from the Mexican real estate investors.

Most Mexican investors have found the real estate sector lucrative and are using it as a means of increase their investment capital in the country. One area that has recorded the highest growth in the whole of U.S is Miami. Miami is a city with everything that real estate investors need. From the natural beauty of Miami, commercial viability, growing economic market, a history of having a flow of sellers and buyers, a history of having high returns on investment for the seller, Miami is the best place for real estate investors looking to make lucrative deals. Miami is also recording a higher growth than other areas since it has a variety of real estate properties. In Miami, it is possible to find a budget property to million dollars property.

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a licensed real estate agent in Miami Beach area, Florida. For anyone looking for property in Miami, Samuel Strauch is the go-to person. He is the owner of Metrik Real Estate Company. He deals with brokerage and property management, equity and development services. Any buyer or seller looking for real estate services that Samuel Strauch offers through his company can be certain of getting a good deal. Samuel Strauch has over 14 years of experience in the sector.

Samuel Strauch is a holder of a business degree from Hofstra University, New York. He also studied at the Harvard as well as Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

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