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Nick Millican: Victorian Homes: The Most Desired Period Property Style

Real estate agent Nick Millican comments concerning the UK’s housing market current trends. Recent studies reveal that Victorian houses are still popular among potential homeowners, thanks to their traditional appeal, sturdy construction, and large floor plans that Rightmove shared. According to data from Right move’s keyword research tool, Victorian properties are the most searched out period houses compared to Georgian and Edwardian houses.

This preference reflects the enduring popularity of the Victorian style with its flamboyant detailing and proportions. According to Nick Millican, a real estate professional, Victorian homes are highly desirable as they not only provide a sense of the period’s architectural design but also offer a charming character and quality craftsmanship.

“Buyers are drawn to these properties because they are an essential element of our architectural heritage,” says agent Nick Millican. Georgian properties come second as the most searched for type of property while Edwardian properties come third. However, the Tudor style and the Regency style, which are both quite traditional, rank fourth and fifth, respectively. Millican pointed out that the Georgian properties’ interest has been dwindling in the past years.

Nevertheless, there  is a current uptick as more people look for houses that have enough space for a home office after the pandemic. Nick Millican adds. Tim Bannister, the right move property expert said that while the old houses may be charming and classical in their design, the buyers need to be aware of the costs that would be required to bring the interiors up to the present standard and adequate functionality.

London has a vast stock of Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian houses, each of which has its following. It is interesting to note that there has been a slight uptick in demand, real estate agent finally states. Therefore, it can be concluded that Victorian homes are still the most appealing for the inhabitants of London and other large cities, and are in high demand due to their appealing design and functionality.