Stream Energy Has An Incredible Energy Bill Managing Solutions

October 26, 2017

Making the energy bill manageable is one of the greatest challenges that people face in the modern times. Often, they discover that their energy is higher than they expected and are left wondering how it got that high. However, people do not realize that devices that are plugged in continue to use energy even if they are not actively in use. The energy consumed by such devices may not be much. However, they quickly add up over time. View Stream Energy at

For instance, one saves a dollar a year for shutting off energy to a coffee maker. The same applies to game console, computer screen and a printer. Some individuals save $36.80 per year by cutting power to a DVR when it is not in use. An entire entertainment system can hit $130 a year. This is a considerable amount of money that can be expended on other household items.

Diligence is needed to earn back money from phantom drain. This objective can be achieved by shutting gadgets down when they are not in use and batching gadgets onto power strips. This way, an individual can save money from unnecessary ruin. Moreover, one should monitor his or her energy spending courtesy of usage monitoring tools. The residents of Lone Star State can stay out of darkness by contacting Smart Meter Texas. The Weekly Energy Report is also an incredible solution as it enables an individual not to be surprised by a high energy bill. Get details on Stream Energy at

About Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a premier direct selling firm and provider of connected life services. Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki incorporated the company in 2004. It is headquartered in Dallas. Stream Energy’s use of direct selling transformed the energy industry. For 12 years, Stream Energy generated over $8 billion in revenue. To this end, the company ranks as one of the largest direct selling firms in the energy market of the globe.

Majority of the firm’s solutions include wireless, home and protective services. These services work seamlessly to keep customers connected and on-the-go wherever they are. Presently, the company’s services are available in Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Washington, D.C., Illinois, New York, and New Jersey. In 2016, the corporation’s board of managers selected Larry Mondry to serve as the new CEO and president.


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