Why Content Marketing Is Good for a Company’s Reputation

Content Is King

Content marketing is not as easy as it looks on the surface. There are actually many pitfalls to avoid when marketing content that defines your company. You don’t want to have to call an online reputation company like Five Blocks to hide your mistakes if you mess up. Some businesses, however, fail spectacularly at it. Here are a few common content marketing mistakes to avoid:

Content With No Purpose

All content should have a purpose when being posted on the business website. No matter if it is to inform, generate potential customer leads, or selling subscriptions, content without purpose is a waste of time.

Lazy Content Creating

If there is no effort in creating the content, it will be uninteresting and not hold the attention of those who have visited the website. When people visit but click away quickly, this can actually move your results lower in the rankings on search engines..

Decide which tier of sales funnel your company is targeting. Lower tiers tend to be just browsers, while upper tiers tend to be people who have already made up their mind and are looking to purchase a product.

There is no harm done in mixing up the type of content that is delivered via your website. This keeps things interesting and fresh. When all of the content on your website is in the same vein, the reader can quickly become bored. This may lead to fewer future visits, or even no future visits at all.

Source: Online Reputation Reviews and Business2Community.com

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